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Daughter – Youth (Lane 8 Remix)

More goodness from HD favourite Lane 8, this. It’s a little more subdued than some of his previous outings and, as the man himself said when lobbing this tune in our direction this week, “It’s not a song anyone is going to be playing out in the nightclub.” There are other places to enjoy music, though. We don’t have the time or space to list them all here, but many are suitable for this slow-burning Daughter remix – which boasts moody disco sonics and a swirling intensity.

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Lane 8 – So Much

Regular visitors to these pages (hi there) will know that we are big, big fans of Lane 8. So you can imagine our delight when we received ‘So Much’ from him this week, along with a bit of context.

He was doing a remix for Snowden last year, and was “blown away” by the vocal on their single ‘Keep Quiet’. So he decided (in the words of the man himself) “to timestretch Jordan’s haunting vocal line “is it so much me to ask?” so that it sounded almost like a girl singing the part.”

The end result is a melodic, end-of-the-night slow-burner that’s very easy on the ear (and free to download above).

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