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Dems – Gold

Dems have got political. We’ve been following the London threepiece’s trajectory for half a decade now and it’s not one that has been characterised by rage. But when they were evicted from their South London work space to make room for more luxury flats in a city that surely has enough by now, they decided to make a statement through their music.

‘Gold’ is the result and, while the themes represent a departure from their previous material, fans will be pleased to hear exactly the kinds of lush melodies and layered production that have made their music such a pleasure up to this point. Suitably given the topic, ‘Gold’ loses some of the fragility of their early work. Instead it slides into a distorted, echoey refrain that stays with you and hammers home Dems’ message to the developers changing the shape of their city. With a new London mayor starting work this week, it’s a message that couldn’t be more apposite.


Dems – Canvas World (feat. Claudie)

Last week was a bad time to go away if you’re a Dems fan. Whilst we’re amongst the first to admit that it would be inconvenient to plan your holidays around the release schedules of your favourite artists, we did feel particularly peeved to miss not one but two Dems tracks as we popped to Unknown recently. They’re like London buses, but much warmer and more enjoyable.

First up was their cover of ‘Toca’s Miracle’. It is our firm belief that Fragma don’t get enough coverage these days. You’ll be pleased to hear that the German dance ensemble are still going strong, and we have Dems to thank for the excuse to resurface to their version of this track. But the Dems boys choose to eschew 1990s silliness in favour of their trademark intricate percussion, measured guitar lines and falsetto melodies, and it’s probably for the best. The result is a charmingly atmospheric and eminently likeable piece of pop music. Check out the pared-down video below.

Hot on the heels of ‘Toca’s Miracle’ comes their new single, ‘Canvas World’. Guest singer Claudie adds a degree of lushness to proceedings, and the layered vocal tracks mingle with all manner of production chicanery to create an intoxicating blend. ‘Canvas World’ has a lovely balance and poise, and you’d frankly have to be dead inside not to enjoy it. You’re not dead inside, are you? Well then, go ahead and enjoy it.

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Dems & Only Real for free, 28.01.13


Only Real

This coming Monday, Londoners are being treated to free gigs by not one but two HD favourites, Dems and Only Real. Dems are celebrating the release of the excellent ‘Christabel’ with a free show at Birthdays in London’s fashionable Dalston. We posted about the track when it first emerged last month, but for those averse to link-clicking, here it is again:

Lovely, we’re sure you’ll agree. Meanwhile Only Real is providing more high quality free entertainment, with his own single launch just a snowball’s throw away at the Shacklewell Arms. Said single is a double A-side of ‘Backseat Kissers’ and ‘Blood Carpet’:

Two amazing artists; two great venues; all for free. This may just be the best Monday night’s entertainment Dalston has ever seen.

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Dems – Christabel

We’ve been huge fans of Dems for a while now, so their release today of a new track and video is very exciting indeed. Dan Moss may have played an assortment of trap bangers and hip hop classics when he took a turn on the 1s and 2s at Human Drizzle Presents… in October, but ‘Christabel’ very much picks up where the majestic ‘Inner O‘ left off eight months ago.

‘Christabel’ boasts the same killer melodies, busy percussion and fragile vocals we loved on ‘Inner O’ and first fell in love with on ‘House‘ – and it also shares a sense of pensive nostalgia. This is intelligent, lovingly-crafted pop music – and you’d be very foolish indeed not to give it (and its video) a spin. It will be available as a free download on 27th January, and Dems play a free gig at Birthdays in Dalston the night after. See you there, perhaps?

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Dems – Inner O

Fresh from supporting Azealia Banks on her UK tour, Dems are fast-becoming a hotly tipped, one-to-watch band, embodying everything we love about the way pop music is heading. They have the ability to create songs with great melody and a catchy verse and chorus, whilst moulding a staple sound that sets them out from the crowd.

Part of a double A-side with ‘Bridesmaids’, released on Bad Life Recordings on 2nd April, ‘Inner O’ perfectly demonstrates this. The track waltzes through dense atmospherics that are accompanied by pensive and delicate vocals. The levels of experimentation within the production are enough to keep your ears guessing too, an ethos echoed in their DIY approach to the accompanying video (also well worth a look).

If you’re in London town tomorrow night, pop on down to The Old Blue Last where they’ll be playing alongside other ‘Bad Life’ talent – we’d recommend getting there early though as it should and will be heaving.

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Dems – House

It is unfortunate that Dems share their name with the second word in the truncated form of Nick Clegg’s half of the coalition government. This unhappy coincidence means that anyone Googling them is more likely to find pictures of the Deputy Prime Minister visiting a steelworks in Sheffield than they are to find any music by the London trio.

This is a shame. The recent photos of a begoggled Clegg may be amusing, but you can’t help but feel that the average internet user would gain more if their search was to throw up, for example, Dems’ gorgeous ‘Lioness‘. Its rich melodies and choppy beats first brought Dems to our attention last year, and now they are back with an EP, ‘Houses’.

