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Clean Bandit – Rather Be (The Magician Remix)

Clean Bandit’s pop anthem ‘Rather Be’ has been given the once over by The Magician to provide a well-measured and infectious remix. Unlike the Belgian producer’s usual sonic tendencies, this one leans towards a rather lovely 2-step vibe.

Out on 19th Jan, you can pre-order the EP here. Keep an eye on the charts, we’ve got a feeling the original could be reaching podium status.

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Clean Bandit – Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)

When we saw Clean Bandit live last month, we wrote this:

“A track that will presumably be called ‘No Place I’d Rather Be’ reeks of chart success. It encapsulates Clean Bandit’s blend of 90s nostalgia and contemporary sensibilities, of intelligence and fun, and (at the risk of sounding like Louis Walsh) it has ‘hit record’ written all over it.”

We were wrong about the title, but we stand by the rest. It appeared on Thursday, is called ‘Rather Be’, features Jess Glynne on vocals, and is Clean Bandit’s most pop moment to date. It’s a very easy listen and, with another stonking video and a genuinely anthemic chorus, it’s hard to see ‘Rather Be’ being anything other than absolutely huge.

Quite right too, if you ask us.

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Review: Clean Bandit @ Brixton Electric, 26.10.13

Clean Bandit are going to get very, very big. If Human Drizzle were a marketing agency, that is what we might describe as the ‘key takeout’ from Saturday night’s barnstorming show at London’s 1500-capacity Brixton Electric.

Human Drizzle isn’t a marketing agency, so we won’t – but the point remains. We have made our feelings on Clean Bandit very clear, have had the pleasure of seeing them several times in the past – and while their previous shows have been full of mischievous energy and vibrant melody, they have also been pretty much identical. We’re not going to sit here and tell you that finishing your set with a cover of Dario G’s seminal ‘Sunchyme’ is in any way a bad thing (it’s not) but it’s not a trick that bears much repeating.

Clean Bandit

All of which explains our delight at the sheer novelty of Saturday’s set – with a veritable avalanche of new material. ‘Novelty’ is a word Clean Bandit must fight against, and it is true that the classical elements could occasionally be better-integrated with their overall sound. Violinist Neil Amin-Smith spends more time grooving than playing, and a closer interplay between strings and beats (as on brilliant debut single ‘Mozart’s House’) would counter accusations that the presence of a violin and a cello constitute little more than gimmickry.

The fact is though, that these are minor gripes when the tunes are so good. ‘Dust Clears’ is a triumph and ‘A&E’ has the place jumping, but it is the new ones that are most revealing. A track that will presumably be called ‘No Place I’d Rather Be’ reeks of chart success. It encapsulates Clean Bandit’s blend of 90s nostalgia and contemporary sensibilities, of intelligence and fun, and (at the risk of sounding like Louis Walsh) it has ‘hit record’ written all over it.

Clean Bandit also deserve credit for their live show. On Saturday they were fronted by Elisabeth Troy, who lent her vocals to bona fide classics like MJ Cole’s ‘Crazy Love’ and, still more prestigiously, appeared on these pages last year following a collaboration with B Traits. Several other singers appeared during the set, including the charismatic Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka for ‘Mozart’s House’.

Some feel that the rotating cast of vocalists is distracting, but it also keeps things fresh and diverts attention away from the traditional frontperson onto the (incredibly talented) musicians around them. The aforementioned strings can be genuinely affecting, while the Patterson brothers comprise a compelling rhythm section at the back of the stage. Jack beavers away masterfully on a variety of instruments, devices and controllers whilst younger brother Luke is a blur of frenzied control on the drums. Crucially, and unlike many artists performing ‘live’, there is a visible correlation throughout between action and sound.

With the definition of live performance increasingly problematic, there is a real sense when watching Clean Bandit that you are witnessing something unique. And if you want to do so in small(ish) venues, we suggest you get on it soon – because they’re about to be huge.

