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Bondax – All I See

The sun is out and, with the summer jams coming thick and fast, Bondax get in on the action. ‘All I See’ even has ambient seaside sound effects during the intro, and it couldn’t be any more summery if it slathered itself in sunscreen and got changed into a pair of flip flops.

Having firmly established that THAT photo was absolutely not them, it’s good to have the the Lancaster duo back making music. The lyrics contain a lot of platitudinous stuff about senses coming alive, never wanting to leave, and aligning with the stars, but frankly who cares? It’s just a very big tune.

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Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back

Things have really blown up for Duke Dumont since taking the well-trodden path from Human Drizzle Favourite to Chart Sensation. Named by the Guardian last week as a key member of the British House Mafia (yep), yesterday he followed up ‘I Got U’ with ‘Won’t Look Back’. It occupies the same territory as his previous chart successes: it’s packed to the brim with piano lines, female vocals and accessible 90s nostalgia, but – like Clean Bandit, Gorgon City, et al – the Duke is so far resisting going too far into lazy pop territory.

Listen out for some especially fun synthy fiddling from 2:48. ‘Won’t Look Back’ may not have quite the impact of some previous efforts, but it will undoubtedly be big this summer. And long may the British House Mafia dominate the charts, as opposed to the alternative.


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Moonwalk – Back To My House

Proper naughty, this one. In ‘Back To My House’, Italian pair Moonwalk have cooked up a riotous banger to kick off your weekend. It’s pretty straightforward four-to-the-floor dancefloor material, with bellowing bass and the general atmosphere of that time in the latter stages of a club night when things start to get very serious. Say hello to the weekend.

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Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep

We’re breaking the unspoken rule of music blogs here by posting a track that has been out for several whole months (we know, we’re sorry) – but when a chorus is this good, exceptions must be made. When said chorus comes in after one and a half minutes of the usual nondescript bassy shuffling, the world becomes a significantly better place.

It renders instantly irrelevant the fact that not much happens after that. And that we have heard very little from Dutch producers Ferreck Dawn or Redondo before or since. And that the latter’s moniker appears to have nothing to do with iconic Argentine footballer Fernando Redondo.

We live in a fast-moving world, for good or ill. Your children will not be writing their PhD theses on this track, but you really won’t care about its lack of nuance when you’re dancing to it on a beach this summer with your hands in the air, a Tequila Gimlet in your hand, and some crap Wayfarers on your head. So we suggest you just enjoy it.

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Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix)

Hot off the desk, here’s the fractured and stuttered remix of Disclosure’s ‘You & Me’. It comes from producer Flume and hits quite the grand scale. Release date’s unknown – something the Aussie producer will no longer be once this gets thrown around.

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Kowton – And What

Having listened to his recent collaboration with Julio Bashmore, ‘Mirror Song’, we now realise what Kowton’s role in it was. Sparse, skittering drums. Straight up and down. Hear for yourself:
In addition to those treats from JB’s recent EP of of the same reflective name, we’ve also been gorging on a couple of new cuts from Kowton’s Systems of Desire collaborator, Hyetal. Fellow Bristol-resident David Corney has put out a couple of tracks from his upcoming ‘Modern Worship’ album and they’re both worth a few minutes of your time:
All good stuff.
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Vanilla Ace – Get It On

‘Get It On’ is another new one from increasingly prolific HD favourite Vanilla Ace, and it’s another winner. Livelier than ‘Bring It Back’ and other previous outings but with the same emphasis on bouncing bass, it’s got a nice little vocal and some squelchy electronic stuff to boot. It’s out on 23rd May on Blockhead Recordings, along with a pretty unfussy up-tempo remix from Pittsburgh’s Sertac Sahin. There are plenty of worse ways to get your week up and running (but we won’t go into them here: just listen to this).

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Grum – Everytime (Andre Crom Remix)

Leeds-via-Scotland producer Grum has been on our radar for some time, following his crowd-pleasing 2010 album, ‘Heartbeats’. ‘Everytime’ is his new track, and it’s less immediate than the hands-in-the-air anthems of three years ago, but it’s a beauty nonetheless – and has attracted remixes from the likes of Ejeca and Mia Dora. Our favourite, though, is the one above from OFF Recordings’ own Andre Crom. We suggest you wash it down with some classic Grum, in the form of ‘Heartbeats’ and ‘Through the Night’, both from 2010.

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Bobby Brown – Two Can Play That Game (Ben Gomori’s 4Play Re​-​Edit)

Guess what? HD favourite Ben Gomori has only gone and followed up his amusingly-titled recent Justin Timberlake remix with a rework of Bobby Brown’s classic 90s anthem, ‘Two Can Play That Game’. Yeah, we know!

He strings out the opening and keeps you waiting for what is one of the more iconic piano riffs of the last century (or any century for that matter) but it’s worth the wait. The drop at 02:22 is really splendid, and the rest of the track is very nice dancefloor fodder.

For more Ben, listen to his podcast Turned On, and/or (preferably and) his new Chapel Club remix:

Oh, and stay tuned for some exciting Gomori-themed news from us…

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Vanilla Ace – Bring It Back

Comically-named Londoner Vanilla Ace is one of our favourite producers right now. Having got our attention with the bouncy disco of ‘Vanilla Sky’ and the slow-burning deep house masterpiece ‘Hide’ last year, he’s back with ‘Musicology’, a new EP on OFF Recordings.

‘Bring it Back’ is the pick of the two tracks on ‘Musicology’. Like the best work of David August and his pals at Diynamic Music, this one is in no hurry: taking its time and building slowly into a really intoxicating piece of house music. Perfect for a Friday. While you’re here, why not enjoy ‘Vanilla Sky’ too? It’s been a long week and, you know what, you’ve earnt it. Well done you.

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