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Rhye – The Fall (BRONX Night Dub)

Breezy remix here from BRONX. With the help of an assortment of keyboard tones, the Mexican producer has taken on Californian indie stars Rhye’s ‘The Fall’, injecting it with a totally blissed out feel. Head over to his Facebook to get the tune for free in exchange for a Like.

Besides posting the glorious Little Dragon and Rhye mash up back in June, we’re racking up a fair few Rhye remixes on these pages. Namely from Rhode & Brown, Jeff Samuel and Ryan Hemsworth. Here’s a recap:

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Rhye – The Fall (Little Dragon On Rhye)

Los Angeles duo Rhye are record-holders at Human Drizzle. No fewer than three different remixes of their lovely single, ‘Open’, appeared on these pages earlier this year – the most of any track ever. No doubt spurred on by this prestigious accolade, they’re back with ‘The Fall’, featuring Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano on vocals. People got very excited when Gilles Peterson played this ‘Little Dragon on Rhye’ version of the track on his 6music show recently, and with good reason. How different it is from the original version which has been knocking about for 8 months now becomes something of a moot point once you start enjoying its frankly charming strings section. Lovely stuff.

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Rhye – Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Remix)

We’re ashamed to say that we only belatedly stumbled across this gem of a remix of Rhye’s ‘Open’ recently. Jeff Samuel is on the buttons and it’s dreamy as you like. The drop at two and a half minutes in could potentially challenge excellent previous remixes of said tune by Ryan Hemsworth and Rhode and Brown. Potentially.

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Rhye – Open (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

It says something when your single can be remixed by Ryan ‘Golden Touch’ Hemsworth and the original not only holds its own but is actually better. That’s the calibre of Rhye’s first single from their debut LP, ‘Open’, something we already had an inkling of after Rhode & Brown’s previous effort. Ryan H does a decent job, not changing too much beyond some Wedidit buzz, but it’s the original that does it for us.

US house-man Maurice Fulton has also had a crack at reworking a Rhye track and it’s funky as hell:

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Rhye – Open (Rhode & Brown Edit)

Whoever was the one thousandth person to ‘Like’ Rhode & Brown’s Facebook page deserves a pat on the back, because the German duo have decided to celebrate by giving away their remix of Rhye’s ‘Open’ for free. Believe us when we say, you really need this in your life. It’s blissful.

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Jessie Ware – 12 (feat. Robin Hannibal)

Fresh off of the release of her new album ‘Tough Love’, we’re spoilt for choice for new Jessie Ware material.  The real ear-catcher, though, didn’t even make the final cut for the album. ‘12’ is a blissed-out slow jam featuring Robin Hannibal of Rhye and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Delicate vocals float over a tippy-toe beat to provide a laid-back aural delight, perfect for when you’re all partied out.  It’s also a free download for a limited period, cop it here:

In the description, the instructions are to ‘play it late and go kiss someone’. We know it’s only 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon, but maybe ask around the office?

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