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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, October 2015

This month’s playlist feels very seasonal, very autumn-winter collection. If this were our English GCSE coursework we might even crowbar in a misuse of ‘pathetic fallacy’.

Whatever. There’s some dreamy, horizon-expanding electronica from Thrupence on there, guiding you through a classic Lindstrøm disco remix to the basement sounds of Bicep and George Fitz.

Bumpf over, give it a listen…

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“Made this on a plane end of last year… not sure what I was thinking or why it exists.”

So says Kieran Hebden of this dancefloor-ready track he released to the masses yesterday. Lots of vocals (listen out for Ellie Goulding and Cheryl Cole), a pulsing bassline and crisp syncopated beats make it worthy of its place in Four Tet’s armoury.

Just enjoy it.

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Jamie xx – Loud Places (John Talabot’s Loud Synths Reconstruction)

If there is such a thing as a banker of a remix, it’s John Talabot on Jamie xx:

JT’s “Loud Synths Reconstruction” of ‘Loud Places’ is coming out on a Young Turks 12” soon and it’ll sit nicely alongside your copy (we know you’ve got one) of ‘In Colour’.

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Jamie xx – Loud Places ft Romy

The news of Jamie xx’s first solo album prompted a profound excitement here at HD. There are few artists out there who can mesmerise you with the moody pop of the XX on the walk home then have you cutting a rug later to pretty much anything from grime to hardcore (Proof = here).

‘Loud Places’ is the latest single to be aired off his new album ‘In Colour’ due out on Young Turks June 1st. Here he finds a beautiful middle ground, using his production talent to showcase all sides of Romy’s voice from the melancholic to the euphoric. The attention to detail on production is noticable, first letting Romy’s distinctive voice do the work alongside a sparse bass drum before throwing everything from handclaps to vocal loops together towards the end. All in all, it’s a triumph, and an exciting prospect for the summer months.

The album tracklist includes some old friends in Romy and Oliver Sim, alongside the more unexpected faces of Jamaican Dancehall legend Popcaan and eccentric Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Here’s hoping for an all-star album tour over the summer.

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Palmbomen II – Palmbomen II

“Somewhere between drugged and extremely hungover” is how Pitchfork describe Palmbomen II’s self-titled album, just released on Tim Sweeney’s podcast turned label Beats in Space Records. It’s pretty much spot on:

Palmbomen II is the second such alias of Holland-born producer Kai Hugo, this one said to embody the hermetical nature of the recording process, all done in his mother’s attic. All the tracks are named after bit-part X-Files characters too so you can imagine the vibe he was on. All that’s just bumpf though, the tunes are high quality low-fi electronica and well worth a listen.

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Garden City Movement – When We Had It Easy

After a long night carousing in honour of hitting 2000 twitter followers*, this is just what HDHQ needed today:

‘When We Had It Easy’, the new single from Tel Aviv electronic trio Garden City Movement, picks up where we last found them, fusing glitch electronica with some serious pop melodies. It’s delightfully atmospheric and whets the appetite nicely for next month’s ‘Modern West EP.

*Not really, we’re saving the champaegerbombs for when we hit 10k.

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FKA Biggie

For Danger Mouse, read Terry Urban, for The Grey Album, read FKA Biggie. The second mash-up album in your collection has just arrived:

On the eighteenth anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s death, DJ and artist Terry Urban dropped this seamless integration of Biggie’s flow into the Twigs album and, surprise surprise, it works. You can download it on the boy’s Instagram and you won’t regret it. It’s worth it for ‘Two Weeks In Cali’ alone.

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Sad City – Scyphozoa

Sad City (aka Glasgow-based Northern Irishman Gary Caruth) has teamed up with Phonica Records’ Special Editions for a new EP, ‘Introduction to Lisboa/Sloe’. Produced in Lisbon using a mixture of field recordings taken in and around the city, alongside Sad City’s deft electronica, the result is a melancholic journey.

Following up on the tremendous ‘You Will Soon Find That Life Is Wonderful’ from last year, ‘Introduction to Lisboa/Sloe’ brings the listener into a similarly ethereal world across six tracks.

Our favourite of those six tracks is ‘Scyphozoa’ – eight shimmering minutes of broken piano and synths over a building bass line.

This is out now on vinyl via Phonica Records.


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Bonobo – Flashlight

Great news everyone. After two years of solid touring with his incredible LP ‘North Border’, Bonobo is back in the studio doing his thing. ‘Flashlight’ gives you a bit of extra bounce in your step, with a lush selection of warm guitars and airy synths, backed up by garage-infused drum rhythms. No one does ‘instrumental’ quite like Simon Green, and this track is just as compelling as classics such as ‘Cirrus’ and ‘Les Labas’. Check it out

Green returns to long-time label mates Ninja Tune for the EP, due out on December 1st.  Put it in your diaries.

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Oceaán – Grip

Like your electronic music full of glitches, ethereal build-ups and minimal break-downs? Looking for a new favourite artist? No worries, HD has you sorted. Manchester-based producer Oceaán is a star on the rise, having caught the eye of Radio 1 big dogs Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart and guest resident SOHN.

His latest release ‘Grip’, premiered on SOHN’s show a few weeks back and comparisons abound to James Blake. Once you get into his only EP released so far, it’s not hard to see why. A choirboy from an early age, it’s his soulful vocals that bind the music together and will no doubt be a powerful presence in his new live show.

Oceaán is signed to Chess Club Records, forming part of a seriously talented family including Swim Deep and . He is currently touring Europe with his new live show, but he promises us he’ll be back in the UK soon. File this under ‘one-to-watch’.

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