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Schoolboy Q – Hell of a Night

Schoolboy Q, the rapper behind some of the biggest cuts of the past couple of years, thinks you need some ‘Yay Yay’ to have a ‘Hell of a Night’. Or at least that’s what the tracklisting for his upcoming ‘Oxymoron’ LP would suggest.

Both tracks exhibit Q’s pressing flow nicely with a solid 4/4 beat underpinning things and a lovely vocal refrain. We prefer the more reflective ‘Hell of a Night’ but both whet the appetite nicely for his first big leagues album.

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Notting Hill Carnival 2012

It’s August Bank Holiday, and that means only one thing for most Londoners (and it’s not Creamfields, or Reading Festival). The behemoth that is Notting Hill Carnival rolls into west London on Sunday and, to celebrate this fact, we have decided to share some Carnival-themed tunes with you.

Firstly this from Italian duo NiCe7. ‘Back To 90’ is a slightly baffling tune, in that most of their other output (including the rest of their recent ‘Back to Basics’ EP) is pretty serious tech-house. This track, by contrast, is a lovely bit of 90s garage-y house – complete with wailing female vocals, Robin S chord progressions, and comedy crash cymbals. It’s genius.

Carnival also seems like a good excuse to post some dancehall, so here is a not-that-new-and-really-quite-random-but-frankly-amazing mix from Austrian (yes, Austrian) outfit, G Spot Sound. It’s awesome.

And finally, for those lucky enough to have tickets to Red Bull’s Carnival party on Monday (free food! free booze!), here is Major Lazer’s new video for ‘Get Free’. The original video was good but this one is great.

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Flatbush Zombies – Thug Waffle

Human Drizzle share a passion with Flatbush Zombies…synth-laced hip-hop! But seriously, this Brooklyn three-piece (rappers Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice with producer Erick Arc Elliott) live and breathe their music. They live in the BK neighbourhood of Flatbush and their self-confessed aim is to get zombified…

The video for their hype-inducing single, ‘Thug Waffle’, gives some indication as to how they wish to go about this. Flashing their gold fronts and billowing smoke like it’s going out of fashion, the video is a suitable accompaniment to their 90’s-esque, stoned beats and flows. It raced to 100,000 hits with no label support and now they have all the major labels banging on their door, following in the footsteps of their recent gig-buddies (and HD veterans) ASAP Rocky.

We’ll leave the final word to Meechy: “Well, the way everyone is saying we’ve skyrocketed onto the radar, it’s like we were resurrected. Like we went through some hardships and were bought back in this form. We skyrocketed because we had this know how from our past lives. We’re Zombies.”


MRI & Traice Greene feat. Evan Morgan – That’s Life

MRI and Traice Green are two members of Traie-Duce Entertainment, a self-described ‘marketing group that consists of individuals striving for success in the Arts and Entertainment industry’.

Thankfully they’re not just a marketing group: they’re also talented lyricists and producers. Their new single, ‘That’s Life’, from upcoming album ‘On Our Way’, is a flowing piece of atmospheric hip hop with Lupe Fiasco-esque rhymes which are guaranteed to get your head nodding.

Traice Greene’s Southern drawl (he hails from Nashville, Tennessee) provides the standout verse and the video also reveals collaborator Evan Morgan to be sporting a Beiber/Dougie from McFly pre-jungle haircut. Don’t let this put you off what is otherwise a decent tune and video.


French Fries – Champagne / Hugz ft. Bambounou

Being one of the most highly-regarded operators in the underground electronic music scene in France is impressive enough on its own. For French Fries to have achieved this status at the tender age of 20 is actually quite sickening. We find light relief in the fantastic pseudonym.

Having set up a label, Clek Clek Boom Recordings, French Fries is now ready to serve up its first major release. ‘Champagne/Hugz’ will be available on November 21st and here is a preview clip of both tunes, which has been getting the blogosphere very overexcited.

Both tracks exude bass-heavy, bombastic brilliance – and will act as a benchmark for all future releases on the imprint.

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ASAP Rocky – Palace

The ASAP mob, led from the front by rapper ASAP Rocky, are the latest hip hop collective to generate serious Odd Future-style hype Stateside (they’re currently engaged in a somewhat half-hearted beef with the OFWGKTA lot).

Much of this hype has been generated by ASAP Rocky’s latest mixtape, currently given away on the free (not for long – “My mixtape is a classic” he says. “It’s only right to put it out at retail.”)

It’s easy to see why. Fellow mob member Clams Casino pulls the strings on standout tracks ‘Palace’ and ‘Bass’, taking time out from his solo output on NY’s witch house imprint, TriAngle Records (also home to noisy depressives Balam Acab). Atmospheric slow burner ‘Leaf’ also sees a guest spot for Main Attrackionz, who is no stranger to these pages.

The lyrics are full of blunts and 40s, and the spaced-out vibe and oddball wordplay evoke artists like Tyler, the Creator and Lil B. It’s not often you can get your hands on a mixtape of this quality for free – we suggest you download it before he puts it out at retail.

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Kastle – Could U Want Me

San Fran resident Kastle is part of the new wave of US electronica producers coming over here and taking our dancefloors, melding some distinctly British bass with Weeknd-esque R&B vocals.

His new E.P, ‘So You’, is out on Silverback Recordings on November 7th, and it showcases his particular brand of EDM, with the bumpy garage tune ‘Could U Want Me’ the standout track.

He names Moby, Luke Vibert and Kanye West as his three ideal collaborators which, apart from being refreshingly mainstream choices, pretty much sum up what he’s about.

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Class Actress – Weekend

It’s the weekend! What better time, then, to listen to this alluring slice of synth pop from Class Actress. The Actress, as they’re not known by anyone, are a trio from Brooklyn – although you wouldn’t have thought it from the way that frontwoman Elizabeth Harper dominates interviews, videos, and such like.

‘Weekend’ is taken from their debut album, ‘Rapprocher’ – which is receiving no small amount of acclaim in some corners of the music press – and we are rather fond of its combination of breathy vocals, squelchy synths and almost comically 80s rhythm section. It has a kind of listless whimsy about it – until you watch the video, which is downright raunchy.

So we don’t really know what to say about it, but have a look and then be excited about the fact that you don’t have to go to work for the next 48 hours.


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Main Attractionz – Perfect Skies

It wouldn’t be a crime to listen to this song on repeat. The return of soulful late night hip hop this summer really has been very welcome and this tune is a priceless example of how soothing it can be.

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