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Friendly Fires & The Asphodells – Before Your Eyes

Interesting one, this. ‘Before Your Eyes’ is (half) the result of a collaboration between Friendly Fires, Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay (aka The Asphodells). It forms a double A-side, with ‘Velo’ and it’s rather lovely. 

As outlined in the somewhat florid bumph accompanying the track, which marks the Friendly Fires’ first foray onto Soundcloud, ‘Before Your Eyes’ came about following a meeting in an east London pub where all parties agreed to “produce music that came from a place outside of their respective usual musical styles – a loose, open-ended process embarked upon for the pure joy of experimentation and collaboration rather than a specific end goal.”

Whatever the motivation behind said process, it’s been a fruitful one so far. ‘Before Your Eyes’ is eight minutes of woozy guitar lines, lethargic vocals and scattered handclaps – and it sounds to us like the perfect soundtrack to the business end of a very big night. You’ll be needing one of those with the summer approaching, so why not snap up a signed 12-inch copy here?

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