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D33J – Slow Ft. Kreyola

We’ve been a bit quiet on the Wedidit front for a while so it’s a pleasure to be back in the groove with this shadowy cut from D33J:

The Soundcloud description is worth a minute of your time, it gives you a comprehensive idea of where the tune came from. His building and his neighbours (vocalist Kreyola) basically.

This also gives us a reason to post this Jerome LOL rework of D33J’s ‘Park’ which hit the web earlier in the year. Not that we need a reason, ‘cos it’s great:

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Ryan Hemsworth – Still Awake

We have a well-documented (by us) affection for Canadian beatsmith Ryan Hemsworth, so imagine our delight when he chucked out a FREE EP for our delectation:

It’s seven tracks of relatively poppy electronica with the occasional splash of stunted hip hop percussion to remind us of his roots. Lovely work listening.

Annoyingly the only UK slots for his upcoming One Man Boy Band tour are as part of the Brixton Academy smash-it-up-a-thon The Playground Festival, and supporting Toro Y Moi at Koko, neither of which offers enough time to gaze adoringly at the big guy, we feel.

We’ll probably go to both anyway.

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Shlohmo – Bo Peep (Do U Right) ft. Jeremih

Whilst we’re fairly ambivalent about the rights/wrongs/ETHICS of brand-sponsored hook-ups, they sure do produce some cracking tunes. This one between Shlohmo and Jeremih (courtesy of Adidas’s Songs From Scratch series) is no exception.

SURPRISE, they built a song from scratch together and ‘Bo Peep (Do U Right)’ is the end result:

Adidas’s marketing people must have got the idea from Shlohmo’s excellent remix of ‘Fuck You All The Time’ and both tunes capture the synergy between the Wedidit producer’s low-end, buzzy beats and Jeremih’s sweet but not saccharine vocal talents.

They’re both free to download. Well done to all involved.

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Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Something short and something long.

Queen Elizabeth II in hospitalNo, not those two (recently seen guarding Queen Lizzie in hospital), we’re talking about HD fave Ryan Hemsworth’s latest offerings.

For those of the shorter attention span, he’s decided to shoulder the inevitable flak and put together a nice little rework of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’. It’s a Wedidit special, ramping up the moodiness and toning down the schmaltziness:

And for those of the longer predilection, here’s a recent mix the Canadian did for FADER. It’s pretty gloomy to be honest, with the man himself admitting that he had “post Paris depression” after his all-too-short European tour. Still, there’s a new solo track with a working title/emoji of “(。◕‿◕。)” and a lovely little edit of Broken Social Scene in there to pick everyone up:

Something for everyone.

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Rhye – Open (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

It says something when your single can be remixed by Ryan ‘Golden Touch’ Hemsworth and the original not only holds its own but is actually better. That’s the calibre of Rhye’s first single from their debut LP, ‘Open’, something we already had an inkling of after Rhode & Brown’s previous effort. Ryan H does a decent job, not changing too much beyond some Wedidit buzz, but it’s the original that does it for us.

US house-man Maurice Fulton has also had a crack at reworking a Rhye track and it’s funky as hell:

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Cat Power – Manhattan (Ryan Hemsworth Remix Ft. Angel Haze)

Ok, we can’t keep it from you any longer. HD favourite Ryan Hemsworth is touring Europe and, for those of you in our fair capital, he’s playing a free gig on Friday at Birthdays. Please don’t come as we’d like to get in. Please.

Get in the mood/placate yourself at not getting in with this charming rework of Cat Power’s ‘Manhatten’. He drafts in the borough’s biggest cheerleader (and hot-as-hell lyricist) Angel Haze to provide a vocal counterpoint to the quirkiness of Ms. Power.

Here’s a decent radio rip of ‘Manhatten’ together with the soaring ‘BasedWorld’ below:

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Friends of Friends – Show Me The Future

LA label Friends of Friends have consistently been on the money with their releases since way back when, and this is no different. Their second showcase compilation, ‘Show Me The Future’, is conceived as an exploration of the electronic artists they expect to make some (bleepy) noise in 2013. It’s that and more, doubling up as a great seasonal playlist chock-a-block with wintry electronica to hunker down with. Highlights for us are the kind-of-already-big Ryan Hemsworth’s effort and ‘Smooth West’ by NYC’s Octa Octa.

And, whilst we’re in this musical neighbourhood, here’s a taster for Shlohmo’s upcoming ‘Laid Out’ EP, out March 5th on the very same FoF x Wedidit:

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Black Atlass – Castles (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Another hot one from your boy Ryan Hemsworth here. Keeping it Canadian, he’s done a job on Ontario resident Black Atlass‘s ‘Castle’, the standout tune from his impressive debut EP of the same name.

The Wedidit associate has done what he does best on this one, taking a tune that’s already pretty low-end and hazy, and making it more so. His trap stylings accentuate the moody atmosphere that makes Alex Fleming’s EP such a compelling listen. It’s the kind of tune that is accompanied on youtube by a picture of a scantily clad, sultry looking model.

And here’s Ryan’s FACT mix again, just because it’s THAT good.

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Shlohmo – Ghosts Pt. II (Groundislava Cool Mix)

Theydidit. Again.

In a bout of entirely welcome mutual back-patting, Groundislava, a founding member of anti-label collective Wedidit, has reworked his stable-mate Shlohmo’s ‘Ghosts pt. II’ into a surprisingly upbeat and optimistic piece of electronica.

GIL never strays too far from the clicky modus operandi of Wedidit though, thank goodness, and his recent album on Friends of Friends, ‘Feel Me’, is a tour de force of that ‘woozy, low-spec instrumental hip-hop’. We particularly like this Ryan Hemsworth cut and  ‘Cool Party’, an absolute banger that the eagle-eared amongst you will recognise from RH’s stomping FACT mix.

We didn’t do it, they did.

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