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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, February 2017

Jam-packed full of goodies this one.

A nod must be made to Cin Cin’s sixth release and their split 12” featuring gems from Elliott Lion and New Jackson. London-based Fold finally releases his 3-track EP on Moxie’s On Loop label, Krankbrother recruit Fort Romeau for remix duties and Matthias Reiling, Art Alfie and Coeo bring the funk.

Sweely’s timeless ‘All The Reasons’ finally gets a release on Distant Hawaii and we welcome back Wolf Music with an excellent offering from Hodini. Not to mention the totally exquisite moment from Z-Lovecraft on South London label No Bad Days.

There’s a lot to digest. The pensive ‘Songs For Knotty’ from Ishmael Ensemble should ease you in nicely…


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Lone – Begin To Begin

Campfire house”. That’s how FACT have christened Manchester-based Lone’s ‘Begin to Begin’, the B-side to his upcoming single. They’re spot on:

The single it was palling up with, ‘Airglow Fire’, hit the airwaves a couple of weeks back and is a livelier exploration of blurry electronica. It’s all synth loops and clipped samples:

The pair are out July 9th on R&S. We recommend.

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Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (Bullion Remix)

Despite their sparse online offering, we’ve been compelled to keep abreast of Vondelpark’s musical evolution by their hazy, ethereal electronica. ‘California Analog Dream’ has been kicking about ONLINE for a bit but, in anticipation of its inclusion on their forthcoming album, ‘Seabed’ (R&S Records, April 1st), they’ve drafted in UK producer Bullion for his take on it. Listening to them both now, we prefer the original. So there.

If you’re in London, they’re playing West London’s The Bush Hall on the 4th April, do yourself a favour and grab a ticket.

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James Blake – Retrograde

Zane Lowe premiered a new record from James Blake last week, as we mentioned on everyone’s favourite micro-blogging platform at the time. Well, now it has a (suitably esoteric) video and a release and everything: and it’s just lovely.

‘Retrograde’ isn’t a big departure for Blake – but, quite frankly, if we could write songs like this, big departures wouldn’t be top of our to-do list. It’s got the same saturated production, warm bass and stunning vocals as ever – and it’s just a wonderful piece of music.

His second full-length album ‘Overgrown’ is released in April, and if this is anything to go by, it’s going to be a bit special.

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Vondelpark – Dracula & Ango – True Blue

Couple of new vids to offer some working day distraction here.
We’ve posted on Vondelpark’s thoughtful ‘Dracula’ before, and they’ve now complemented the tune with a melancholic, filtered mélange of clips of London life:
And one of our favourite, which is saying something these days, Montreal-based producers Ango has put out a remarkably self-centred video for the his latest RnB offering, ‘True Blue’. He struts around, pining after a red-head minstrel (not the chocolate) in the manner of some his more mainstream influences.
‘Serpentine’, the EP the above tune’s taken from is available to download for free here. You also want to be getting your hands on the latest compilation from Jacques Greene’s Vase label, featuring Ango and others, also available a gratis here.
With some home-made CD case art, I can feel a cheap Christmas present coming on…
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Vondelpark – Dracula

Many happy returns to you Mr Stoker. If it hadn’t have been for you, these three chaps from London wouldn’t have been inspired to create this hazy-yet-soulful track named after your Gothic creation.

Great to see new material from Vondelpark, we’re big fangs…

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Green Man Festival 2012

Thanks to a cursory internet search and the fact that it hasn’t finished yet, we’re going to call this the very first review of Green Man Festival 2012! World Exclusive! Despite a slightly attenuated trip to the Brecon Beacons, Human Drizzle had a storming weekend (in all senses. It rained, a lot) at what is undoubtedly a family festival with a darker edge for the young ‘uns later on.

Highlights included Junior Boys, who got the crowd moving on Friday with a hit-filled set. In The Morning never fails to lift the spirits.

Headlining the Saturday night were the upwardly-mobile Metronomy who looked (matching chino/white shirt combos) and sounded sharp as. A festival-wide singalong to The Look confirmed their popularity. It wasn’t the time or the place for the melancholy of their recent contribution to the LateNightTales series. Is now?

Unfortunately the R&S Records showcase on the Saturday night was a bit of damp squib. HD faves Vondelpark played a beautifully bashful opening set but then trouble set in. Lone misjudged the mood (we wish he’d played like this) and ‘big name’ James Blake had sound issues, fast losing enthusiasm for being there. His only concession to it being a dance-music stage was finishing with his excellent CMYK, only to have it faded out by the subsequent DJs before we got our groove on. This is how it should have sounded:

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James Blake – At Birth

Hey, remember James Blake? Glitchy producer who it turns out could hold a tune and play instruments and stuff? Well, he’s still hard at work following his smash-hit-doesn’t-even-cover-it eponymous debut album.

He released the ‘Enough Thunder’ EP in October to not universal acclaim (“it’s not ‘blubstep’, it’s mostly just blub”) but rumour has it he’s returning to his roots with a more beat-driven, bassy sound on new tracks. If the ones Human Drizzle have heard are anything to go by, he sounds like a man confused: caught between credibility of the FWD crowd and adulation from everyone else.

These records will be on the same release on December 11th, out on R&S Records who, incidentally, are the same label who put out his ‘CYMK’ and Klavierwerke’ EPs. We’ll leave you to make up your mind where he’s going and whether it’s a good thing. We’ll be finding out for ourselves at the Kentish Town Forum this evening.

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