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Logo – Cardiocleptomania (LPZ Remix)

Real toe-tapper this – LPZ have remixed Parisian duo Logo’s new tune ‘Cardiocleptomania’ to provide a deep house track with an infectious slow build. The original’s out on Kitsuné on March 25th but this one’s yours for free if you click right here. Enjoy.

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Crayon & Pyramid – So Far Gone EP

This takes us back. We’ve mentioned before how Pyramid‘s brand of French electro reminds us of the heady days of Ed Banger dancefloor domination in 2006. Well, now he’s teamed up with another purveyor of excellent remixesCrayon (who seems to have dropped the definite article), to produce an EP packed with light, disco-inspired electro. ‘Wolf’ is a particular highlight: a squelchy banger which ends up featuring some rather improbable axework. It’s all great fun, and the EP is out on another huge player from those golden days, the excellent Kitsuné Records.

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Peter & The Magician: Memory (NSFW Remix & Le Crayon Remix)

Everyone’s favourite superact Peter & The Magician have a new single out. For those of you who don’t know, one half of Peter & The Magician is the mighty Yuksek. Christened Pierre Alexandre Busson he’s the Peter half. Stephane Fassano plays the part of The Magician. The latter used to be one half of Aeroplane and has some incredible mixtapes to his name (24 by our reckoning…) and Yuksek…well, if you haven’t already, we suggest you give any of his records a spin – or, better still, see him live. What. A lot. Of fun.

The new Peter & The Magician single ‘Memory’ is as good as you’d expect; it’s a stirring piece of enchanting D.I.S.C.O. What’s really fantastic though is that they’re releasing this on a Remixes EP. Of the four on offer, here are our two favourites.

In the red corner, Dutch producer NSFW:

And in the blue corner, French House aficionado Le Crayon:

Both provide quite the punchy re-work but what do you think? Do you prefer the tropical vibes NFSW serves up or Le Crayon’s funkier version? Let us know on any number of social networking sites. For now, we’ll gladly take the (un)comfortable position of sitting on the fence and leave the decisions à vous (as Stephane and Alexandre might, would probably wouldn’t, say).

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Adamski – I Like It (ATTAR! Remix)

You enjoyed the sun this weekend… It’s usually sunny in continental Europe… Therefore you’ll love this summery Euro-house banger!

Jerry Bouthier, A&R man for legendary Parisian electro label Kitsuné and DJ/Producer in his own right, has selflessly made the move across the channel to bring the best and brightest of the electro world to London via his digital label, Continental Records. Coming out on 28th May is the latest of these happy-go-lucky imports, a six-track EP from Adamski. We particularly like the remix of ‘I Like It’ by Brussels producer and Mustang member Renaud Deru, whose mum calls him ATTAR!.

See what you think and let us know which tunes kept you entertained this weekend (especially those heard best through a tinny iPod dock in the park). Stay tuned for Human Drizzle news later this week…

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