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SOHN @ Gorilla, Manchester

HD took a trip up North to catch SOHN play live last night at Manc underground venue Gorilla.  Amidst all the Warehouse Project-related chaos in Manchester during the winter months, Gorilla will play host to some of the most exciting talents in electronic music, including Dan Shake and Bondax, and it’s a venue well worth checking out.

Originally born in South London, Christopher Taylor a.k.a SOHN relocated to Vienna in 2012 and his music reflects perfectly the difference between the two cities. He pairs hectic soundscapes with lonely vocal stretches, not afraid to leave seemingly endless silences for the audience to wonder what’s to come. Melancholy is a consistent theme throughout, with his sorrowful vocals at the heart of the music, but it’s soulful too and songs like ‘Lights’ are borderline groovy.

This mix of tranquillity and chaos in his music translated amazingly into a live performance, not least because he shows himself to be an incredible musician. He began with more down-tempo numbers such as ‘Bloodflows’ and ‘Oscillate’ and, after a pause and a warning of what was to come, he ramped things up in the second half, belting out ‘The Wheel’ to the crowd’s delight. Backed by a stunning lights show, SOHN provided a visual and audio delight.

Sadly he’s now embarking on a three month world tour but after last night, could it be worth a trip to Brooklyn next month?

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Skream — Rollercoaster feat. Sam Frank

Hey guys, you know Skream is into disco these days? Yes, says everyone, everywhere.

All we can say is, thank god he’s good at it:

‘Rollercoaster’, featuring longtime Skream collaborator Sam Frank, is a sumptuous example of the disco revival that’s coursing through dance music right now. It’s out October 28th but expect to hear it plenty before then.

Whilst we’re here, prolong that vibe with this Skreamix of inc.’s ‘5 Days’:

Did we mention Skream’s into disco now?

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SOHN – Bloodflows

Given that we’ve been listening to ‘The Wheel’, SOHN’s breakout hit from last year, preeeeetty much non-stop since it crossed our paths, it’s always a pleasure to hear about new tunes from the London (née Vienna) producer – and especially when they’re slow-build scene-setters like this one; ‘Bloodflows’ is out in June on 4AD and has a lovely video to go with it:

And, because you’ve been so good recently, here’s ‘The Wheel’ to enjoy. Again.

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Purity Ring – Belispeak II feat Danny Brown

Danny Brown, Hip Hop’s wandering troubadour, has thrown us another curveball with this latest collaboration, teaming up with dark-synth duo, Purity Ring. ‘Belispeak II’ is billed as the sequel to ‘Belispeak’, from Purity Ring’s recent album ‘Shrines’, but is essentially the same (intense, banging) tune jazzed up with a rough n ready, high energy Danny Brown verse.

Like DB’s contribution to a song you wouldn’t expect? Then I suggest you try this from purveyors of breakbeat, Evil Nine:

More? Mike Skinner’s new project The D.O.T, need a verse…

Found that a little light-hearted? Danny did, so he teamed up with South London’s grime oddball, Darq E Freaker:

As if that wasn’t enough, Danny says he features on the new Avalanches record. From UK to US to Oz, from grime to pop to breaks, Danny Brown’ll be there…

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Blood Diamonds (Feat. Grimes) – Phone Sex

The Last we heard of Blood Diamonds, aka Mike Diamond, was when we fell head over heels with his top summer hit ‘Heart’ last year. It turns out the electro-pop producer from Vancouver that soundtracked our 2011 summer is actually quite pally with Clare Boucher, aka Grimes.

As you will know, Grimes is the girl of the moment. Not only has her album been on repeat at HD HQ for some time now, she’s been causing a right old storm with her live performances (if you’re in London and braving Field Day this weekend, GO SEE HER).

It turns out that these two fine people have wanted to make a record for a while. The magic’s finally happened and they’ve penned their first tune, ‘Phone Sex’. The blogosphere has practically imploded over this. And rightly so: it’s brilliant.

Supposedly they wrote it “after a sleepless night in Mike’s room, sipping gin and reading Nabokov over the holidays in Vancouver,” and that it’s their “ultimate pop fantasy brought to life”, which we can just about handle. What we can’t get over is the fact that 2 weeks after writing it they performed it at a gig wearing LED glasses whilst projecting the PS2 game ‘Rez’ onto a mis-en-scene of Twin Peaks…if only we’d known.

Have a listen for yourself. It’s a pop explosion with fantastic lyrics that we hope you’re going to hear a lot more of this summer. This should go to number one.  It won’t, but it should.

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St. Vincent – Cruel

Whilst mulling over our tunes of the year, HD gave a re-listen to Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent)’s third studio album, ‘Strange Mercy’. Good decision. It’s chock-full of great tunes, running headlong through highs, lows and everything in between. The single ‘Cruel’ is the poppiest song on the album but it gives a taste of the offbeat, guitar and vocal style she’s making her own. It’s accompanied by the customary bonkers video, put together by Terri Timely who was at the helm for Modest Mouse’s ‘Invisible’, another favourite of ours.

‘Strange Mercy’ came out on 12th September on 4AD, home of Gang Gang Dance, Ariel Pink, Zomby and Bon Iver, and it feels like a good fit given St. Vincent’s diverse influences. She cut her teeth as part of numerous nutters Polyphonic Spree and has weaved her way through a spell with Sufjan Stevens, tours with Arcade Fire and Xiu Xiu, and an intriguing collaboration with Kid Cudi.

It’s a top ten album and one that you’ll listen to over and over. If her hot and cold vocals don’t get you, her noisy-but-nice guitar will.

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