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Tropical Chaos feat Loumar – Leaving Train (Panda Remix)

They’re industrious chaps, are Panda. Most up-and-coming artists would be pleased enough with a Human Drizzle Presents headline slot and could be forgiven for resting on their laurels subsequently. We jest, but Panda’s recent output is nonetheless prodigious, with this whimsical, piano-led remix of Tropical Chaos’s ‘Leaving Train’ coming just six days after their reworking of Fred V & Grafix’s ‘Recognise’ – which followed promptly after several other great remixes, original tracks and mixes. The consistency is impressive, and long may it continue.

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Fred V & Grafix – Recognise (Panda Remix)

This version of ‘Recognise’ is an all-West Country affair, with former HDP headliners Panda reworking Fred V & Grafix‘s rolling drum & bass original. The Exeter duo are signed to Hospital Records and ‘Recognise’ bears the hallmarks of that illustrious label, with Panda swapping D+B for house but keeping the same echoey vocal samples and central piano line. It makes for a very nice piece of hands-in-the-air dancefloor fodder, only slightly ruined by B. Traits wittering over the front of this version. If you want to hear it without her dulcet tones, it’s out alongside the original on Monday 17th March.

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Ben Remember – Moving Harts EP

Big week for Panda. Not content with headlining 2014’s inaugural Human Drizzle Presents at Dalston’s Bar 512 on Friday night, they have set the wheels in motion for their brand new label, Bambusa Records. Bambusa’s debut release will be an EP from Bristolian DJ/producer, Ben Remember, and two tunes from said EP have appeared on Soundcloud.

Lead track ‘Moving Harts’ is lovely and warm: with of-the-moment warped vocals, busy percussion and a sumptuous drop on four minutes. Meanwhile ‘Feel New’ boasts the kind of hoedown vocal that Avicii would take great pleasure in ramming into your head until you want to commit very complicated suicide with the nearest pair of glow sticks – but thankfully Ben Remember treats it rather more carefully, and the result is a charming piece of measured house music.

Remember the name, indeed.

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Panda – Harmony Fifth

Who doesn’t eat bamboo or have black eyes, but does make great house music? It’s Panda, otherwise known as Callum, Benny and Charlie, HD’s new favourite producers. They’ve provided the standout track of the new Black Butter Records compilation, ‘Harmony Fifth’ and it gives you a neat guide to the autumnal house these three are putting out:

And, just to show off, we’ve had a sneak listen of their upcoming Rewind EP (out on Sounds of Sumo 21st January) and it’s more of the same i.e. more good tunes. Courtesy of Eton Messy, here’s a third of it:

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Panda – No More

West Country threepiece Panda may just be our favourite producers right now. Their brilliant EP ‘Eighty Nine’ was pleasingly diverse – opening with the blistering retro pianos of the title track and ending with the more experimental, atmospheric ‘The Storm’.

Just five days later, they’re back. Today they unveiled ‘No More’ to commemorate reaching 3000 Soundcloud followers. Very much evoking the EP’s livelier side, ‘No More’ is a swirling four minutes of giddy house music that leaves you with the unshakeable sense that these three chaps are really going places.

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Panda – Eighty Nine EP

If you were unaware, purveyors of party tunes Toyboy & Robin have a little label on the side called Cool Kid Music. Having released their own tracks on it such as the wonderful ‘Jaded’ and welcomed newbies into the fray like Armeria and Werkha, they’re onto another winner with their next release.

It’s called ‘Eighty Nine’ and is by a UK-based trio called Panda.

The whole EP is a welcome blend of shimmering synths and vocal loops. We recommend digesting it all, but standout track ‘Eighty Nine’ is certainly the one. With big support already from the likes of Eton Messy and T. Williams, the catchy vocal and driving keys add up to a big potential hit.

You can get the whole EP here and we suggest you head to their Facebook for upcoming gigs. They are playing with the likes of B.Traits, Karma Kid and The Golden Boy, and with an appearance at London’s Freeze Festival there’s sure to be a night near you worth checking out.

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