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FKA Biggie

For Danger Mouse, read Terry Urban, for The Grey Album, read FKA Biggie. The second mash-up album in your collection has just arrived:

On the eighteenth anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s death, DJ and artist Terry Urban dropped this seamless integration of Biggie’s flow into the Twigs album and, surprise surprise, it works. You can download it on the boy’s Instagram and you won’t regret it. It’s worth it for ‘Two Weeks In Cali’ alone.

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Schoolboy Q – Hell of a Night

Schoolboy Q, the rapper behind some of the biggest cuts of the past couple of years, thinks you need some ‘Yay Yay’ to have a ‘Hell of a Night’. Or at least that’s what the tracklisting for his upcoming ‘Oxymoron’ LP would suggest.

Both tracks exhibit Q’s pressing flow nicely with a solid 4/4 beat underpinning things and a lovely vocal refrain. We prefer the more reflective ‘Hell of a Night’ but both whet the appetite nicely for his first big leagues album.

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