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Javeon – Mercy

PMR Records’ Javeon McCarthy made his Human Drizzle debut in February 2012. ‘Lost Time’ is a memorably fraught piece of soulful bass music, and we enjoyed it very much indeed. Stardom seemed to beckon, but Mr McCarthy then disappeared – before returning last month with ‘Lovesong’. It’s a more straightforward record, and ‘Mercy’ is in a similar vein – both are disarmingly pop, albeit with the kind of squelchy kick drums and distorted vocal echoes so favoured by Julio Bashmore and Javeon’s other Bristolian label mates. We rather like it.

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Kowton – And What

Having listened to his recent collaboration with Julio Bashmore, ‘Mirror Song’, we now realise what Kowton’s role in it was. Sparse, skittering drums. Straight up and down. Hear for yourself:
In addition to those treats from JB’s recent EP of of the same reflective name, we’ve also been gorging on a couple of new cuts from Kowton’s Systems of Desire collaborator, Hyetal. Fellow Bristol-resident David Corney has put out a couple of tracks from his upcoming ‘Modern Worship’ album and they’re both worth a few minutes of your time:
All good stuff.
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Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn

‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ is Disclosure’s new single, and on June 3rd they will finally have an album, entitled ‘Settle’. In recent weeks there has been the beginnings of a backlash against Disclosure. Led (as are most things these days) by VICE’s consistently brilliant Clive Martin (if you don’t know him, remedy that sharpish), the suggestion is that they are (or are at least becoming) a little too polished, a little too marketable for their own good. As Martin puts it in his excellent piece on the imminent demise of the house revival, “we haven’t seen the Alice Deejay or DJ Otzi for this scene yet, but it can’t be far off, and they’ll probably either be Disclosure or sound a lot like them.”

Leaving aside (for now) any debate on the merits of Ms Deejay’s work, the question remains: are Disclosure the Rizzle Kicks of house music? This question sits alongside other questions like, does commercial success and everything that goes with it automatically diminish the appeal and value of an artist, or even of a scene/genre? Do artists inevitably lose integrity when they become part of the modern music marketing machine (the MMMM)? And, does any of this matter? The default answer would be no, as long as the music is good.

‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ is certainly a banger, in a sparse, Bashmore kind of way – it’s got a lot of urgency without the slinky appeal of some of their earlier work, but it’s sure to build even more excitement ahead of the album release: whereupon they can expect wild riches, world domination, and inevitable derision by absolutely everyone. A lot to look forward to.

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Velour – Speedway

Bristol boys Julio Bashmore and Hyetal have joined forces once again under their Velour moniker and decided to drop this tune on Christmas Day, of last YEAR.

This is an exciting return to kick off 2013 proper. Judging by the logo seen on the vid, ‘Speedway’ will be released on Bashmore’s very own Broadwalk Records. It’s understated, infectious and is accompanied by some quality vintage racing footage put together by Matt Cronin. Not much more you can ask for really.

Feast your ears on the mesmerising ‘Booty Slammer’ too, our fav from their last EP back in 2010.

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Human Drizzle’s Top 10 Tracks of 2012

‘Tis the season to make lists and, whilst our sensible side would call into question the validity of comparing tracks in this way (what are the criteria?), our other side thought it would be fun. So here are our top ten tracks of 2012, in order. If you disagree, please let us know in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook. We won’t take it personally, promise.

1. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve2012 was Julio Bashmore’s year, and the ‘bam bam bam, bam bam bam’ of ‘Au Seve’ sent dancefloors loopy across the globe this summer. It somehow managed to retain the the bass-led, atmospheric subtlety of Bashmore’s other work, whilst simultaneously becoming nothing less than a singalong anthem.

2. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse‘Inspector Norse’ has been equally ubiquitous this year, and with good reason – with Terje’s cosmic squeaking and killer hook bouncing their way into the collective consciousness with joyous abandon.

3. Jai Paul – JasmineWhen Jai Paul released his second ever record in April, a lot of people got very excited. Was this finally going to be his year? Sadly not, as we still await a third – but in the meantime ‘Jasmine’ remains one of the most compelling tracks of recent times.

4Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn remix)Cyril Hahn is one of our favourite artists of 2012, having produced a series of excellent remixes for SolangeHAIM and Alpines as well as this aching, melancholy interpretation of Beyoncé and co’s R’n’B staple.

5Dan Croll – From Nowhere (Ben Gomori’s Staring You In The Eye remix): The title of this track is appropriate, in the sense that neither artist had crossed our radar before we heard this. More’s the pity, because it’s a triumph: combining layered production with fantastic melodies and a vocal that doesn’t leave you.

6. Casino Times – I Wanna KnowSlothBoogie first brought this to our attention, and it’s been in our heads ever since: a rolling house track with genuine groove, it’s addictive. This duo are going places (and TEED’s a fan too).

7. Duke Dumont – The Giver: Another contender for personality of the year, DD has mastered some incredibly infectious beats this year. This house anthem is a party starter, boasting one of the most recognised vocals of the year. Listen out for this early 2013 release too, it’s going to be EVEN BIGGER.

