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David August – J.B.Y.

David August is back.

It’s been two years since his last solo record, and ‘J.B.Y.’ is worth the wait. The new single, released today by Ninja Tune’s Counter Records, is as epic and melodic as the German producer’s previous work – but with more complexity. It’s a many-layered production, featuring a brilliant breakdown after the three-minute mark and a sense of brooding menace throughout.

The label say: “This isn’t house music, this isn’t the clubs, this isn’t the places August has been hitherto. ‘J.B.Y.’ resolves not with an explosive “moment” but with delicately beautiful Erased Tapes-esque piano introspection and the evocation of tape-hiss drenched ambience.”

It’s certainly a unique piece of music, and you’ll be able to enjoy it as part of his live show at London’s Koko in June. More here.


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High Heels Breaker – Come Easy feat Sarah Palin (David August Remix)

As is his wont, today David August caught our attention by uploading a new track to his Soundcloud page. A remix of ‘Come Easy’ by Switzerland’s High Heels Breaker, it’s a sparse little number which evokes (to our ears) the great Nicolas Jaar. It’s an atmospheric listen, with nervy synths and twitchy percussion – and it’s an impressive change of pace from the original. It’s also apparently a snippet of the full remix, but David has never been one for concision: it’s 04:34. Finally, it features Sarah Palin on vocals. That is Sarah Palin, the Zurich-based vocalist and songwriter – not the other one (although we’d be intrigued to see that collaboration next).

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