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Future Disco Presents: All Day Dancing

As tasters go, this is a nice little morsel:

Looking back over 2014 thus far, Future Disco pull together seventy minutes of, dare we say it, Human Drizzle House. They’ve agreed with us on, amongst others, Ten Walls and Few Nolder, and we’re in lockstep with their other choices.

They’ve taken inspiration from outdoor parties the world over and anywhere that plays this set can expect us in the queue.

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Future Disco with Benoit & Sergio and Juan Maclean @ Corsica Studios, 01.06.14

This Saturday Future Disco return to Corsica Studios for something of a DFA-fest. The label’s Juan Maclean provides support for DC-based duo, Benoit & Sergio. Further back-up comes in the form of The Mekanism and FD head honcho, Sean Brosnan – but the main draws are likely to be Benoit & Sergio’s dreamy floor-fillers (such as ‘New Ships’ below) and Juan Maclean’s slightly harder-edged house grooves. Future Disco have been kind enough to lob a pair of tickets our way: go here to win them, or here to buy some.

Future Disco

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