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Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix Radio Edit)

The naysayers amongst you might say that (a) we have already reviewed Kyla La Grange’s ‘Cut Your Teeth’, (b) it is has since been remixed to within an inch of its life, and (c) Kygo‘s remix has actually been around for months (this ‘new’ version is only a radio edit). In response, we would argue that (a) the original was brilliant, (b) so is this, and (c) it’s sunny in London for once so just allow it, alright?

In fairness, the Norwegian knob-twiddler has done such a fantastic job on ‘Cut Your Teeth’ that it warrants a post to itself. Replacing the eerie atmospherics of the original with feel-good tropical vibes, you get the sense Kygo had to restrain himself from dropping some steel drums on it. After three minutes, as if it hasn’t brought enough joy by then, it breaks out into a euphoric bit of disco that makes Aeroplane look like Chris Cunningham. Perfect summer music.

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Fred V & Grafix – Recognise (Panda Remix)

This version of ‘Recognise’ is an all-West Country affair, with former HDP headliners Panda reworking Fred V & Grafix‘s rolling drum & bass original. The Exeter duo are signed to Hospital Records and ‘Recognise’ bears the hallmarks of that illustrious label, with Panda swapping D+B for house but keeping the same echoey vocal samples and central piano line. It makes for a very nice piece of hands-in-the-air dancefloor fodder, only slightly ruined by B. Traits wittering over the front of this version. If you want to hear it without her dulcet tones, it’s out alongside the original on Monday 17th March.

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Shadow Child & Sinden – Get At

‘Get At’ has been floating around for a while now, but this week it was posted on Shadow Child’s Soundcloud. It’s a collaboration between Shadow Child and Sinden, and it’s a really lovely piece of garage-y house, with a very 90s central sequence and some lively percussive business. It reminds of the mighty Ejeca, actually – and this is an altogether good thing.

In other news, did you know that Shadow Child used to be Dave Spoon, creator of 2006 bona fide classic, ‘At Night’? If you did know this, well done. As you were. If you didn’t know, I hope the news has brought pleasure into your life. If you don’t know who or what Dave Spoon is, click play on the video below. You’re in for a treat.

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Panda – No More

West Country threepiece Panda may just be our favourite producers right now. Their brilliant EP ‘Eighty Nine’ was pleasingly diverse – opening with the blistering retro pianos of the title track and ending with the more experimental, atmospheric ‘The Storm’.

Just five days later, they’re back. Today they unveiled ‘No More’ to commemorate reaching 3000 Soundcloud followers. Very much evoking the EP’s livelier side, ‘No More’ is a swirling four minutes of giddy house music that leaves you with the unshakeable sense that these three chaps are really going places.

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Bloc Party – Montreal (Ejeca Remix)

Ejeca’s remix of currently-on-a-break Bloc Party’s ‘Montreal’ has been around for a couple of months now, but Annie Mac yesterday gave it away as part of her Free Music Monday series, and this seemed like a good excuse to talk about it. Ejeca does the post-garage thing better than anyone, and this is a great little dancefloor shuffler. The drop at 05:18 is particularly worth a listen – do so above and click through to Soundcloud for the free download.

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Just Kiddin – Feeling Better

‘Feeling Better’ is the new one from Kettering duo, Just Kiddin. The pair first crossed many radars with the glorious 1990s throwback banger, ‘I Want U’, back in February – the brilliant video for which was shot on location in Kettering (it wasn’t. This is a Northamptonshire joke – apologies.)

Since then they have been busy boys, producing EPs on Nurvous Records and Ministry of Sound’s new HK Records – along with a host of other original tracks and remixes. ‘Feeling Better’ is released via Eton Messy and it’s a lovely house stomper. With a measured concoction of looped vocals, sharp synths and echoey strings, it’s the perfect soundtrack to the end of summer.

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Black Magic Disco – Black Magic Mixtape 005

Black Magic Disco has changed. For those who have enjoyed his previous appearances on these pages, this may not be welcome news. His brand of cheerful, melodic disco has warmed the hearts of many in what have been fairly humourless musical climes of late. But in recent months his sound has acquired a harder edge, and this latest mixtape is an altogether more serious proposition. He hasn’t lost his sense for a banger though, and it’s well worth a listen.

Just to confuse things, he’s also released a nicely laid-back, instrumental hip hop jam called ‘I Believe in Music’. Yeah, you heard us. Next steps from here? We suggest you listen to both and let us know what you think of the new direction(s) here, here or (what the hell) even here.

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AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (S-Type Remix)

Synths and snare drums. S-Type knows his way round both of ’em and they’re both on display in his new rework of AlunaGeorge’s ‘Attracting Flies’:

Remix is out today on download, if you so fancy. Why not give yourself some context by watching this FACT TV short about the Glaswegian producer?

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Mickey feat Jeremy Glenn – Heartstrings

Belgian producer Mickey is back with new single ‘Heartstrings’, featuring the vocals of Canadian Jeremy Glenn. Vibes-a-plenty on this one, preview the whole EP here. Jimmy’s soulful vocals have been relentlessly thrown about HD HQ recently, he featured on Mario Basanov’s groove-filled ‘More For The Less’. Have a peak at the vid:


Alok & Icy Sasaki – Snoop Sings

Brazilian duo Alok & Icy Sasaki’s ‘Snoop Sings’ is not brand new, and it’s not the most revolutionary piece of music you’ll hear this week, but it’s an awful lot of fun. If you’re suffering this Monday, pop it on and your world will become a slightly better place (for eight minutes, at least).

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