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Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel (UNKLE Reconstruction)

It seems unlikely that very-inoffensive-but-actually-rather-good balladeers Bombay Bicycle Club would have come to mind when UNKLE were pondering their next move. But thank goodness they did. This ‘reconstruction’ (no less) of BBC’s ‘Feel’ is only the second official remix from James Lavelle’s sonic pioneers in the last four years, and it’s a really lovely piece of music.

Trading the original‘s jaunty countenance for an altogether more epic mood, this brilliantly-layered rework develops into a hands-in-the-air stomper that evokes another 90s throwback, Andrew Weatherall’s excellent remix of Moby’s ‘Another Perfect Life’ from last year. And it’s brilliant.

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Maya Jane Coles – Lost in the City

‘Lost in the City’ has been around in various forms for some time, but it is now available on the deluxe edition of Maya Jane Coles’s ‘Comfort’ album and it appeared on her Soundcloud page yesterday. It’s a typically atmospheric number, with an insistent low-fi guitar riff and all sorts of moody effects and echoey vocals. It’s good.

If you’re a discerning festival-goer, you might catch MJC at the niche end of the circuit this summer: she plays Roskilde, Opene’er and Balaton Sound Festivals, amongst others. Or if you’re feeling less adventurous (but just as rich), you can see her at Glastonbury next month.

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Friendly Fires & The Asphodells – Before Your Eyes

Interesting one, this. ‘Before Your Eyes’ is (half) the result of a collaboration between Friendly Fires, Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay (aka The Asphodells). It forms a double A-side, with ‘Velo’ and it’s rather lovely. 

As outlined in the somewhat florid bumph accompanying the track, which marks the Friendly Fires’ first foray onto Soundcloud, ‘Before Your Eyes’ came about following a meeting in an east London pub where all parties agreed to “produce music that came from a place outside of their respective usual musical styles – a loose, open-ended process embarked upon for the pure joy of experimentation and collaboration rather than a specific end goal.”

Whatever the motivation behind said process, it’s been a fruitful one so far. ‘Before Your Eyes’ is eight minutes of woozy guitar lines, lethargic vocals and scattered handclaps – and it sounds to us like the perfect soundtrack to the business end of a very big night. You’ll be needing one of those with the summer approaching, so why not snap up a signed 12-inch copy here?

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Ben Remember – Moving Harts EP

Big week for Panda. Not content with headlining 2014’s inaugural Human Drizzle Presents at Dalston’s Bar 512 on Friday night, they have set the wheels in motion for their brand new label, Bambusa Records. Bambusa’s debut release will be an EP from Bristolian DJ/producer, Ben Remember, and two tunes from said EP have appeared on Soundcloud.

Lead track ‘Moving Harts’ is lovely and warm: with of-the-moment warped vocals, busy percussion and a sumptuous drop on four minutes. Meanwhile ‘Feel New’ boasts the kind of hoedown vocal that Avicii would take great pleasure in ramming into your head until you want to commit very complicated suicide with the nearest pair of glow sticks – but thankfully Ben Remember treats it rather more carefully, and the result is a charming piece of measured house music.

Remember the name, indeed.

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Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth

‘Cut Your Teeth’ is Kyla La Grange’s first new release for almost a year, and it feels like a bit of a departure for the British songwriter. Many moons ago we were rather taken with her grandiose love song, ‘Walk Through Walls’. The track appeared on album ‘Ashes’ last summer alongside lots of other big guitar arrangements, but ‘Cut Your Teeth’ is an altogether more pared-down, electronic affair. All yearning vocals and sonic squelchiness, it calls to mind CHVRCHES, Haim and any number of Scandi-pop acts – and it’s a delightfully understated piece of music.

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Chris Malinchak – Call My Name

New material from Chris Malinchak, anyone? It’s the first we’ve heard from the New Yorker since ‘So Into You’ three months ago, and ‘Call My Name’ is a compelling little number – featuring the kind of chord progression that made Malinchak’s name: alongside insistent vocal loops, low key percussion, and a great little drop at 4:55. All in all it’s far moodier and deeper than some of his distinctly sunny previous work but, as the nights draw in and the winds pick up, perhaps this is just what’s required for the winter. It’s certainly great to hear from the man.

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Disclosure – Apollo

Just four months on from releasing their debut album, Disclosure are back with ‘Apollo’. It would be no surprise if that album, ‘Settle’, were to win the now-sponsored Barclaycard Mercury Prize on Wednesday night. ‘Apollo’ is more restrained and less pop than much of the album, instead foregrounding the deeper, darker sides of the duo’s arsenal.

Echoey vocals and uncompromising beats recall some of their (slightly) earlier work, and all in all it’s no singalong. It is effective dancefloor fodder though, and it will be interesting to see what direction the still-impossibly-young pair take next.


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Dems – Canvas World (feat. Claudie)

Last week was a bad time to go away if you’re a Dems fan. Whilst we’re amongst the first to admit that it would be inconvenient to plan your holidays around the release schedules of your favourite artists, we did feel particularly peeved to miss not one but two Dems tracks as we popped to Unknown recently. They’re like London buses, but much warmer and more enjoyable.

First up was their cover of ‘Toca’s Miracle’. It is our firm belief that Fragma don’t get enough coverage these days. You’ll be pleased to hear that the German dance ensemble are still going strong, and we have Dems to thank for the excuse to resurface to their version of this track. But the Dems boys choose to eschew 1990s silliness in favour of their trademark intricate percussion, measured guitar lines and falsetto melodies, and it’s probably for the best. The result is a charmingly atmospheric and eminently likeable piece of pop music. Check out the pared-down video below.

Hot on the heels of ‘Toca’s Miracle’ comes their new single, ‘Canvas World’. Guest singer Claudie adds a degree of lushness to proceedings, and the layered vocal tracks mingle with all manner of production chicanery to create an intoxicating blend. ‘Canvas World’ has a lovely balance and poise, and you’d frankly have to be dead inside not to enjoy it. You’re not dead inside, are you? Well then, go ahead and enjoy it.

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Crayon Feat. KLP – Give You Up (Darius Remix)

The French excel at many things. To avoid accusations of lazy stereotyping, we won’t go into these things now, but one of them is undoubtedly making music to dance to in the sun. This all-French affair is further evidence of this, with Bordeaux resident Darius remixing Parisian Le Crayon‘s ‘Give You Up’.

The track forms part of an EP which is an early release on Yuksek‘s new label Partyfine – and the man himself has also remixed it. But while Yuksek’s version contains his trademark driving percussion, Darius has stripped things back and taken it very easy. The slow tempo, lush vocal and laid back bassline make this one for long summer’s evenings. Not many of them left for those of you in Britain, so best get it on sharpish.

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Rhye – The Fall (Little Dragon On Rhye)

Los Angeles duo Rhye are record-holders at Human Drizzle. No fewer than three different remixes of their lovely single, ‘Open’, appeared on these pages earlier this year – the most of any track ever. No doubt spurred on by this prestigious accolade, they’re back with ‘The Fall’, featuring Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano on vocals. People got very excited when Gilles Peterson played this ‘Little Dragon on Rhye’ version of the track on his 6music show recently, and with good reason. How different it is from the original version which has been knocking about for 8 months now becomes something of a moot point once you start enjoying its frankly charming strings section. Lovely stuff.

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