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Julio Bashmore – Simple Love Feat J’Danna

Bashmore’s back, and he’s coming into some form.

A taster from his debut album, now slated for release next February, ‘Simple Love’ is at the deeper end of JB’s work and is better for it. It builds on the strong recent EP from his Velour project with Hyetal. Which is below. For you.

More of this please.

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Julio Bashmore – Duccy

So Julio Bashmore’s back with his first solo release since ‘Husk’. ‘Duccy’ is bare bones house, gently bringing in different layers, and it’s recognisably in the same vein as ‘Au Seve’ and ‘Husk’, although it is noticeably restrained. This being hot off the press, the blogosphere so far seems divided as to whether or not this is progressive genius from the Bristolian, or it’s some guff he just banged out in 20 minutes whilst enjoying the Williams-Lisicki match at Wimbledon the other day (some confused fans have even gone as far to call the track ‘boring’ and question ‘is this a joke?’). We have to say we quite like it, having heard it out at Parklife last month. Whatever your feelings towards ‘Duccy’, it’s highly likely that with Julio’s name attached to it, it’ll be dance floor fodder this summer. It’ll be released on his Broadwalk label later in the year, around about the time he’ll be undertaking a not inconsiderable UK tour…

Friday 27th – Aberdeen
Saturday 28th – Glasgow
Sunday 29th – Edinburgh

Friday 4th – Belfast
Saturday 5th – Dublin
Saturday 12th – London
Friday 18th – Nottingham
Saturday 19th – Brighton
Friday 25th – Birmingham
Saturday 26th – Manchester

Friday 1st – Newcastle
Saturday 2nd – Leeds

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Julio Bashmore @ Electric Brixton, Saturday 16th February

Julio BashmoreThis Saturday Julio Bashmore plays the London date of his much-hyped (albeit brief) UK tour. The secret London location mysteriously alluded to when the tour was announced has turned out to be the not-so-mysterious Electric Brixton, but more exciting news comes in the form of Mr Bashmore’s announcement on Facebook that the mighty T Williams will be supporting.

Young Julio released a sleek Valentine’s remix of JT to warm up for this, and it promises to be a very special night. Sell your car/house/children and buy a ticket on the aforementioned Facebook page, Gum Tree, join the hordes trying to find one on Resident Advisor, or take your chances with one of the shouty men in parkas at the top of the stairs at Brixton tube.

Disclaimer: Touts, shouty or otherwise, are illegal and Human Drizzle does not advise dealing with them.

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Julio Bashmore – Pelican

You can rely on Bashmore for a Friday anthem and he’s given us another here. Kind of.
The B-side to the thumping ‘Husk’, ‘Pelican‘ is more of a low-end haunted house theme tune. That isn’t to say it’s going to send you spiralling, it’s still very much a scene setter for the weekend. ‘Husk/Pelican’ is out on 2nd December on Julio’s own Broadwalk label.
If you fancy seeing tunes like the above live, why not go see Julio on his upcoming tour? Makes sense. He’s playing at some super secret locations in Bristol, London, Leeds and Manc in February, and tickets went on sale today. We’ve got ours already, get involved.
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Julio Bashmore – Husk

The man JB is pretty untouchable at the moment.* Back in July Julio Bashmore unleashed probably the tune of the year with the promise that it “shall echo through the ages.” Such has been its success, and that of Bashmore’s other releases over the past twelve months, that you suspect he could have chosen any old nonsense for his next release and everyone would still have been aghast at the genius of the ginger-bearded Bristolian.

However, what he has chosen is not any old nonsense. ‘Husk’ appeared yesterday, and is the third release on the Boardwalk Records imprint he launched with ‘Au Seve’. It is a futuristic sonic journey which encompasses insistent wobbly synths, epic percussion crescendos and Bashmore’s trademark melodic bass plod. It even has a nice flute.

All in all, it’s a winner. Business as usual, then.

*He’s also untouchable at pong… Check out his website for the chance to win a JB set at your houseparty, if you beat him at pong. We’ve tried (A LOT) and think the game may, just may, be rigged.

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Bobby Womack – Love Is Gonna Lift You Up (Julio Bashmore Remix)

Fresh from his barnstorming set at Worldwide festival, not-even-up-and-coming-anymore Bristolian Julio Bashmore isn’t taking his eye off the ball and has released a very enjoyable remix of a new Bobby Womack track. Taken from Bobby’s new album‘Love Is Gonna Lift You Up’ expertly blends together Womack’s gravelly vocals with Bashmore’s signature stabbing beats and stand-out chord.

