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Vanilla Ace – Get It On

‘Get It On’ is another new one from increasingly prolific HD favourite Vanilla Ace, and it’s another winner. Livelier than ‘Bring It Back’ and other previous outings but with the same emphasis on bouncing bass, it’s got a nice little vocal and some squelchy electronic stuff to boot. It’s out on 23rd May on Blockhead Recordings, along with a pretty unfussy up-tempo remix from Pittsburgh’s Sertac Sahin. There are plenty of worse ways to get your week up and running (but we won’t go into them here: just listen to this).

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Vanilla Ace – Bring It Back

Comically-named Londoner Vanilla Ace is one of our favourite producers right now. Having got our attention with the bouncy disco of ‘Vanilla Sky’ and the slow-burning deep house masterpiece ‘Hide’ last year, he’s back with ‘Musicology’, a new EP on OFF Recordings.

‘Bring it Back’ is the pick of the two tracks on ‘Musicology’. Like the best work of David August and his pals at Diynamic Music, this one is in no hurry: taking its time and building slowly into a really intoxicating piece of house music. Perfect for a Friday. While you’re here, why not enjoy ‘Vanilla Sky’ too? It’s been a long week and, you know what, you’ve earnt it. Well done you.

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