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Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

When you’ve been up all night to get some, had some fun and got lucky, you might want to plug in this down tempo cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ by Daughter. The UK band covered it for Huw Stephens’ Radio 1 show ahead of their debut album release. It’s called ‘If You Leave’ and is out on Glassnote Records today! Here’s our favourite from it, a sad little number entitled ‘Youth’.

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Kelis – Jerk Ribs (& Daft Punk/Pharrell…)

It’s been a good week for hip hop stars from the last decade. First there was Pharrell Williams‘s collaboration with Daft Punk. In case you’ve been residing in a cave and have thus avoided every media outlet on Planet Earth losing its shit over this track, listen to it here. It’s been breaking records on Spotify and now the first ‘live’ performance has appeared on YouTube:

Yes, ‘live’ might be stretching it – but doesn’t he look good for 40? The track will be utterly unavoidable this summer (in fact, it already is) and, whatever you think about the hype, it’s a pretty spot-on piece of music.

Meanwhile a track emerged this week from another US hip hop star from the noughties, Kelis. The name of said track is the subject of some doubt amongst fans, but whether it’s called ‘Jerk Ribs’ or ‘Call on Me’, it’s splendid. Produced by Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio, it’s jam-packed full of exuberant brass, rattling percussion and general joie de vivre. Another summer anthem, then.

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Daftside – Random Access Memories

Question: How do you make the biggest album of the year bigger, better and much, much cooler? Answer: You hand it to Chilean/New Yorker producer supremo Nicolas Jaar to give it the once over. The complete once over. Under the moniker Daftside, and with the help of usual sidekick Dave Harrington, he has infused Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories with his atmospheric sound and in doing so, has made the original into even more of a dance record. It being Nicolas Jaar, this is a darker and slower paced interpretation of Guy and Thomas’s funky original record, which, hate it or love it, has taken the music world by storm this year. Like his Space is Only Noise album in 2011, this is a deep reimagining, and one that can often appear to be quite inaccessible. At times, it’s hard to think that he actually took any inspiration at all from RAM. But over the course of the album, he sucks you in and it is ultimately rewarding. ‘Doin’ it right’, ‘Instant Crush’ and ‘Give Life Back to Music’ stand out, but really the album needs to be listened to once through. It truly is a brilliant piece of work.

Dim The Lights – 21st June

Get the diary out, clear Saturday 21st June and dim those lights…

In anticipation of an extra-spesh new club night, atmospherically named ‘Dim The Lights’, co-founder Hayden has whipped together a warm-up mix and it’s a delight:

If nothing else (and there’s plenty else), it reminded us what a massive, massive tune Carly Simon’s ‘Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much)’ is. Nile Roger’s production work on it makes Chic’s Daft Punk-fuelled resurgence NOT SURPRISING AT ALL.

Anyway, join Hayden, Si and headliners Man Make Music DJs for an evening of fine house music. Details here. Oh, and it’s free. Which is great.

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Todd Edwards Essential Mix

Something time-limited for you here.

We recommend, nay insist, that you head over to the Radio 1 website and listen to producer-extraordinaire Todd Edwards’ Essential Mix. Get it HERE whilst it’s hot (and legally available).

It’s two hours of mostly originals, including this exclusive version of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Something About Us’:

It’s Essential.

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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, May 2013

Playlist time. Now that May is well underway, navigate your way around the YouTube playlist below for all our featured tunes from the past month.

April welcomed the return of Kelis, Skream continued his exploration into disco and the brothers Lawrence announced their huge debut album details. Not to mention a certain pair of robots. Plug in, sit back and relax with the aural delights of our all-in-one playlist:

And here are our top 5 tracks of the month:

1. Kelis – Jerk Ribs: Classic, carnival-themed comeback from Kelis. On repeat in HD HQ.

2. Vanilla Ace – Bring It Back: Slow-burning chugger from one of our favourite London producers right now, one to watch.

3. Suzanne Kraft – Maybe Snakes (Permanent Vacation Remix): One of our favourite remixes of the last month, Munich-based label Permanent Vacation take things deep and hypnotic.

4. Local F – Groove Kid: New kid on the block from Scarborough whose garage-infused house is right on trend. Mammoth track.

5. Daft Punk – Get Lucky: The robots are taking over. If anyone is remotely bored of this song, just you wait until the dream team are back with Lose Yourself To Dance. Even. More. Catchy.

And finally, here is the Spotify version:



Thundercat – Oh Sheit it’s X

Disco is coming, you can feel it in the air.
If you’re reading this from the UK, you may have noticed a round, bright object in the sky the past few days. Do not be alarmed. We find this warming orb to go particularly well with some funky basslines and happy-go-lucky lyrics. Following Skream, Daft Punk in the best queue ever is Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat. His new one, from the Flying Lotus-produced ‘Apocolypse’ LP, is perfect sunkissed listening. Enjoy ‘Oh Sheit It’s X’ with the slightly more pensive but no less good ‘Heartbreaks + Setbacks’ below:

We promise that this review is in no way influenced by Stephen’s amazing facial hair, or the endorphin rush of ‘Oh Sheit’s subject matter…
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Pyramid – Black Road

What is it with France and electro? This track from mercurial Gallic outfit Pyramid is very much in the Daft Punk, Justice, Alex Gopher, early Ed Banger mould – with crisp production, accessible melodies and percussion that is bound to get you moving. It builds and fades delightfully over the course of a sunny, 80s-inspired four minutes – and overall it’s a lovely stick of dancefloor dynamite.

Their previous production, the excellent ‘The Frontier’, made it onto an HD playlist – but not the blog itself, which is something of a travesty. Here, let’s remedy that.

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