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Fitzzgerald | Human Drizzle: The Mixtape, March 2016

Our good friends over at Wotnot Music have some exciting plans ahead. With releases on the horizon from K15 and Alphabeats Heaven, and appearances from Mono/Poly and Body San in sight too, 2016 looks set to be a fruitful year to say the least.

Continuing to champion the very best in fresh new talent, their first release this year comes from the Belarusian producer and DJ Fitzzgerald. The London-based label has done us a solid and let us air his excellent, fun-filled mix to coincide with said release. It’s just shy of 50 minutes of vintage disco, funk and boogie courtesy of S.F.B and Patchworks, alongside some more jazzy sounds from Funktion and Jack J amongst others. It’s bound to get your Fridays movin’:

You can check out ‘Genius Of Love’ below, the first cut from the ‘Far From Here’ EP which hit the shelves today. The shuffler of a tune builds around bouncing synth chords and live drums, and it sits nicely with the eclectic sounds of the two other tracks on the EP – there’s Bollywood disco on the ‘Indian Breakfast’, and some funk-infused blues on the Forrest Gump-sampling ‘You Wanna Chocolate’. Both very nice.

Head over to the Wotnot site to grab a copy.

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Soccer96 – Flight Formation (Danny Krivit Edit)

One for the vinyl heads.

The whole ‘Flight Formation’ package has been floating around for months now. It consists of Brighton outfit Soccer96‘s wonderful original, Glenn Astro’s DJ Friendly Edit and this cheeky number from Danny Krivit. The tune’s got that well-thought-out and finely-crafted feel that all instant classics do, and considering the jazzy affair’s finally seeing a vinyl release we thought it was worth a post.

It seems apt that our pals over at Wotnot Music are releasing this. If you’re unfamiliar with the London-based label, they’ve established a solid rep for creativity having had previous releases from K-15, Henry Wu and Deft.

Looking ahead they’ve got a lot on their plates to be excited about, with new material from Danny Clark, the Gent Mason-produced Tabanca and the below.

‘Do What You Do’ is by Aurora Dee Raynes (collab between Touchy Subject and Danielle Kranendonk) and Thump describing it as ‘the best acid trip you never took‘ should be enough to make you press play.

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Glenn Astro – Feelin’ Me

‘Feelin’ Me’ is the new one from rising Germanic star Glenn Astro, and is yet another top release from London-based WotNot Music. The infectious piano and vocal on loop seems fitting both for the laid back and the up-tempo. This track’s from his ‘The Power’ EP which is out on vinyl now. It is released digitally on 11th March and having heard the full length version of the Medlar remix on there, is not one to miss. For the Blighty-based amongst you, keep your ears to the ground for Glenn Astro’s debut London show around the first days of spring.

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Real – Whoever Said

‘Whoever Said’ is the second track off of London-based Real‘s new EP, entitled ‘My Resignation’. The release is brought to you by Wotnot Music and is nothing short of what we’ve come to expect from the label that ‘focus on creativity, the creative process and exploring innovative new music.’ This track immediately reminds us of ‘Carbonated‘ by post-everythings Mount Kimbie, with a similar urgency to the beat and a contagious feel to the melody. You can stream the whole EP preview below, also featuring the catchy title track with accompanying remix from Blacksmif.

It’s an exciting few weeks ahead for the Wotnot crew as they’re about to embark on the excellent tradition of their Wotnot Advent Calendar. Yep, you guessed it, the generous gents give away a free track every day in the build up to Chrimbo; more on that nearer the time. On top of that, preperations are under way for their Xmas party at Vinyl Pimp‘s Hackney HQ. Expect a showcase of the fine talent on the Wotnot roster, including DeftChesslo Junior, Real, JJ Mumbles and more. Definitely one for the diary, it’s free entry so there’s no excuses.

Lastly, and by no means least, Real, who also performs under the moniker Boean, gave away this rework of Lauren Hill’s ‘Doo Wop‘ last week as a Friday Jamm. Dangerous listening for so early on in the week, this is big.

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Charo – Floating Free (Fort Romeau Remix)

With a handful of sparky releases, Wotnot Music are fast becoming a label with an excellent reputation for creating experimental electronic music. Their next release is from label co-owner Charo and is a sparse yet melodic little number that darts about with whimsical charm. Catch the video here. The Wotnot Music crew have commandeered London-based Fort Romeau to do the tweaking on this one and the result is a timeless summer hit. The remix works on many levels with shimmering synths underpinned by a crisp, thumping beat. Quite the casual strut. It’s got a classic house piano-waltz halfway through and it all builds to a sample-heavy and echo-laden climax. It also skilfully retains the appeal of the original tune, alluring and catchy vocals that float like a butterfly but hold back on the sting. This one’s feel good.

Keeping things close to home, label Co-owner JJ Mumbles provides the second remix on the EP. Well, the Espadrille Skank Remix, to be more precise. It’s got a slightly larger and funkier sound, and the vid’s technically a visual guide to throwing shapes. These two remixes, the original and a free accapella version of the song make for quite the little bundle of fun. More please.

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