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Bondax – All I See

The sun is out and, with the summer jams coming thick and fast, Bondax get in on the action. ‘All I See’ even has ambient seaside sound effects during the intro, and it couldn’t be any more summery if it slathered itself in sunscreen and got changed into a pair of flip flops.

Having firmly established that THAT photo was absolutely not them, it’s good to have the the Lancaster duo back making music. The lyrics contain a lot of platitudinous stuff about senses coming alive, never wanting to leave, and aligning with the stars, but frankly who cares? It’s just a very big tune.

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Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back

Things have really blown up for Duke Dumont since taking the well-trodden path from Human Drizzle Favourite to Chart Sensation. Named by the Guardian last week as a key member of the British House Mafia (yep), yesterday he followed up ‘I Got U’ with ‘Won’t Look Back’. It occupies the same territory as his previous chart successes: it’s packed to the brim with piano lines, female vocals and accessible 90s nostalgia, but – like Clean Bandit, Gorgon City, et al – the Duke is so far resisting going too far into lazy pop territory.

Listen out for some especially fun synthy fiddling from 2:48. ‘Won’t Look Back’ may not have quite the impact of some previous efforts, but it will undoubtedly be big this summer. And long may the British House Mafia dominate the charts, as opposed to the alternative.


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Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix Radio Edit)

The naysayers amongst you might say that (a) we have already reviewed Kyla La Grange’s ‘Cut Your Teeth’, (b) it is has since been remixed to within an inch of its life, and (c) Kygo‘s remix has actually been around for months (this ‘new’ version is only a radio edit). In response, we would argue that (a) the original was brilliant, (b) so is this, and (c) it’s sunny in London for once so just allow it, alright?

In fairness, the Norwegian knob-twiddler has done such a fantastic job on ‘Cut Your Teeth’ that it warrants a post to itself. Replacing the eerie atmospherics of the original with feel-good tropical vibes, you get the sense Kygo had to restrain himself from dropping some steel drums on it. After three minutes, as if it hasn’t brought enough joy by then, it breaks out into a euphoric bit of disco that makes Aeroplane look like Chris Cunningham. Perfect summer music.

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Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel (UNKLE Reconstruction)

It seems unlikely that very-inoffensive-but-actually-rather-good balladeers Bombay Bicycle Club would have come to mind when UNKLE were pondering their next move. But thank goodness they did. This ‘reconstruction’ (no less) of BBC’s ‘Feel’ is only the second official remix from James Lavelle’s sonic pioneers in the last four years, and it’s a really lovely piece of music.

Trading the original‘s jaunty countenance for an altogether more epic mood, this brilliantly-layered rework develops into a hands-in-the-air stomper that evokes another 90s throwback, Andrew Weatherall’s excellent remix of Moby’s ‘Another Perfect Life’ from last year. And it’s brilliant.

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Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep

We’re breaking the unspoken rule of music blogs here by posting a track that has been out for several whole months (we know, we’re sorry) – but when a chorus is this good, exceptions must be made. When said chorus comes in after one and a half minutes of the usual nondescript bassy shuffling, the world becomes a significantly better place.

It renders instantly irrelevant the fact that not much happens after that. And that we have heard very little from Dutch producers Ferreck Dawn or Redondo before or since. And that the latter’s moniker appears to have nothing to do with iconic Argentine footballer Fernando Redondo.

We live in a fast-moving world, for good or ill. Your children will not be writing their PhD theses on this track, but you really won’t care about its lack of nuance when you’re dancing to it on a beach this summer with your hands in the air, a Tequila Gimlet in your hand, and some crap Wayfarers on your head. So we suggest you just enjoy it.

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Noir & Hayze – Angel (Ripperton Mix)

Swiss house and techno producer Raphaël Ripperton – Ripperton – remixed one of the standout tracks at the end of last year. His remix of ‘Why don’t ya?’ by Baikal was pretty serious, clocking in (as it did) at just over 14 minutes. Mesmerising stuff, and that ending…Wow.

Then Dixon jumped on the bandwagon, did his thing, beefed it up, and that was great too…

Anyway, now Ripperton is back with a new remix. The track is ‘Angel’ and it’s originally produced by Noir & Hayze. It’s got some really great moody summer vibes, and we hope/expect to be hearing this a lot over the coming months.

Out on June 9th.

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Slothboogie @ The Cat & Mutton, 03.04.14

Londoners really are spoilt this bank holiday weekend. With Real Nice attracting Cassius across La Manche to play on Sunday night at Pulse, the extended weekend leaves plenty of room for an afternoon session on Saturday. If you’re in the market for one, the kind people at Slothboogie are putting on just such an affair at newly-refurbished London Fields boozer, the Cat & Mutton. We suggest you check your ex isn’t going here, then make the necessary arrangements. To get you in the mood, here’s their blissed-out summer mix, somewhat optimistically posted a few weeks ago.

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Toyboy & Robin – Better Places (feat. Alex Adams)

‘Better Places’ is the new one from Toyboy & Robin, and it’s right up our street. Deploying the same ear for a melody that made ‘Jaded’ one of our favourite dancefloor moments of 2013, ‘Better Places’ features the considerable falsetto vocal talents of Alex Adams. It also gives you the unmistakeable feeling that it’s going to be very big.

Like Clean Bandit’s chart-slaying ‘Rather Be’, ‘Better Places’ combines a 90s sensibility with a memorable pop hook and all manner of nostalgic summer vibes. It even has a guitar line that calls to mind the great Daryl Braithwaite – and we would be very surprised if it isn’t very soon providing the soundtrack to your summer. Toyboy & Robin release the ‘Better Places’ EP on Chase & Status’ MTA Records on 17th March, and you can expect very big things from them (and Mr. Adams) in 2014.

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Mighty Mouse – If I & In Front Of Friends

Recent Human Drizzle Presents alumnus Mighty Mouse has been a busy boy recently. Today two pieces emerged from the disco wizard: the first a remix of Villa‘s ‘If I’ and the second an original collaboration with Monarchy entitled ‘In Front of Friends’.

The original version of ‘If I’ by Belgian duo Villa is a moody piece of guitar-led, slow-paced disco. Mighty Mouse has sped things up and given the track a little more bounce, and the results are very pleasing indeed. It’s a head-nodder, and that’s that.

The other track to emerge from MM today is ‘In Front of Friends’. Full of vocal harmonies and jaunty brass, ‘In Front of Friends’ is the tale of a man embarrassed by a public declaration of love, and it’s a jaunty pop record that may be just the distraction you need as winter closes in.

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The Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Bit Funk Remix)

If ever there were a Friday tune, this remix of ‘Runnin’ is it. As we have documented previously, Bit Funk is killing it right now. In the midst of a musical landscape that often takes itself really quite seriously (not us, you see), here is a man so committed to cheerfulness that it is scientifically proven* to be impossible to listen to tracks like ‘It Ain’t Easy’ without smiling joyously.

This Pharcyde remix is almost absurdly chirpy – chipping away at the edge of the original and replacing it with a laid back summeriness that is completely out of sync with the impending arrival of winter. You can literally warm your hands on this one.**

* It’s not.

** You can’t.

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