Julio’s got form in this area, as flagged up here, working with Javeon McCarthy on 2011’s superb ‘Father Father‘:

Not due for release anytime soon, ‘Love Is Gonna Lift You Up’ is just a taster for new projects from both of them. As for catching them live (separately, unfortunately), thankfully Bobby has now been given the all clear to tour so catch him in Kentish Town in November. Julio, amongst various foreign engagements, is on the bill for a truly special Warehouse Project in late September, someone’s had a good day at the office putting that line-up together…

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Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

Julio Bashmore has got very big, and he is about to get bigger. Yesterday he launched his own label, Broadwalk Records – alongside this new single. ‘Au Seve’ is a typically smooth, atmospheric slice of bass heavy house music, and it is right up our alley. The Bristolian producer, who was given his own Radio 1 show earlier this year, announced the label and single with the following statement:

‘Fast cars, money, but no record label to truly call my own? This ends today…
Hi, I’m Julio Bashmore.
Somehow I have found time between jet-setting around the globe, becoming a voice for the people via my Radio One show and generally living the high life to bring you a brand new label, Broadwalk Records.
Today heralds a new era in the Julio Bashmore chronicles, with a sound that shall echo through the ages…’

We don’t really know what to say to that – but we recommend you watch this space and, in the meantime, give the single a spin. It’s very nice indeed.

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Ekranoplan – Coil

Fine dance music and Cold War history have rarely gone hand in hand but the crafty duo behind ‘Ekranoplan’ have attempted to do just that.  ‘Coil’ is a cold and menacing banger with relentless drum rhythms throughout.  It’s intense and pretty unfriendly, but the entrance of a hypnotic synth brings a strange euphoria towards the end.

A bit of further digging reveals that Ekranoplan is actually the latest project between Bristol stalwarts Julio Bashmore and Kowton.   It’s out on 9th October on Glaswegian label All Caps, pre-order here.

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No Artificial Colours – Reach For Me ft. Alex Mills

The newest members to join the PMR Records family? South East London’s Ryan Ellis and Lewis Wright, aka No Artificial Colours.

After releasing the excellent ‘Crying Wolf’ EP on Kerri Chandler’s Madtech Records and causing hot fuss over that Cyril Hahn remix last year, NAC will be following in the footsteps of Disclosure, Julio Bashmore and T. Williams by releasing ‘Reach For Me’ on Acton’s finest label in the not too distant future. It’s an understated affair with a sultry vocal from London’s Alex Mills. Enjoy:


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PMR Records – Dornik, Javeon & more

As we come to the end of what must have been an exhausting year* for the London-based label, PMR Records are showing no sign whatsoever of slowing down their continual domination of the pop industry.

Traditionally they’ve always given off the impression of being a close-knit family. The tight support evident amongst label mates is unrivalled and it’s fast-becoming the birthplace for many future stars. You need look no further than the gargantuan success stories of Disclosure, Jessie Ware and Julio Bashmore for plain-evidence.

The next wave is chasing, fast. Booming producer T. Williams has already followed in the footsteps of Bashmore in his ‘In New Djs We Trust’ host-spot on BBC Radio 1. Not to mention the recent recruitment of Cyril Hahn to the label to release singles ‘Perfect Form/Raw Cut’.

Yet another member of the family worth talking about is Two Inch Punch, the man who has a fast-growing reputation for production skills. As NME recently reported, he’s given a helping hand on Africa Express’ new tune. More recently, the blogosphere has been going crazy over the last few days for ‘Money On My Mind’. Rightly so, it’s the piano-driven track he’s produced for ‘BBC Sound of 2014’-nominated Sam Smith. It’s guaranteed to be a chart-topper:

(The Disclosure-collaborator has also had releases on PMR, btw).

Next up is Javeon, or Javeon Macarthy to some of his older fans. Having already unleashed a handful of singles since 2011, he’s ready to drop his debut album early next year and it’s looking to go down a storm. He’s already worked with MNEK on ‘Lovesong’ and he’s just teamed up with HD fave Tourist to produce this newbie, ‘Give Up’:

Sitting comfortably in a similar category as the Sam Smith number, it’s a catchy, radio-friendly tune that’s sure to propel Javeon closer to becoming the household name he deserves to be.

Joining him shortly, Dornik. PMR released his smooth and soulful ‘Something About You’ a few months back, and now we’re treated to his forthcoming single, the irresistible ‘Rebound’:

With a slick production, a lively percussive backdrop and an incredibly smooth and emotive vocal, ‘Rebound’ is nigh-faultless and we can’t wait to hear more from his début album, also due out at some point next year.

Exciting (and most likely very busy) times ahead for the London-based label. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on their every move.

*Working incredibly hard, and killing it in doing so, may be exhausting, but it also looks like a lot of fun. If you’ve not already, check out Noisey’s behind the scenes footage of the PMR journey to Coachella last April. Trailer below, full-length here.

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