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Clean Bandit – Dust Clears

Regular readers will know that we’re borderline obsessed with Clean Bandit. They’re back with another banger and, as you’d expect, the video for ‘Dust Clears’ is a work of real beauty. It’s hard to say what we like best about them: the combination of classical strings and 90s house rhythm section shouldn’t work this well, their hooks are implausibly catchy, and the videos are just more inventive and elegant than pretty much anything else, ever. What other music video have you seen recently that contains an ice-skating priest? Exactly. And that’s not to mention the dancing. Just watch it, basically.

Clean Bandit – Mozart’s House (Zed Bias Maddhouse Remix)

In advance of their sold out gig on Thursday, friends of HD and new Atlantic signings Clean Bandit have put out a straight up and down banger of a remix by Manchester’s veteran Zed Bias. He takes on their stand out hit, ‘Mozart’s House’:

CB’s ‘Mozart’s House’ EP hit the shelves yesterday and we recommend it with all our hearts.

UPDATE: A lovely little remix from Rudi Zygadlo emerged this week. It starts off all taut and claustrophobic and then opens out into a really quite joyful, summery groover. For more of Rudi’s work, have a peek here.

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Clean Bandit – Nightingale

Clean Bandit tunes are like London buses. You wait an age for one to come along, and then two arrive at once. After dropping the awesome A&E just over two weeks ago, everyone’s favourite violin-wielding dance act are back with ‘Nightingale’. It lacks the polish of some previous outings, but is still a soulful, intelligent piece of music with a more-than-tidy video from their video arm (as we’re calling it), Clean Film. To say we are big fans of this lot would be a gross understatement, and if there is any justice in the world, they will be very big very soon.

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Clean Bandit – A&E

Clean Bandit hold a special place in our hearts. Their (incidentally genius) single ‘Telephone Banking’ was the first track ever posted on these pages. Today they released a new video to accompany new single, ‘A&E’. It’s up there with their best work, a visually stunning composition to match what is another gem of a tune.

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Clean Bandit – Telephone Banking

In a musical climate full of spurious claims to uniqueness, let’s ignore the question of whether Clean Bandit are unique and instead focus on the fact that they are really very, very good.

The wait for new material has been painful since they released ‘Mozart’s House‘ – an addictive tune which boasts one of the most innovative (unique?) videos of last year.

The follow-up is finally here and, if anything, it’s better. Visually, ‘Telephone Banking’ is even more ambitious than ‘Mozart’s House’ – and it’s executed with the same ingenuity and panache. And the tune’s great, too.


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Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back

Things have really blown up for Duke Dumont since taking the well-trodden path from Human Drizzle Favourite to Chart Sensation. Named by the Guardian last week as a key member of the British House Mafia (yep), yesterday he followed up ‘I Got U’ with ‘Won’t Look Back’. It occupies the same territory as his previous chart successes: it’s packed to the brim with piano lines, female vocals and accessible 90s nostalgia, but – like Clean Bandit, Gorgon City, et al – the Duke is so far resisting going too far into lazy pop territory.

Listen out for some especially fun synthy fiddling from 2:48. ‘Won’t Look Back’ may not have quite the impact of some previous efforts, but it will undoubtedly be big this summer. And long may the British House Mafia dominate the charts, as opposed to the alternative.


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Ribs – Delicately feat. Nikki Cislyn

Clean Bandit are having a pretty perfect time of things at the moment. Huge UK success in the charts and a European tour coming in May, with a number of high profile festival outings already lined up, and more surely to follow…you’d forgive them for taking some time off when the opportunity came.

However, you don’t get to be producing tracks that are played over a million times in one week on Spotify without putting the hard yards in. And that’s exactly what Jack Patterson, the creative driving force behind Clean Bandit’s success, has been up to. Last Friday saw him drop in on Radio 1 and B.Traits’ show to deliver the first production from his new side project, Ribs. The track is called ‘Delicately’ and it features Nikki Cislyn. It’s a fidgety little number, with obvious similarities to the production on some of the band’s work.

It’s got a top bass-line which you’ll be hearing a fair amount this summer, and it’s interesting to see Jack exploring different avenues with his production: something we’ve expected him to do for a while, a la Jamie XX.

It’s out at the end of this week as Eton Messy Records‘ first release, and is available for pre-order now.

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