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Supreme Cuts – Envision

We’re fanboys of Chicago twosome Supreme Cuts here at HD, which makes us preeeetty excited about their new album. ‘Divine Ecstasy’ is out on Dovecote Records in October and they’ve taken it in a more euphoric, vocal and generally brilliant direction. Here’s the first cut from it, ‘Envision’, an urgent pop tune with Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh providing the words:

And here’s something from their back catalogue, just because it’s ace:

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W A T E R – Currents ft. Stone Fox

Ease into the week with this slice of calming synth-pop from the elusive London producer WATER. He/she/they have enlisted singer Stone Fox to collaborate and provide the vocals for their soon-to-be-given-away joint EP, ‘Lune’. Head over to WATER’s phonetic website to download it from June 6th.

Oh yeah, the music:

It’s like something you might have heard on ‘The Beach’ soundtrack, but better.

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