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Studio Barnhus @ Corsica Studios 03.09.16

If you’re still on the hunt for a plan Saturday, put down the listings guide. We got you.

Trouble Vision have done it again with a Studio Barnhus label showcase down at Corsica Studios. Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Pedrodollar, founding trio of the Swedish label, will all be gracing the decks on Saturday night, bringing their house-but-so-much-more-than-house sound to South London.

Kornel’s gone and done a taster mix to whet the appetite:

As the accompanying RA profile described it, ‘House music for the end of summer’.

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MLiR – People

Essential summer listening brought to you by MLiR*. The Stockholm-based collective have mustered up a five track EP which blurs the line between ‘wide-eyed exotica and high-intensity festival blitzin’’. It’s called ‘Swedish Lo-Life’ and is brought to you by Studio Barnhus, the Swedish label run by Axel Boman, Kornel Kovacs and Petter Nordkvist.

The fun-filled ‘People’ is most definitely a highlight, but head over to their SoundCloud to check out the rest of the EP.

*Modern Life is Rubbish


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