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Slava – Werk

Werk it baby.

However weird it felt typing that, it’s worth it to introduce a dizzy but enjoyable new track from Chicago’s Slava. ‘Werk’ (not to be confused with ‘Twerk’ – defiantly NSFW) is the first release from his imminent LP, ‘Raw Solutions’, already being touted by FACT as one of their faves of the year so far. It’s footwork gone a little mad, with a refreshing house breakdown halfway through.

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Four Tet – The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room

We did kinda post this track because of the ingenious song title, but in doing so it does allow scope for a few nods. Firstly, and quite obviously, the excellent Resident Advisor Mix Joy Orbison did back in October Twenty Twelve:

Secondly, you guessed it, Daphni aka Caribou played it in his Boiler Room set last year too. Now if you’re a fan of the above Four Tet track, you NEED Daphni’s fantastically infectious Jiaolong LP in your life. Here are our two choice cuts from it, enjoy.

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Sticky – Pedal Riddim

Beat-making grandee Sticky (aka Bill Tune, Forbsey, Fyrus, Mista Forbes, Richard Forbes – the man loves an alias) has migrated to a new label, Big Dada, and his first single for them has hit the web. More of a Julio B house stomper than you’d expect from a man with such UKG credentials, it fits in seamlessly with the current crop of feet-tapping, riff-based four-to-the-floor. Needless to say, it’s quality.

It’s also got a great, literal vid. Anything with odds-on BBC Sports Personality of the Year favourite Bradley Wiggins is alright with us:

Just before you go, check out Forbsey on more familiar territory with his classic, ‘Triplets’:

As FACT put it recently, “Richard ‘Sticky’ Forbes has forgotten more dancefloor classics than most artists have released.” Quite.

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Filthy French – Late Night Cruising

Regular visitors to these pages will be well aware of our growing excitement about Saturday 13th October, so we won’t bore you with it again (but do buy a ticket).

However, we are delighted to have Parisian duo Filthy French on the bill. They have been making waves with an eclectic set of mixes over the past month or so, and their most recent – the aptly-named Late Night Cruising – is a delight.

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Notting Hill Carnival 2012

It’s August Bank Holiday, and that means only one thing for most Londoners (and it’s not Creamfields, or Reading Festival). The behemoth that is Notting Hill Carnival rolls into west London on Sunday and, to celebrate this fact, we have decided to share some Carnival-themed tunes with you.

Firstly this from Italian duo NiCe7. ‘Back To 90’ is a slightly baffling tune, in that most of their other output (including the rest of their recent ‘Back to Basics’ EP) is pretty serious tech-house. This track, by contrast, is a lovely bit of 90s garage-y house – complete with wailing female vocals, Robin S chord progressions, and comedy crash cymbals. It’s genius.

Carnival also seems like a good excuse to post some dancehall, so here is a not-that-new-and-really-quite-random-but-frankly-amazing mix from Austrian (yes, Austrian) outfit, G Spot Sound. It’s awesome.

And finally, for those lucky enough to have tickets to Red Bull’s Carnival party on Monday (free food! free booze!), here is Major Lazer’s new video for ‘Get Free’. The original video was good but this one is great.

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Night Panther – Fever

Well now, this is a lot of fun. Hailing from Pennsylvania this is the second single from the wonderfully named and, judging by this artwork,  fantastically dressed, Night Panther. They’re a duo who are causing quite the ripple online with their homemade genre, ‘sex pop’.

‘Fever’ is catchy and beautifully flamboyant, the falsetto vocals and sexy lyrics adding to the allure. Arousing.

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Metske – Spin States

Now for something completely different. Metske is Owen Hackett, a Nottingham-based producer who also releases music under the name of Metaphi. The sound is not entirely divorced from the otherworldly sonics emanating from Rustie and his Glaswegian comrades, but it is pretty striking nonetheless.

After three minutes of fairly unsettling squeaks and bleeps, a squelchy hip hop beat arrives and lends ‘Spin States’ an intoxicating swagger that really smacks you in the chops. When combined with these retro video game visuals (courtesy of of Lewis Hackett / Prefix Studios), you’ve got something a bit special.

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Blood Diamonds (Feat. Grimes) – Phone Sex

The Last we heard of Blood Diamonds, aka Mike Diamond, was when we fell head over heels with his top summer hit ‘Heart’ last year. It turns out the electro-pop producer from Vancouver that soundtracked our 2011 summer is actually quite pally with Clare Boucher, aka Grimes.

As you will know, Grimes is the girl of the moment. Not only has her album been on repeat at HD HQ for some time now, she’s been causing a right old storm with her live performances (if you’re in London and braving Field Day this weekend, GO SEE HER).

It turns out that these two fine people have wanted to make a record for a while. The magic’s finally happened and they’ve penned their first tune, ‘Phone Sex’. The blogosphere has practically imploded over this. And rightly so: it’s brilliant.

Supposedly they wrote it “after a sleepless night in Mike’s room, sipping gin and reading Nabokov over the holidays in Vancouver,” and that it’s their “ultimate pop fantasy brought to life”, which we can just about handle. What we can’t get over is the fact that 2 weeks after writing it they performed it at a gig wearing LED glasses whilst projecting the PS2 game ‘Rez’ onto a mis-en-scene of Twin Peaks…if only we’d known.

Have a listen for yourself. It’s a pop explosion with fantastic lyrics that we hope you’re going to hear a lot more of this summer. This should go to number one.  It won’t, but it should.

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Baio – Sunburn Modern

It’s become a regular occurrence to hear of side projects from the busy bees that make up Vampire Weekend. We were huge fans of the electro pop that the brilliantly-named keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij created with kind-of-supergroup Discovery. Front man Ezra Koenig (again great work from the parents) has helped out many a musical pal. He has played saxophone for The Dirty Projectors, has apparently worked as an intern for The Walkmen, and provided vocals for The Very Best’s top hit ‘The Warm Heart Of Africa’.

Now it’s time for bassist Chris Baio to step forward. Straying not too far away from some of the more West African-influenced tracks penned during his day job, ‘Baio’, as he’s calling himself, has brought out an EP that might just be the perfect ‘start of the summer’ listen. The highlight for us, ‘Sunburn Modern’, is unbelievably tropical. It’s got bongos, it’s got steel drums, it’s even got a little bit of xylophone. He’s injected the tune with a catchy looped vocal and it’s all centred around an infectious bassline.

The ‘Sunburn EP’ is out now on Greco-Roman, home to HD favs such as Joe Goddard and T.E.E.D. It’s a sun-kissed, Balearic gem – and you probably need it in your life.

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Analog People In A Digital People – Rose Rouge 2012 (Tocadisco Remix)

It’s Friday and, after a string of subtle tunes on HD, we feel it’s time for a blow out to get you ready for the weekend. Turin-based Analog People In A Digital World (APDW to their friends) have been making jazz-infused house for a couple of years now, with last year’s reworking of St Germain’s ‘Rose Rouge’ getting a lot of attention across Europe’s hip discotheques. Now ‘dance’ legend Tocadisco has produced a remix of the remix, and it’s really very good (if a little silly). We suggest you turn it up very loud indeed and get ready for the weekend. We continue…

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