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Top 5 Tracks of the Week

1. Wayward – Orissa: After a two year hiatus, London duo Wayward are back in style. The ethereal sounding sample really takes on a life of its own in the latter stages. Destined for the festival circuit, this.

2. Saine – Mint EP: Three for the price of one. Finnish producer Saine has dropped a gem of an EP on FINA Records (out 24th March). Peachy samples and disco loops pepper the three deep house cuts.

3. The Blaze – Territory: French duo The Blaze took pride and place at the top of our Tracks of 2016 with their feel-good hit ‘Virile’. They’re back with another belter (and another interesting vid to accompany).

4. Benjamin Fröhlich – Rude Remixes: HD faves Lauer and Cleveland get the call up for Benjamin Fröhlich’s ‘Rude’ remixes EP. One cool, calm and collected and t’other upbeat. Released on Fröhlich’s very own Permanent Vacation.

5. Donald Dust – Dazzle Ship: The excellently-named ‘Dazzle Ship’ is the fourth release from London’s No Bad Days label. It’s penned by the also-excellently-named Donald Dust (reportedly the moniker of an already established producer), and both tune and video act as a wonderful homage to the synth-laden tasty eighties. Pre-order the EP now and get this one for the time being.

Mix: Blast from the past Cyril Hahn steps in for a surprisingly jackin’ hour for Earmilk with tracks from Kornel Kovacs, Mak & Pasteman and Hahn himself.

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Tuff City Kids – Labyrinth (Club Mix)

Gerd Janson and Lauer are back producing the goods as Tuff City Kids.

‘Labyrinth’ features Norwegian singer Annie on vocals and is the first taster of their forthcoming full-length, due to drop on 14th October on Permanent Vacation.

Hold tight for that release. In the meantime, the ‘Labyrinth’ EP is out on 23rd September and will also feature remixes from Morgan Geist and DJ Oyster, pre-orders here.


Benjamin Fröhlich – Rude Movements EP

Munich-based label Permanent Vacation’s co-owner Benjamin Fröhlich has put his hand to producing. His first EP entitled ‘Rude Movements’ is out now on, you guessed it, Permanent Vacation.

The two tracks we’ve heard are excellent. ‘Holloway’ is a melting pot of escalating synths and vigorous percussion. It’s eerie and atmospheric and compliments the shimmering ‘Ghost Orchid’ very nicely.

Both tracks are accompanied by ‘Spitting Image’ and ‘Amos, grab a copy of the EP here.



Human Drizzle: The Playlist, July 2016

It’s that time of the month again. To make your Fridays that little bit better we’ve rustled up our monthly playlist filled with a healthy crop of new tunes to get your weekends moving.

Summer playlist fodder provided by Roosevelt and Theme Park, bangin’ remixes from Tourist, Alex Metric and Kornél Kovács, releases on Phonica, Church and Permanent Vacation, as well as a handful of new acts you can tell all your pals about including London-based Franc Moody and Swimming Tapes, as well as Swedish collective MLiR.

There’s a lot of good stuff in there, enjoy!

And in other HD news, stay tuned for a barrage of announcements concerning forthcoming events. HD events, that is.

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Mano Le Tough – Energy Flow – DJ Koze Remixes

Pampa label-head DJ Koze’s gone and dropped two remixes of Mano Le Tough’s ‘Energy Flow’.

The Splasher remix above and the Miles&More remix below are being released on Permanent Vacation. Hitting the shelves soon, expect some heavy rotations this summer.


Fort Romeau Remixes

Your boy Fort Romeau is in demand! Three dreamy new remixes from the South Londoner…

First up, he intertwines his usual dose of slow-building, synth-laden mastery to German duo Adana Twins latest collaboration with Human Life, ‘Perspective’. Akin to most of FR’s work, the track really flourishes in the latter stages. Courtesy of Exploited, add it to your collection here.

Below, the excellent Permanent Vacation’s new signing Kauf has commandeered the South Londoner to inject a dose of sunshine into ‘Through The Yard’.

Out yesterday.

Last up, Australian artist Ry X’s new single, ‘Deliverance’ gets the once over ahead of its release on 6th May on Infectious Music. Lovely stuff:



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Lauer – Borndom LP

We’ve been patiently waiting for Lauer’s second album since we were blown away by the superb ‘Stigma’ last year.

Released on the Munich-based Permanent Vacation label, ‘Borndom’ is out now and we highly recommend you going out and spending all your hard-earned cash on it. It’s an 80s-influenced, synth-heavy piece of work, and we’ve picked out our favourite tracks from the LP to soundtrack the excitements as the bank holiday creeps in.

If you like what you hear and you’re London-based, we highly recommend heading down to Oval Space on 12th June. Lauer is playing in a splendid line-up that consists of Joy Orbison, Gerd Janson and Prins Thomas. Tickets here.

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New Jackson – Having A Coke With You

With any sign of an Indian Summer officially OVER, treat this charming 10 minute waltz as your official sundowner. It’s from Dublin producer New Jackson and is being released on Permanent Vacation.



TODD TERJE – Remaster Of The Universe (Permanent Vacation, 2010)

Well this is fun. A mixtape Todd Terje did for Permanent Vacation back in 2010 that might just be the best thing that happens to you today.

Not sure why he’s uploaded it again recently, but it’s crammed with excellent tunes and should guide you through Friday afternoon nicely…

Head here to purchase it. Worth every penny.

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Bostro Pesopeo – Cheer Up

Bostro Pesopeo’s ‘Cheer Up’ is the latest release from the consistently-excellent Munich-based record label, Permanent Vacation. It’s a slow-burning toe-tapper that does exactly what it says on the tin. Keep your ears peeled for the lovely break down at 2 minutes 16 seconds in:

Bostro has been off the radar since his last release on PM back at the end of 2011. It was a co-write with Madrid’s Pional entitled ‘Yes’, and it was similarly creepin’. Plug in:

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