8. Jessie Ware – 110%: What a year it’s been for Jessie Ware. She heralded the spring with this gem of a tune: on an album with many highlights, ‘110%’ stands out as three and a half minutes of pop perfection.

9. PillowTalk – The Real Thing: There’s been some great samples this year and this track sees the San Fran trio from the Wolf + Lamb family do the nip and tuck on Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s classic ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing’. If this song don’t make you smile big, you’re dead inside. It’s glorious.

10. Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State remix): Maribou State’s rework of Ultraista is a thing of great beauty: a fragile start gives way to warm synths and gorgeous melodies in one of the most pleasant tracks of the year.

And they can all be heard on our Best of 2012 playlist. It’s a real treat.


T. Williams – Dreaming

T. Williams is bussaaaaay this November. Following his recent stomping remix of Disclosure (a ‘club edit’ if we ever heard one), he’s treated us to a new single, ‘Dreaming’, very much in the same vein. Out November 19th on PMR, home to his thoughtful ‘Pain and Love’ EP, ‘Dreaming’ just shouts weekend at you, loudly:

Mr. Williams is also doing the honours for the latest Rinse release (number 21, if anyone’s interested) and it reads a dream. Anyone for DisclosureJulio BashmoreEats Everything and Maya Jane Coles?  Full tracklist over at FACT. Worth jotting down the launch party too; 22nd November at Plastic People. We like the sound of “various special unannounced guests who feature on the CD”…

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Black Magic Disco – Black Magic Mixtape 002

We have been fans of Black Magic Disco for some time now, having covered both the glorious Axel Def back in January and the first Black Magic Mixtape last month. So you may have some inkling at the happiness we felt earlier this week when the Antipodean plate-spinner notified us of the birth of the follow-up.

This happiness then turned to what can only be described as unbridled euphoria when we saw that the new mix opens up with two recent HD favourites, in the shape of Audiojack’s rework of Homework and (promise this is the last mention this month), Julio Bashmore’s Au Seve. The rest of the mix has a fun, retro flavour – and all in all it’s both a right laugh and a thoroughly good use of 53 minutes.

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Disclosure – Latch

Can you believe it’ll be 2013 next year? This inane observation was prompted by the premiere of the first single from Disclosure’s (aka the brothers Lawrence) debut album, due to be released in…2013! PMR Records are doing the honours, keeping up their sterling run of releases from Julio Bashmore to Jessie Ware’s sumptuous ‘Devotion’.

Latch’ continues the shuffling beat + soulful vocals (this time by newcomer Sam Smith) combination that made this year’s ‘The Face’ EP so listenable.

Accessible dance music pin-up Annie Mac has installed the track in her upcoming compilation and enlisted them for the accompanying tour. Guaranteed fun.

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Eastern Electrics Festival

This weekend sees the arrival of the much-anticipated Eastern Electrics Festival. On show will be some of the hottest talent in electronic music today, with a fair few stars of tomorrow thrown in too. What better opportunity to have a little look at them?

The Black Atlantic Stage looks exciting, with Joy O and Julio Bashmore pulling in the crowds – but attention should be drawn to Irish duo Bicep, who’ve been causing a storm throughout 2012. They first started playing out the track below six months ago, but now it’s getting a proper release in September and appeared online this week. We hope you agree, there’s not a lot wrong with it. We hope to be hearing a lot more of those piano keys this summer, starting tomorrow.

Although Main Stage headliners Azari & III will be their usual bundle of excitement, we’re also interested in the duo that is Dusky. If you’ve not got the ‘Flo Jam EP‘, it is definitely worth a listen. Deep house and great percussion abound, and the infectious cut below will be ringing through your ears for days to come.

Other popular choices will most certainly be the fun(ky) Tensnake and cult heroes Crazy P and Boddika (whose work with Pearson Sound and Joy O is in full flow). Yet top of our wish list is Huxley. Brought to you by 2020 Vision, he’s penned two of our favourite tracks of the year. One previously blogged, one below. With such an eclectic range of brilliant DJs on show tomorrow, Eastern Electrics is set to be a highlight of the summer festival season (unless it rains all day and/or gets cancelled at the eleventh hour, leaving tens of thousands of people stuck in North Greenwich).

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Worldwide Festival Sete ’12

“You are at the best festival in the world right now!” So said Giles Peterson as the sun rose over the docks of Sete in the south of France on Sunday morning. Human Drizzle agreed wholeheartedly at the time and still does (particularly given the travails of Bloc Weekender).

Worldwide Festival’s Sete incarnation was a week of Peterson’s favourite music, expertly programmed across three stunning stages; the beach, the clifftop amphitheatre and the lighthouse. Yup. We leapt from Gregory Porter to IG Culture to Julio Bashmore (whose Au Seve deserves a mention as the song of the weekend. What. A. Tune.), all seamlessly weaved together and blasted out of Funktion-Ones.

Special credit too must go to Machinedrum and Koreless who, as well and giving it some love on twitter, smashed it out the park with their respective sessions. Koreless finished his final night set, as I will this post, with New Order’s Blue Monday. Good times.

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