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Premiere – Fono – Feet On The Ground (Franc Moody Remix)

We’ve been waxing lyrical about Franc Moody for a while now, so it’s particularly exciting to say we’ve got the first play of their brand spanking new remix. It’s a dose of feel-good, hazy tones perfect for this closing chapter of summer we’ve found ourselves hastily flipping through:

For more on the London based group, we’d highly recommend checking their SoundCloud for a healthy serving of cosmic disco goodness akin to the likes of Todd Terje, Eli Escobar and Lindstrom. From their recent EP, ‘T’s and C’s’ hit the shelves courtesy of Juicebox Recordings back in June:

And as for ‘Feet On The Ground’ above, we look no further than another member of the Juicebox fam – Fono. Filed next to Duke Dumont, Karma Kid and NVOY, the Brighton producer is forging a solid rep for his forward thinking take on house music.

It’s taken from his forthcoming ‘Kinetic’ EP which features everything from the smooth and dreamy tones of ‘E^ST’ to the catchy hi-hats and heavy bass of ‘Levitate’. With its bouncy synth chords and stand-out vocal, ‘Feet On The Ground’ finds that perfect balance of dancefloor fodder and pop sensibilities.

Hit written all over this one:




Franc Moody

If you like you’re disco cosmic, and your tunes instrumental, let us point you in the direction of new kids on the block, Franc Moody. We don’t know much about the London-based duo, but over the last few months they’ve unveiled three quirky numbers with ‘T’s & C’s’ particularly catching our attention:

With a backdrop of bouncy chords and spiralling synths, FM’s tunes involve a cocktail of sounds that lend themselves to the more idiosyncratic side of Lindstrom or Todd Terje. Have a peak at the video for the funk-fuelled ‘Yuri’, where you can see Mr Shapes throwing what he throws best outside London Bridge station:

Aaaand the most recent offering from Franc Moody comes in the form of ‘Beat In My Head’, a more reflective, psychedelic disco ditty. Yes, a disco ditty, and a psychedelic one at that.

All three tracks are to appear on a forthcoming EP, dropping at some point this summer. Watch this space…


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