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Todd Terje – Justin Van Der Volgen Remixes

It’s Friday, people. Seems like a good time to get these recently-surfaced remixes of two Todd Terje classics up.

NYC producer Justin Van Der Volgen is on the buttons here, and he’s stretched out both ‘Standbar’ and ‘Inspector Norse’ into two, ten minute epics. Get ready to fall in love with them all over again just before the weekend begins.

You can buy these two edits on TT’s own label, Olsen Records, right here.


Dolly Parton – Jolene (Todd Terje Remix)

If you’re fed up of winter, there are few things more cheering than news of a remix from everyone’s favourite Norwegian, Todd Terje.  This time he was set the task of remixing Dolly Parton’s seminal ballad ‘Jolene’ as part of T Magazine’s tribute to the queen of country music. A preview emerged in December, and now we have the full version:

Terje is careful to leave Parton’s voice to shine, instead focusing on dialling up the tune’s waltzing bassline and Flamenco-style guitar. He delays her powerful vocal until almost halfway through the track, setting the stage perfectly in what feels more like an homage than a remix.

This rework of Parton joins an illustrious roster of classic edits from TT, including his majestic ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’,  an exceptional effort on Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love‘ and the never-ending groove of KC & the Sunshine Band’s ‘I Get Lifted.

So cheer up, close your eyes, and think of summer months ahead listening to music like this.

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Todd Terje – Johnny And Mary (ft. Bryan Ferry)

It’s tracks like this that make us so darn frustrated we didn’t make it to Todd Terje’s recent album launch at Oval Space. Not only were Bicep and Maurice Fulton also on the bill, but Terje orchestrated a live set showcasing tracks from his eagerly-anticipated album, entitled (ahem) ‘It’s Album Time’.

We have a feeling this one would have been special.

It’s a re-working of Robert Palmer’s ‘Johnny and Mary’, with Bryan Ferry providing the lung power. It’s a moving seven minutes that explores yet another string to Terje’s very talented bow. He’s releasing the album on his own label, Olsen Records. It hits the shelves on April 8th, but you can pre-order a copy here.


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TODD TERJE – Remaster Of The Universe (Permanent Vacation, 2010)

Well this is fun. A mixtape Todd Terje did for Permanent Vacation back in 2010 that might just be the best thing that happens to you today.

Not sure why he’s uploaded it again recently, but it’s crammed with excellent tunes and should guide you through Friday afternoon nicely…

Head here to purchase it. Worth every penny.

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Todd Terje – Q/Spiral

Norway’s Todd Terje is a man that seems to produce tunes that fly in the face of his home country’s cold climate. He was at his brilliant balmy best when Human Drizzle saw him at Unknown on the sun-kissed Adriatic back in September and he produced our second favourite track of 2012; ‘Inspector Norse’, effectively the musical equivalent of a funk-infused hot water bottle.

He then followed that up with the chiming, Lindstrøm co-scribed, Disko version of ‘Strandbar‘. Seeming to set the tone for the summer just gone, it was written for a linen shirt and a pair of sky blue espadrilles. Luckily today he’s unveiled a couple of new treats for us as the British winter decides the time for taking prisoners is no more.

‘Q’ is a glorious, slowly building Scando-house beauty, entering Pachanga Boys territory by clocking in at over 12 minutes.

Then there’s the EP’s title track, ‘Spiral’. Again, bordering epic in length, it multiplies and builds and grows and layers all the way to a red hot conclusion. It’s goose-bump stuff.

The best news about all of this is that Todd has been keeping this hidden for the past month, and it’s actually available to buy today. So there’s no need to stock up on Bovril, buy that mattress topper or worry about the Big 6 shafting you on your energy bill. This is all you need to keep you warm tonight.

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Todd Terje – Essential Mix July 2013

About time, this. Todd Terje joined the large cannon of DJs to provide an Essential Mix for Mr Tong on Friday night, enjoy:

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Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Remix)

Todd Terje continues to make his masterful mark this summer by remixing Bryan Ferry’s ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’. The tune clocks in at over ten minutes long, which is admittedly a little self-indulgent. See your way through the hazy four minute intro and you’ve got the Norwegian’s irresistible trademark driving beat and cosmic workout.

Recent hit ‘Strandbar’ is still very much on the go in HD HQ. 2.06 and 3.40 being particular highlights.

Todd Terje – Strandbar

Guess who’s back? Terje Olsen’s back, that’s who. Todd Terje to the rest of us. His new single ‘Strandbar’ is out today both on vinyl and digital form, and as you’d expect it’s a force to be reckoned with. Literally translated from the Norwegian for ‘beach bar’, the release comes in three forms, ‘Strandbar Disko’ (above), ‘Strandbar Samba’ (below), and ‘Strandbar Bonus’ (didn’t make the cut). It’s disco gold and it’s gonna get rinsed over the summer. Out on his own label Olsen, grab it here.

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Dropped today on Terje’s own label, Olsen, this is the fantastic exploration into cosmic disco by Terje himself and fellow Norwegian, Lindstrom. Full of the usual catchy hooks and stabbing synths, this will without doubt be on repeat for months to come, it’s brilliant. The closing vocal may be the cherry on the cake too, one of the best we’ve heard in a long time. The release is accompanied by a diskJokke remix, both are below.

They’re supposedly playing a handful of European festivals together this summer too. We wanna go, we wanna go, we wanna go to every one.

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ThaMan With Todd Terje In The 80s

Having comfortably landed in at No. 2 in our Top 10 of 2012 with the ubiquitous ‘Inspector Norse’, we were delighted to hear this piece of news about the one they call Todd Terje. ThaMan from Belgian-based Red Bull Elektropedia has compiled a free downloadable mix of all of his remixes of classic 70s and 80s tracks. Featuring the Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, Stevie Wonder and many more, this is superlative stuff.

Brighten up your Mondays, people.

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