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Ten Walls – Sparta & Blue Orphan

Ten Walls is back, and he’s brought his tuba with him. After the brutality of November’s ‘Chains And Shackles’, the title track on new EP ‘Sparta’ reprises the grandiose brass that made ‘Walking With Elephants’ such a classic.

B-side ‘Blue Orphan’ explores similarly epic territory, and you can expect to hear a fair amount of both this summer. Compelling stuff from Lithuania’s finest.

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James Sison – Napier Lake EP

Bade Records have been making waves since they launched at the start of 2014, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down with their latest release, an EP from founder James Sison. Having played Human Drizzle Presents in Peckham last year, and produced an excellent mix for us as well, we’re more than familiar with the man’s work, and you should be too.

The word ‘atmospheric’ was meant for it, with both the EP’s original tracks feeling taut and anxious despite clocking in at a hefty eight minutes apiece. With sonorous horns and jittery percussion, the title track is a moody introvert of a tune that demands repeat listening. Lead track ‘Stolen’ is similarly tense, while also playing host to the vocal talents of Clover (aka Jessica Belgrave), who comes to the fore during a pretty intense breakdown just shy of the four minute mark.

It’s compelling stuff, and the EP is rounded off by a remix from Italian duo Speaking Minds that is no less uncompromising than the rest of it. You can listen to previews on Soundcloud here or buy the bastard on Beatport here.


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Frank & Tony – You EP

Deep house at its deepest, Frank & Tony’s ‘You’ EP is a cracking listen. Each track is a real journey, reminiscent of when you first listen to all 15 minutes of Pachanga Boys. The drums float in and out, making for a wistful listen, especially when the smoky voice of Danish Gry shines in ‘Bring the Sun’. They carefully avoid slipping into the genre of ‘hotel lobby’, pulling you back into a head-nodding trance with ethereal vocals or a revived bassline.

The full-length is being premiered over at FACT and it’s worth setting aside 25 minutes for. Some clips here to whet the appetite:

Released only on vinyl, get a copy here. Or better yet, wait for the other two EPs to be released and buy what looks set to be a fantastic full-length, out on November 21st.

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Baba Stiltz – Aches

Precocious talent alert.

Having put out some singles on Axel Boman’s Studio Barnhaus label, released a couple of folk-pop albums and produced for Sad Boy phenomenon Yung Lean, 21 year old Swedish producer Baba Stiltz decided it was time to put out an LP under his own name. Surprise surprise, it’s great. Mixmag premiered ‘Aches’, and Studio Barnhaus gave us ‘Reality Sparks’, both deep, ambient cuts with a spacey feel.

Basically, he’s bossing it and we should go along for the ride.

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Julio Bashmore – Simple Love Feat J’Danna

Bashmore’s back, and he’s coming into some form.

A taster from his debut album, now slated for release next February, ‘Simple Love’ is at the deeper end of JB’s work and is better for it. It builds on the strong recent EP from his Velour project with Hyetal. Which is below. For you.

More of this please.

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Huxley – Oil Spill

Gooooood morning! Wake up yeah?

Huxley’s back, and he’s got some exciting things lined up. Ahead of ‘The Machine’ EP on AUS in July he’s teased us with ‘Oil Spill’, a deep cut with some weighty basslines. And this EP is a taster in itself for his debut album in autumn. Such a tease!

If these releases are anything like ‘Oil Spill’, we’re up for them. As Soundcloud commentator ‘Jam Snax’ so eloquently puts it, “If only BP had released this after Deepwater Horizon; would have totally turned the public perception on oil spills”.

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When Bicep describe something as “super deep”, you know we’re going to be plumbing the depths…

‘Tunnels’ is the title track from Sisterhood’s upcoming Tief Music EP and they’ve cut Bicep loose to send this one spiralling down the hole. A hefty bassline kicks in halfway through, almost as a concession to the dancefloor.

Maybe wait until after lunch for this.

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TIEKS – The Number

This week Annie Mac’s Free Music Monday features ‘The Number’, an exclusive track from TIEKS (aka Mark Tieku). TIEKS has worked with Florence & The Machine and Duke Dumont, and had support from the likes of Eton Messy, Zoo Music and Atlantic Records.

‘Sing That Song’ established the tone of TIEKS’s solo work, and while ‘The Number’ swaps female vocals for spoken samples, it has the same emphasis on catchy riffs and real groove. The track contains a lovely drop at 01:18, and Mr Tieku repeats the trick several times after that, and all in all it’s a very nice little shuffler, thank you very much.

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Doc Daneeka – Treptow

Doc Daneeka’s ‘Walk On In’ was one of our favourites of last year, so you can imagine our excitement when ‘Treptow’ appeared on DD’s Soundcloud this afternoon. The single is out on Numbers on Monday 9th June, and it’s a little more challenging than its predecessor. The TenThousandYen plate-spinner shows real confidence in giving the listener essentially nothing but percussion for the first two minutes, before introducing some insistent keys and general atmospherics. Even then it’s sparse, moody stuff – but strangely compelling at the same time.

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Few Nolder – Chall

‘Chall’ by Few Nolder is the second release from Boso, the new(ish) label from Lithuanian producer and erstwhile bassonist Ten Walls. He set the label up with Needwant and Future Disco boss Sean Brosnan and, given that its first release was Ten Walls’s ubiquitous orchestral masterpiece ‘Walking with Elephants, expectations are high. Few Nolder (aka TW’s compatriot Linas Strockis) lives up to them, and ‘Chall’ is a delightfully moody piece of melodic techno. Long live Lithuania, basically.

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