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Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Real Nice’s Big Bush Edit)

It’s two weeks until Human Drizzle Presents crashes into your lives again and here’s the tastiest of tasters to get the juices flowing:

Headliners Real Nice have pulled together a ‘Big Bush’ edit of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ and it’ll get the legs pumping. It shows off the eclecticism we’re looking forward to hearing more of on the 25th, with a weighty dancefloor spirit to boot.

The best bit? They’ve made it available ALL FOR FREE in anticipation of our journey to Bar A Bar. Basically, it’d be rude not to download it and even ruder not to pick up a ticket for Spring’s breakout party.

HD_March2015_flyer_digital_v2 (1)

See you and Real Nice down the front.

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Cyril Hahn – Getting There

Get some Cyril back in your life with this new one from PMR‘s Swiss smooth grooves specialist:

As on his previous delights, Cyril moulds and massages a vocal house base track into a drawn-out, almost tantric six minutes. It’s nothing drastically different from ‘Perfect Form‘ or its predecessors, but who cares?

Oh, and it’s free to download here. Cheers.

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Kallisti – Michael Douglas

As part of his quest to have a decent stab at every type of dance music, d’Eon has now lobbed out a rave-ready sampler from his new project as Kallisti.

‘Michael Douglas’ is straight out of the old hardcore playbook, with skittering beats and euphoric synths. It’s out as part of the ‘Arc of Fire’ release on November 19th on vinyl only via UNO NYC’s white label imprint NORELATION, although those of us with only computers to play music on can download this lead cut here.

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Shlohmo – Bo Peep (Do U Right) ft. Jeremih

Whilst we’re fairly ambivalent about the rights/wrongs/ETHICS of brand-sponsored hook-ups, they sure do produce some cracking tunes. This one between Shlohmo and Jeremih (courtesy of Adidas’s Songs From Scratch series) is no exception.

SURPRISE, they built a song from scratch together and ‘Bo Peep (Do U Right)’ is the end result:

Adidas’s marketing people must have got the idea from Shlohmo’s excellent remix of ‘Fuck You All The Time’ and both tunes capture the synergy between the Wedidit producer’s low-end, buzzy beats and Jeremih’s sweet but not saccharine vocal talents.

They’re both free to download. Well done to all involved.

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Justin Timberlake Remixes

What’s the best thing about Justin Timberlake? This picture? Senorita? Both good guesses, but it’s the remixes of his new album!

First up, remix wizard and top music journo Ben Gomori alerted us to his latest effort, reworking ‘Let The Groove Get In’, and it’s another winner. Maybe not quite scaling the heights of last year’s award-winning seven and a half minutes, but it’s pretty close. As groovy as Tuesday gets:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, your boy Four Tet has also turned his attention to JT, with melodic results. He brings out the best of the vocals in ‘Suit and Tie’ by paring things down to percussion and a distorted loop.

And finally, our favourite Welsh duo Bodhi (and that covers ALL welsh twosomes) have had a crack at ‘Love Sex Magic’ (not strictly off the new album but allow, yeah) and it’s the house stomper you’d imagine:

Bodhi and Ben G’s are both free to download and we can think of no good reason why you wouldn’t. Do it in the name of JT’s double denim.

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