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Jamie xx – Loud Places ft Romy

The news of Jamie xx’s first solo album prompted a profound excitement here at HD. There are few artists out there who can mesmerise you with the moody pop of the XX on the walk home then have you cutting a rug later to pretty much anything from grime to hardcore (Proof = here).

‘Loud Places’ is the latest single to be aired off his new album ‘In Colour’ due out on Young Turks June 1st. Here he finds a beautiful middle ground, using his production talent to showcase all sides of Romy’s voice from the melancholic to the euphoric. The attention to detail on production is noticable, first letting Romy’s distinctive voice do the work alongside a sparse bass drum before throwing everything from handclaps to vocal loops together towards the end. All in all, it’s a triumph, and an exciting prospect for the summer months.

The album tracklist includes some old friends in Romy and Oliver Sim, alongside the more unexpected faces of Jamaican Dancehall legend Popcaan and eccentric Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Here’s hoping for an all-star album tour over the summer.

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Garden City Movement – When We Had It Easy

After a long night carousing in honour of hitting 2000 twitter followers*, this is just what HDHQ needed today:

‘When We Had It Easy’, the new single from Tel Aviv electronic trio Garden City Movement, picks up where we last found them, fusing glitch electronica with some serious pop melodies. It’s delightfully atmospheric and whets the appetite nicely for next month’s ‘Modern West EP.

*Not really, we’re saving the champaegerbombs for when we hit 10k.

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Sia – Elastic Heart (Clams Casino Remix)

The blessed relief when a credible producer does a remix of your guilty pleasure pop track…

Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ is a bona fide tune and Clams Casino (not of these parts for some time, welcome back!) has stripped out some of the chart elements and left us with a tense, taut remix that’ll stay with you.

Also, and maybe we’re the last to realise this, but Sia’s album is her SIXTH studio album and she’s done a bucketload before hitting the global popstar bigtime. Like this:


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TĀLĀ & How To Dress Well – The One

Two versions of the same song, quite similar but also pretty good!

Which, in fairness, isn’t a bad effort when you realise they made them in 24 hours.

Having dropped one of them a few weeks back, the second of How to Dress Well and TĀLĀ’s Songs from Scratch collaboration has hit the web today. ‘The One’ is a pretty accurate reflection of the respective talents of the falsetto popster and Kingston producer, bringing you in with soaring vocals and a heavy bassline.

Head here if you want to see a behind the scenes vid (warning – it’s boring).

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Shelby Grey – Leave It All Behind

Equal parts pop and techno”. Surely not, you say? YES:

Courtesy of Boiler Room Debuts comes ‘Leave It All Behind’, a taster from Factor City label boss Shelby Grey’s upcoming EP on Holographic People. It’s melodic without being saccharine and we’re pretty hyped about the new record, as you should be.

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All About She – Higher (Free)

All About She

All About She are a brand new, immaculately groomed trio from London and, from the sounds of their debut record, they know how to write a pop tune. ‘Higher (Free)’ gets inside your head and won’t leave – and it comes with a nice little remix from garage grandee Grant Nelson. Grant has added some bass wobbling and a nice smashed glass effect, but the pop sensibilities persist across both versions. It’s a bit too polished for some tastes, but a killer melody is a killer melody and, quite frankly, that’s all there is to it.

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Mirror People & Rebeka – Nothing To Give

Interesting one, this. ‘Nothing to Give’ is a collaboration between Portuguese producer Rui Maia (aka Mirror People) and Rebeka, the Polish synth-pop duo comprised of Iwona Skwarek and Bartosz Szczęsny.

For ‘Nothing to Give’, “an initial sharing of ideas and musical parts led to the development of new concepts and different directions laying the way for this unusual approach at a collaborative release and bring through two very different takes on things.” So say Discotexas, the label releasing said track(s).

Basically, Mirror People and Rebeka couldn’t agree on a definitive version of the tune so they have released one each. We think we prefer Mirror People’s bouncy disco stomper to Rebeka’s more instrumental, emotive effort – but both are splendid pieces of pop music. What do you reckon? Tell us now please (on Twitter, perhaps?)

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Giraffage – All That Matters

We’ve been big fans of Giraffage ever since this Slow Magic remix prompted us to label him one to watch (as is our wont as music bloggers) in 2011. We had the pleasure of seeing him last year with xxyyxx at Birthdays, and ‘All That Matters’ is further evidence that things are going from strength to strength for the San Franciscan pop wizard. It’s warm and gentle and perfect for those battling a second-phase hangover this Monday afternoon (yes you).

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Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake & David Bowie

New songs from oldish artists!

For those HD readers without access to traditional news outlets (you’re not missing out on much), we bring you the news that Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake and DAVID BOWIE have all put out new tracks over the past few days. Bowie’s effort can be listened and judged below, and you can hear JT and Beyoncé & pals’ effort at his website and Mashable respectively.

For the majority of you who have been aware of these developments for some days, what are your thoughts? Are any of these any good?

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