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DJ Dodger Stadium – You Don’t Have To Be Alone

Encapturing a similar vibe to ‘Love Songs’, the stand-out from their debut album last year, the co-founders of LA-based label Body High do love a vocal loop. DJ Dodger Stadium aka Jerome LOL & Samo Sound Boy are back with this feel-good house track ‘You Don’t Have To Be Alone’. Big earworm this one:


Lone – Dream Ache

UK producer Matt Cutler has been making music as Lone for years. We’re quite taken with the dreamy house he’s been producing of late. Obviously, there was the hugely fun ‘Airglow Fires’  which made a splash last year…

Now he’s coughed up ‘Dream Ache’ on a free download. Apparently it’s been around a while – Youtube chronicles it as first appearing in early 2012 – but unavailable to the man on the street. Anyway, it seems Matt is still feeling in a generous mood following the festive period, so go grab it before he changes his mind.

Londoners can catch Lone at the excellent Bussey Building in Peckham on Saturday 18th January.

Lone – Begin To Begin

Campfire house”. That’s how FACT have christened Manchester-based Lone’s ‘Begin to Begin’, the B-side to his upcoming single. They’re spot on:

The single it was palling up with, ‘Airglow Fire’, hit the airwaves a couple of weeks back and is a livelier exploration of blurry electronica. It’s all synth loops and clipped samples:

The pair are out July 9th on R&S. We recommend.

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Urulu – Lonely Weekend

Urulu continues to impress with his new jam ‘Lonely Weekend’. Showing off his slick production skills, he’s stripped down The Weeknd’s ‘Twenty Eight’ and turned it into a delightfully drawn-out deep house track. It’s as welcome as the news that the LA-based producer has recently packed his bags and moved East to London Town. As well as hopefully creating a load of live dates we can look forward to, this means collaborations like this can happen. Teaming up with Chaos In The CBD, ‘Never Again’ is a new EP out now on the hot London-based Needwant label. It combines old school and new school cuts and is a real delight.

Very excited to hear more from this chap.

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Fryars – Fort Romeau & Lone Remixes

One of our favourite South London producers has done another superb job of tweaking Fryars’ new single ‘In My Arms’. Uplifting to say the least, Fort Romeau keeps the catchy vocal from the original in tact whilst adding a perfect amount of urgency to the backing. It’s top, and yours for free if you click right here. Alternatively, Manchester based Lone has given the B-side to said Fryars single a rework too. Opposite side of the spectrum here, he’s turned ‘Love So Cold’ into a dreamy, ambient and perfectly wonky tune, check it out.

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week

Another week, another top 5.

Whilst basking in the lovely news that not only Fabric will be re-opening soon but a new 16 acre, 100-laser, 5,000 capacity multi-arts space will be slamming down in Canada Water early next year, check out our favourite tracks from this week.

Voyeur – Silents (Original Beat Edit): London-based duo Voyeur dropped this atmospheric ‘beat edit’ of recent album opener ‘Silents’ earlier on in the week. Like said release (‘Nina‘ is a particular fave) it’s top banana.

Gold Panda – Time Eater (Fort Romeau): Dream combination. FR works his magic on GP’s new one, need we say more?

White Elephant – Tears: Crazy P’s Jim Baron aka Ron Basejam is back with the side-project he spawned with Chris Todd and Ben Smith back in 2011. This finely-crafted number joins three other tracks on ‘The Old Euphonium’ EP out now, grab a copy here.

Shanti Celeste – Dolphin Chant: There’s a strong line-up of talent on this year’s Craigie Knowes-released charity compilation including Legowelt, Andy Hart and Chaos In The CBD. Joining them is this excellently-named and infectious number – all proceeds go to War Child.

Mount Liberation Unlimited – Double Dance Lover (Disko Dubb Mix): Described as an ‘all-encompassing anthem of dance and love’, the Stockholm duo are releasing this 15-minute Disko Dubb track on their next Studio Barnhus 12″. It’s ace.

And for your Black Friday Bonus, let us point you in the direction of the wonderful DFA Records. 25% off all stock including this juicy remix from Luke Solomon.

Let us know in the comments or give us a shout on Twitter if we’ve missed any glaringly obvious gems, and head over to our SoundCloud for a whole lot more including new remixes from Laurence Guy and Mall Grab, and original releases from Roland Tings, Geowulf and A Band Call Flash.

Have a good weekend, people.

Sailor & I – Leave The Light On (Kidnap Kid Remix)

We’ve been enjoying the slightly deeper direction Kidnap Kid’s been heading of late. He’s added some finesse to Sailor & I’s ‘Leave The Light On’. It’s out now on Ultra Music’s sub-label The Invention of Loneliness Records, and you can get it right here.

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Wolf Music’s Tunes of the Summer

Excitement levels are at fever pitch at HD HQ this week. We’re counting down the days until we can shake a leg to the supreme selections of Wolf Music on Friday night at Basing House.

We caught up with the lads to see what’s been on heavy rotation for them this summer. Feast your ears on the results:

Carrie Lucas – Dance With You (Marquis Hawkes edit) (Homesick): Dancefloor destroyer.

Jon Cutler – It’s Yours (Chez): Guilty pleasure from 2001. Yes, it was played to death 14 years ago but time has passed and it still sounds good.

Andras & Oscar – Looking Back (Tornado Wallace Remix) (Dopeness Galore): 100% Australia. Winning combo.

Sweet Thunder ‘Everybody’s Singing Love Songs’ (Fantasy): Sublime soul-stepper. Music that gets you moving.

Labelle ‘Phoenix (The Amazing Flight of a Lone Star): Patti Labelle’s voice is incredible and the arrangement on this record is equally incredible. The record builds and builds, full of emotion. Strings, piano, voice, all of my favourite elements combine to pack a serious punch. You need to listen to the whole song to really get it, and once you do, I’m sure you will love it too.

Wick Blaze – Took My Love (Optimo): Very useful bridging tool that allows me as a DJ to take the mood whichever way I feel after playing this track.

Armando – 151 (Gallop / Warehouse): Classic Acid Jackin’ from Armando. Raw Chicago shit. Mike Dunn on production too, and Mike Dunn does not mess.

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Found Festival 2015

Saturday 13th June – a date for the diary. Found Festival returns in the new environs of Brockwell Park in Brixton. Same top line-up, different grassy patch to dance on.

Your boy George Fitzgerald heads up a stage this year and, propped up by big boys like Barnt and KiNK, we’re sure he’ll bring the house down. His recently released album would appear to confirm that:

To be honest, the KiNK live show is worth the entrance fee alone (this is almost too good to watch/listen to at work):

The pick of the other stages is NTS’s effort, a showcase of their deep bench of DJs. Bossman Mr Wonderful and globetrotter Bradley Zero will undoubtedly on the money.

Basically, see you there. The perfect pick-me-up as memories of this begin to fade…

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FKA Biggie

For Danger Mouse, read Terry Urban, for The Grey Album, read FKA Biggie. The second mash-up album in your collection has just arrived:

On the eighteenth anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s death, DJ and artist Terry Urban dropped this seamless integration of Biggie’s flow into the Twigs album and, surprise surprise, it works. You can download it on the boy’s Instagram and you won’t regret it. It’s worth it for ‘Two Weeks In Cali’ alone.

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