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Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me (The Pachanga Boys’ Jagwar Pawar Remix)

What we love about the Pachanga Boys is you know you’re always going to get your money’s worth.

After producing the masterpiece that was ‘Time’*, that clocked in at over a quarter of an hour, this 12 and a half minutes don’t seem so bad. In fact, there’s nothing bad at all about this slow burner. They’ve remixed Jagwar Ma’s ‘Come Save Me’, and it’s a brilliant and completely hypnotic tune. We understand if you can’t, but we really recommend plugging into this one.

On the flip side, Andrew Weatherall’s effort.


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Frank & Tony – You EP

Deep house at its deepest, Frank & Tony’s ‘You’ EP is a cracking listen. Each track is a real journey, reminiscent of when you first listen to all 15 minutes of Pachanga Boys. The drums float in and out, making for a wistful listen, especially when the smoky voice of Danish Gry shines in ‘Bring the Sun’. They carefully avoid slipping into the genre of ‘hotel lobby’, pulling you back into a head-nodding trance with ethereal vocals or a revived bassline.

The full-length is being premiered over at FACT and it’s worth setting aside 25 minutes for. Some clips here to whet the appetite:

Released only on vinyl, get a copy here. Or better yet, wait for the other two EPs to be released and buy what looks set to be a fantastic full-length, out on November 21st.

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Todd Terje – Q/Spiral

Norway’s Todd Terje is a man that seems to produce tunes that fly in the face of his home country’s cold climate. He was at his brilliant balmy best when Human Drizzle saw him at Unknown on the sun-kissed Adriatic back in September and he produced our second favourite track of 2012; ‘Inspector Norse’, effectively the musical equivalent of a funk-infused hot water bottle.

He then followed that up with the chiming, Lindstrøm co-scribed, Disko version of ‘Strandbar‘. Seeming to set the tone for the summer just gone, it was written for a linen shirt and a pair of sky blue espadrilles. Luckily today he’s unveiled a couple of new treats for us as the British winter decides the time for taking prisoners is no more.

‘Q’ is a glorious, slowly building Scando-house beauty, entering Pachanga Boys territory by clocking in at over 12 minutes.

Then there’s the EP’s title track, ‘Spiral’. Again, bordering epic in length, it multiplies and builds and grows and layers all the way to a red hot conclusion. It’s goose-bump stuff.

The best news about all of this is that Todd has been keeping this hidden for the past month, and it’s actually available to buy today. So there’s no need to stock up on Bovril, buy that mattress topper or worry about the Big 6 shafting you on your energy bill. This is all you need to keep you warm tonight.

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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, November 2013

I think we all need a few good tunes right now, don’t we? Lucky there’s a new playlist out, and it’s another good ‘un (humble much?). Sozzers it’s a little delayed, it’s taken us a few days to tie up the loose ends/recover from Human Drizzle Presents. Thanks to all who came down, pictures here.

As ever, we’ve selected our top five of the month and it was the trickiest choice yet, so feast your ears on this lot:

And here are our top 5 tracks of the month:

1. Wayward – Love Jones:

2. Laszlo Dancehall – Whip What:

3. Bloc Party – Montreal (Ejeca Remix):

4. The Juan Maclean – Feel Like Movin’:

5. Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me (Pachanga Boys Remix):

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Roosevelt – Soleil

We expect big things from this guy.

Marius Lauber, who performs under the moniker of Roosevelt, wowed us with his debut single ‘Sea’ back in September, and it’s only up until now we’ve come across the enchanting B side, ‘Soleil’. He creates the kind of music that makes us smile, a lot. Here his understated vocals compliment the euphoria of the tune wonderfully. Personally we’d like it to go on rather longer than it does.

Check out ‘Soleil’ below, and have a peak at the video for ‘Sea’ too. Both are out now on Greco-Roman.

As a little bonus here, Roosevelt has gone and done a mix for i-D online. Featuring the likes of Pachanga Boys and Joakim, it is sure to brighten up your day. Enjoy.

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John Talabot Remix EP

Excitingly enough, John Talabot has decided to release a remix EP of some of the tracks off his critically acclaimed 2012 album ‘Fin’, coming in the form of two vinyls. Released on Permanent Vacation, greedy guts Pachanga Boys have decided to fill one vinyl with not one, not two but THREE remixes of ‘When The Past Was Present’. A ‘Blue’ remix, a ‘Red’ remix and a ‘Purple’ remix. Less colourfully, but by no means less exciting, the other half is taken up with Bullion’s rework of ‘Destiny’, ((complete with his vocals replacing Pional’s from the (fantastic) original)) and Kenton Slash Demon remixing ‘Last Land’. What a bundle of joy. Pachanga Boys’ Purple edit and Kenton Slash Demon’s efforts are below, both proving to be rhythmic, progressive and in keeping with Talabot’s original material; all warm and fuzzy inside.

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