The single, ‘House’, picks up where ‘Lioness’ left off. Looped vocals, warm guitars and intelligent production combine to create a sound that is evocative of much of the best lo-fi electronic music around at the moment – but is somehow more innocent and optimistic. Oh, and the video’s great too.


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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, June 2016

It’s been a long time coming, but (guess what!) our latest playlist is here. Featuring enormous bangers from Laurence Guy and Isaac Tichauer alongside more whimsical numbers from the likes of Dems and András, it’s the only soundtrack you need to a summer full of rainy park sessions (if you’re in London like us) / blissful campfires on the beach (if you’re somewhere better). Jump in.


Human Drizzle Presents

Over at HD HQ we’re itching with excitement for our inaugural night tomorrow at Sugarhouse Studios, it’s looking to be a corker.

There’s a whole host of people playing for your aural entertainment so a little scan across the acts’ work wouldn’t go a miss.

It goes without saying dusting off the dancing shoes for Cosmonauts’ set is a must. Commandeers of nu-disco, their recent September mix is, as per usual, an absolute blast. What’s more, they’ve been known to master a remix or two in their time. Feast your ears on their super-fun take on NSFW’s ‘Coconut’. And lastly let’s not forget their recent single, ‘Love Me Tonight’, which is available to download, for free, right now.

Stepping up before the London-based duo will be SlothBoogie. If you’re not familiar with his blog, go check it out for a taster of his musical insights. Here’s a mix he did at The Nest for Spacestation from back in August. Supposedly it’s a ‘selection of big booty shakin’ bassy beats’, which hits the nail on the head, it’s bangin.

We’ve also invited 3-piece Dems down to step on to the decks. Making waves with their experimental emo-pop, we believe their eclectic taste will get you in the mood. We’ve featured their brilliant singles ‘Inner O’ and ‘House’ before, but attention must be drawn to older tunes such as the equally stirring ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Lioness’. Stumbled across a note-worthy remix from Evil Nine too. Check ‘em out.

Lastly on the bill is Filthy French. Judging by their promo mix for the night itself and their September ‘Late Night Cruising’ podcast, they’ll have no trouble getting the party started. Enjoy!

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Filthy French – Sugarhouse Studios Promo Mix

Three days to go and boy are we excited about our ‘Human Drizzle Presents…‘ party this coming Saturday (13th October) in East London. Tickets are selling fast so grab yours while you can. Joining Cosmonauts, Dems and SlothBoogie is Filthy French. The Parisian-born, London-based duo have made an excellent promo mix for the night. Featuring the likes of A.N.D.Y and Maxxi Soundsystem, it should serve as a lovely mid-week pick me up and a great prelude to Saturday. They spoil us…

One track from the mix that requires particular mention is the unforgettable ‘(I Hate The Sound Of) Guitars’ by Xinobi which we’ve been loving this week. Out on Discotexas, we feel it’s probably got the Marmite factor. Give it a couple of listens and we think you’ll be lovers not haters.

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Human Drizzle Presents

Drum roll please…

We are very excited to announce ‘Human Drizzle Presents…’

As you’ll see from the flyer, we have the privilege of welcoming Cosmonauts, DemsSlothboogie and Filthy French to our inaugural night at The Sugarhouse Studios, and we’re pleased as punch about it. October 13th is not far off so grab your tickets now!


If you’re not familiar with some of the acts playing, here’s a handy pocket-guide…

Cosmonauts have moulded themselves quite the reputation for their peerless nu-disco vibes. Their legendary monthly ‘Top Ten’ mixes give a nice insight into what you can expect from them. They’ve previously applied their golden touch to tracks by artists such as NSFW, New Order and Tronik Youth – and have been on stonking line-ups with the likes of Mylo and Aeroplane. Here is one of our favourite mixes from back in March:

What’s more, just this week they released their brilliant new single, ‘Love Me Tonight’. And it’s free!

We have also asked new kids on the block Dems to step behind the decks for the night. They’re a trio from London who write experimental, melodic pop music. We’ve championed both tracks below and we’re confident their record collection will get you shuffling your feet.

Slothboogie’s been making a big name for himself off the back of his ‘balls out boogie’ blog and DJing skills, amongst other entertaining musical enterprises such as the popular ‘Forgive Me Lord For I Have Synth’ night. Having appeared on bills with Tiger & Woods and Todd Terje recently, we’re psyched to have him play. Check out his funky ‘Summer’s Up In My Grill’ mix:

Lastly (at least for the moment) we welcome Filthy French, the Parisian-born, London-based duo who ‘have beats pumping through their veins’. Get ready.

Boy are we up for this. Human Drizzle, in real life, offline. Come join.

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