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Jonas Rathsman – Bringing You Down

Finally Jonas Rathsman of the mighty French Express releases ‘Bringing You Down’. It’s been floating around the blogosphere for yonks now, it’s been featured on many a mix and he’s finally giving it away. For Free. Right here.

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Claptone – No Eyes feat. Jaw

Out on Exploited, ‘No Eyes’ is the new one from German-based DJ and producer Claptone. With top vocals from Jaw this track ambles along very nicely. Here’s how Claptone first stole our hearts back in early 2012.

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Ejeca – Frequency EP

Ejeca‘s really on top of things right now. After a slew of bangers which we detailed here so won’t do again, we are now treated to an EP from the Belfast native. Out on Last Night On Earth, it’s a more introspective affair than many might have expected from young Garry McCartney – with some gorgeously understated moments. But it still contains enough to keep dancefloors interested, and the whole thing hangs together very nicely indeed. Impressive stuff.

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Dosage – Bring It Back

Not a huge amount is known about Dosage. He’s a 19 year old producer called Ben Swanwick and he’s from Leeds via Watford, but beyond this details are murky. He claims on his Facebook page to originally hail from the small town of Anus outside Paris but, given that the only two milestones recorded on said page are ‘Did a poo’ and ‘Drunk some tea’ (both in 2012, in case you were wondering), one suspects this information may not be 100% accurate.

Regardless, ‘Bring It Back’ shows the boy’s got talent. XLR8R picked up on it this week and are giving it away as a free download here. Its combination of brutal percussion and driving melody call to mind the mighty Disclosure, and there’s enough sonic weirdness to suggest that young Ben has the potential to achieve a lot more than the odd bit of tea-drinking and poo-doing.

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Fryars – Fort Romeau & Lone Remixes

One of our favourite South London producers has done another superb job of tweaking Fryars’ new single ‘In My Arms’. Uplifting to say the least, Fort Romeau keeps the catchy vocal from the original in tact whilst adding a perfect amount of urgency to the backing. It’s top, and yours for free if you click right here. Alternatively, Manchester based Lone has given the B-side to said Fryars single a rework too. Opposite side of the spectrum here, he’s turned ‘Love So Cold’ into a dreamy, ambient and perfectly wonky tune, check it out.

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Major Lazer – Get Free (Adriatique’s Lazers Never Die Rework)

It is the time of year for pointless list-making. Every blog going spends this time mulling over the aural delights of the past twelve months and deciding on their highlights. As we have begun this process at HD, in preparation for our Best of 2012 playlist (coming this week), a few surprise contenders have emerged.

First up is this gem of a remix from Swiss duo, Adriatique. We were huge fans of the Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’ in its original form, and never felt that any of the remixes did it justice. This remedies that, and then some. We have to thank Alex from Flux Music for sticking it in our heads this weekend. It hasn’t left since.

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The C90s – We’ve Got Love

The C90s are back in style with their first release since 2010. There’s not a lot wrong with ‘We Got Love’, a catchy little number which makes the prospect of new material in the new year an exciting one.

Download it for free here.

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Vanilla Ace – Hide & The Magician’s Magic Tape 28

Back in September the wonderfully quirky summer hit ‘Vanilla Sky’ put Vanilla Ace on the map, in quite spectacular fashion. Now he’s back with new single ‘Hide’, which glides effortlessly along for six and a half disco-themed minutes, boasting a couple of tasty drops and some nice atmospherics. If you’re after something a little bit longer, this track was featured on The Magician’s recent Magic Tape 28, which is, as ever, a lot of fun. Both are below.

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The Hydra: Bugged Out Pres. Night Slugs @ XOYO, Saturday 15th December

Good club night alert!
We’ve affectionately featured Broken and Uneven’s Hydra series before here & here, and the final instalment is no different. This time it’s big-hitting promoters Bugged Out and South London staples Night Slugs, teaming up to add to newly revamped XOYO’s impressive Christmas run-in.
Night Slugs label bosses Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 are joined by Berlin-based disco aficionado Soundstream, Jam City and Girl Unit. We expect low-end frequencies brightened up with some disco classics. Did someone say soundclash? L-Vis 1990 has crafted a preview mix to whet the appetite:
We’re most hyped for Girl Unit, whose work we’ve been following closely since the rightly ubiquitous banger ‘Wut’. Here’s said tune and another recent highlight:
All this fun is taking place Saturday 15th December and for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the night, email us at humandrizzle@gmail.com with ‘Night Slugs Allstars’ in the title, letting us know which of the above mentioned DJs would/will Santa listen to. Hopefully see you there…
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Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (feat. SLL)

Regular readers will know that we are huge fans of the one they call Goldroom. His music may not be the most challenging or innovative, but it just sounds great, from his own productions to some glorious remixes. He hails from California, and you can tell. There is a sunny escapism to his work: his own advice on ‘Sweetness Alive’ is to “close your eyes and let this take you somewhere nicer.” Aphex Twin it ain’t, but when it sounds this good, it’s hard to care.

…and here are two he made earlier:

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