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Jacques Greene – FACT Mix 467 (Oct ’14)

What a treat of a Monday morning.

Ahead of his performance on Friday at London’s Roundhouse (where HD will be hugging the barriers down the front), all-time HD fave Jacques Greene has pulled together a FACT mix to start your week off on the right foot. Together with some J Greene unreleased stuff, there’s also a cracking Evian ‘Trance Lord’ Christ track to watch out for.

It kicks off with a graduation speech given by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs at Howard University, that’s all you need to know really.

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Frank & Tony – You EP

Deep house at its deepest, Frank & Tony’s ‘You’ EP is a cracking listen. Each track is a real journey, reminiscent of when you first listen to all 15 minutes of Pachanga Boys. The drums float in and out, making for a wistful listen, especially when the smoky voice of Danish Gry shines in ‘Bring the Sun’. They carefully avoid slipping into the genre of ‘hotel lobby’, pulling you back into a head-nodding trance with ethereal vocals or a revived bassline.

The full-length is being premiered over at FACT and it’s worth setting aside 25 minutes for. Some clips here to whet the appetite:

Released only on vinyl, get a copy here. Or better yet, wait for the other two EPs to be released and buy what looks set to be a fantastic full-length, out on November 21st.

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Claude Speeed – Prove You Exist

So, you know how we wuz luvin’ that Claude Speeed track about a month or so back? Well, there’s more. A whole album more.

To mark its release, he’s done a couple of things. First, he’s put out a trippy vid for the final track of the album, ‘Prove You Exist’. Described as the monumental crescendo of his debut album, it’s more soundscape than bangin’ house track, moving more towards the modern classical influences he regularly cites:

Along the same lines is the LuckyMe man’s FACT mix, a hypnotic 90 minutes of forward-looking electronica:

As one established music critic of some renown said, Claude’s output is “a symphony for festival down-time”.

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Purity Ring – Amenamy (Jon Hopkins Remix)

Two of the poppier acts putting out electronica have come together here, for your aural enjoyment.

Serial collaborator and heir to Eno’s throne Jon Hopkins has worked his magic on Canadian duo Purity Ring’s ‘Shine’, with beautiful results. Listen to it, it’ll make you feel good:

Both collaborators have been on the mixes too recently, with Purity Ring stepping into the Boiler Room in Montreal (with D’Eon and Grown Folk – massive) and Jon Hopkins helming June’s FACT mix. They’re both excellent, espesh Jon’s, and worth a slice of your morning. The FACT mix can be found here and t’other is below:

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AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (S-Type Remix)

Synths and snare drums. S-Type knows his way round both of ’em and they’re both on display in his new rework of AlunaGeorge’s ‘Attracting Flies’:

Remix is out today on download, if you so fancy. Why not give yourself some context by watching this FACT TV short about the Glaswegian producer?

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Tuesday Born – Wake

Tuesday Born, or Gabriel Benn when not spinning dem plates, has done something really lovely here.

‘Wake’ is the latest single from his debut EP, ‘Singing in the Dark’, and has been premiered on FACT with two remixes from noms du jour (thank you, French A-Level) Two Inch Punch and Pále. Both of them do their thing and tinker around the edges but it’s the quality, percussive electronica foundations that shine through. We like the original the best, so there.

Stream the rest of the EP here.

It’s so good we’ll forgive the fact that Gabriel got his DJ moniker from a Ghanaian naming tradition having spent six months there recently… You don’t even need to take our word for it (the EP, that is: you do have to take our word for it on the naming tradition), Justin Martin called it “Very Beautiful inspiring stuff” and Maya Jane Coles declared it a “Fantastic EP!”. We’re with them on this one.

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Everyone – No Time To Waste

Do you like music that could be described as ‘techno primitivism’, ‘trans-gender dance’ and ‘mutant disco’? Then ‘Crowdspacer’, a new vinyl-only label from French electro-experimenter Joakim, is for you!

To celebrate the label’s launch he’s clubbed together with HD regulars Kindness and Jam City (under his Vincent L’Traques moniker) to form, in FACT’s words, “leftfield dance music’s pre-eminent supergroup”. Their debut is called ‘No Time To Waste’ and it’s an enjoyable classic house track that sounds nothing like the sum of its creative parts. Fair enough.

For some accompanying visual reminiscing (if you’re well old), here’s the accompanying footage sent out with the ‘Crowdspacer’ manifesto…

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∆ ∆ – You

Don’t be confused, we haven’t just accidentally double tapped when trying to write about all-conquering indie kids Alt-J. ∆ ∆ is an entirely separate Greek producer putting out quirky house music on Fourth Wave, and he has no time for your phonetics.

‘You’ is his latest output and it’s a sharp and ever-so-slightly odd house cut. If you’re bored, try and name all the sonic references in there, to start you off FACT picked out NY garage and New Jack Swing… We don’t even really know what those are. Enjoy:

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FACT Advent Giveaway

Those of you who are all up with us on twitter (good choice) will know that we’ve been championing WotNot Music’s advent giveaway, and here’s another countdown to get crunk with.
Those cool cats over at FACT are giving away free downloads from their fave people of 2012, who just happen to be our faves too! They kicked things off with a stormer from MotM Ryan Hemsworth, remixing our very own Craig David:
Here are the next two, an esoteric mash-up from statesiders Nguzunguzu and a cut from odd couple The Orb and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry:
LuckyMe are also doing a similar thing over the last 12 days, but we’ll probably give that a miss. NOT.
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Rudimental – Not Giving In (Huxley remix)

Some fun on fun action for you this morning. Tring house supremo Huxley has done his thing on DnB troupe Rudimental‘s latest offering, ‘Not Giving In‘. It’s a fairly straight up and down house pick-me-up, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If anything, Huxley softens out the poppier edges of the Hackney quartet:

Huxley’s rework here comes hot on the heels of FACT’s premiere of his next single, ‘No Matter What’, due for release through Tsuba on November 20th:

We think both are GOOD SONGS.

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