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Chris Malinchak – Call My Name

New material from Chris Malinchak, anyone? It’s the first we’ve heard from the New Yorker since ‘So Into You’ three months ago, and ‘Call My Name’ is a compelling little number – featuring the kind of chord progression that made Malinchak’s name: alongside insistent vocal loops, low key percussion, and a great little drop at 4:55. All in all it’s far moodier and deeper than some of his distinctly sunny previous work but, as the nights draw in and the winds pick up, perhaps this is just what’s required for the winter. It’s certainly great to hear from the man.

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Lorde – Team

“I’m kinda over getting told to throw my hands up in the air. So there. / I’m kinda older than I was when I revelled without a care,” coos 16 year-old Lorde on ‘Team’, the follow-up to her monstrous hit, ‘Royals’ (below). Whilst it would be remiss (if not downright hypocritical) of us to endorse this kind of revelry fatigue in one so young, the thoughtful New Zealander’s take on the current pop landscape is certainly refreshing: for more of it, read this.

Aside from all that business, though, this is a really striking piece of music. Boasting stadium handclaps, a squeaky 80s vocal and more hooks than an angling festival (sorry), ‘Team’ is a bona fide pop anthem. So even if her acerbic lyrics and admirable determination to be different end up being undermined beyond credibility by her major label record deal and imminent ubiquity, it will matter less – because this is a great tune.

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Clams Casino – Bookfiend (Feat. DOOM)

Now this is a treat.
Having been keeping himself to himself recently (bar some choice ASAP interventions), Clams Casino has sprung a spring surprise on us with this collaboration. With DOOM.
DOOM’s languid flow fits nicely with Clams’ faded backdrop, and we can only hope it signals more from both of them, maybe even together.
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Glenn Astro – Feelin’ Me

‘Feelin’ Me’ is the new one from rising Germanic star Glenn Astro, and is yet another top release from London-based WotNot Music. The infectious piano and vocal on loop seems fitting both for the laid back and the up-tempo. This track’s from his ‘The Power’ EP which is out on vinyl now. It is released digitally on 11th March and having heard the full length version of the Medlar remix on there, is not one to miss. For the Blighty-based amongst you, keep your ears to the ground for Glenn Astro’s debut London show around the first days of spring.

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Giraffage – All That Matters

We’ve been big fans of Giraffage ever since this Slow Magic remix prompted us to label him one to watch (as is our wont as music bloggers) in 2011. We had the pleasure of seeing him last year with xxyyxx at Birthdays, and ‘All That Matters’ is further evidence that things are going from strength to strength for the San Franciscan pop wizard. It’s warm and gentle and perfect for those battling a second-phase hangover this Monday afternoon (yes you).

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James Blake – Retrograde

Zane Lowe premiered a new record from James Blake last week, as we mentioned on everyone’s favourite micro-blogging platform at the time. Well, now it has a (suitably esoteric) video and a release and everything: and it’s just lovely.

‘Retrograde’ isn’t a big departure for Blake – but, quite frankly, if we could write songs like this, big departures wouldn’t be top of our to-do list. It’s got the same saturated production, warm bass and stunning vocals as ever – and it’s just a wonderful piece of music.

His second full-length album ‘Overgrown’ is released in April, and if this is anything to go by, it’s going to be a bit special.

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Coma – Bette Davis’ Eyes

This is a real treat. Tweaking the classic 80s Kim Carnes hit, Coma put their stamp here on the brilliant ‘Bette Davis’ Eyes’. Turning soft rock into progressive and reflective electronic music, in style. And without the nod to advertisements for certain hair products.

You can download it for free here. Keep your eyes out for the duo from Cologne’s début album, out via Kompakt in April. It’s to be called ‘In Technicolor’ and will feature a host of guest vocalists, including HD top tip for 2013 Roosevelt.

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Maya Jane Coles – Easier To Hide EP

Quenching our thirst just fractionally until she releases her full length debut next year, here’s ‘Easier To Hide’, the new EP from Maya Jane Coles. Released on her own interestingly-named label I Am Me, MJC reinforces her rep for making laidback yet infectious deep house music. Stream the whole ting below – great to have you back luv.

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Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru

Bit of an odd one, this. ‘Mirror Maru’ is the title track from Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat’s recent EP. Both were released in October but this track has forced its way into contention here because (a) it has only recently come to our attention, (b) we are feeling rather fragile today and we find its gentle percussion and delicate synths rather soothing, and (c) it has creaking bedspring sound effects in it. When combined, these are powerful factors – and we hope this will make your Tuesday that little bit easier too.

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Out on Future Classic, here’s the upcoming release from German producer Alex Kruger, also known as Tigerskin. He first wowed us with previous track ‘In Public’ back in August, and now he’s back with a similarly laid-back yet funky vibe in ‘Lied’. Deep house with a twist, both are below.

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