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Suzanne Kraft – Talk From Home

If anyone’s feeling a little fragile this morning, we highly you suggest you scout out the new LP from Suzanne Kraft released on Melody As Truth. Recorded over a few weeks last winter, ‘Talk From Home’ is a minimal and intimate affair. Having previously produced more upbeat releases on labels such as Running Back, this new album showcases his emotional depth, and his skills as a multi-instrumentalist. Loving the artwork for the release too.

We should point out at this stage Kraft’s a guy, real name Diego Herrera. Check out his work as Dude Energy for yet more aliases, his ‘testosterone-filled nocturnal emissions’ can be found on Tornado Wallace’s label, Animals Dancing.

‘Flatiron’ is without doubt our fave from his new album, tuck in below. Recent Boiler Room below that for something longer.

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