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Top 5 Tracks of the Week

1. Pépe – Rainfall (Pts I & II): Brighton/Valencia/London-based producer (who knows?) is releasing a three-track EP entitled ‘Lemon Fanta’ on Lobster Theremin. This is the over-12-and-a-half minute opener and it’s a stirring delight.

2. 30/70 – Slangin: XlR8R are giving Melbourne-based 30/70’s new jazz/soul/funk/hip-hop-infused track away for free. It’s from their forthcoming ‘Elevate’ LP which lands on Rhythm Section on 27th October. One to bookmark.

3. Sau Poler – Elsus: Amsterdam-based label Atomnation released a compilation today to celebrate their 50th release. As well as tracks from Gidge, Weval and Polynation, Barcelona-based producer Sau Poler’s provided this crisp, toe-tapping number.

4. Munir – Feels Around You: South London label No Bad Days are on a roll. They’ve pulled in Indonesian producer MUNIR to provide the goods for their sixth release. ‘Feels Around You’ is one quarter of the ‘Life Is A Miracle’ EP and it’s a charmer.

5. Palms Trax – Outflight: Palms Trax serves up a belter to be released on Secretsundaze’s third compilation, ‘Dance 2017’.

And for the longer listen, Ninja Tune’s excellent Solid Steel Radio Show invited Canadian duo Blue Hawaii to provide one half of this week’s mix series. It’s a fun-filled hour covering garage, hip-hop, house and much more. Dive in:


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Seb Wildblood – Jazz Vol.1

Another dreamy cut from your boy Seb Wildblood.

‘Jazz Vol.1’ is the title track from his forthcoming EP which features three originals and one remix from fellow South Londoner Medlar. It’s due for release this Friday on his very own Church label.

XLR8R recently invited the lad to pull together a mix. It’s just shy of an hour and is definitely worth sticking on.

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Some Like It Hot, Karl – January 2016

At Human Drizzle, we attempt to bring you our favourite musical finds. In almost all cases, these are tracks that we find on SoundCloud, YouTube, Mixcloud or any other file sharing or streaming service. And we love all of the tracks that we post here, or compile in our playlists.

However, it’s one thing to click ‘like’ when a band or producer posts a link to a new track, and it’s quite another to actively seek out and purchase a song. So, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some music which is so good that one listener was compelled to part ways with their hard-earned cash. Our resident DJ, Hot Karl, has been stockpiling records like they’re going out of fashion for some time now. Here we look at ten of our favourite additions to his collection, from the last month, in the hope of sharing some slightly different music with you.

Kicking us off is Dutch producer Junktion, who makes up one half of the excellent deep-disco duo, Fouk. ‘Pale Blue Dot’, a woozy house track with a thumping beat, was released last summer.

Junktion also released on the outstanding ‘Diggin’ Deep Disco #2′ compilation. ‘Sidewalk Salsa’ is another slice of smooth, funky house.

The end of the year ‘top tracks’ list is now a fixture in any music publication’s calendar (you can revisit ours here). Resident Advisor’s tracks of the year rundown is always hotly debated. It is, also, a superb resource for acquainting yourself with tracks that you might have missed in the preceding 12 months. Even better, the arguments in the comments section throw up many more gems. Nods to ‘Cassandra‘ by Donato Dozzy, ‘Carmine‘ by Fit Siegel and the excellent ‘Marine Drive‘ by Florist, all of which could have made it – properly – into this article.

As ever with RA nowadays, Hamburg label Giegling were part of the end-of-year list in most categories. Map.Ache’s ‘The Golden Age’ is a beautiful, slow-burning piece of up-tempo deep house. It brings a smile to our faces every time we hear it, and we can’t wait for the Giegling showcase at Village Underground next month.

No Human Drizzle piece would feel complete without mention of Fort Romeau. We’ve already waxed lyrical about ‘Secret’s & Lies’, but it’s ‘K.O.N.T.R.O.L’ that we want to bring to your attention now. It came out last year and only dropped on our radar thanks to Tim Sweeney’s end-of-year, best of 2015 Beats in Space mix, which is well worth a listen.

Another HD fave, Lorca, has also been in fine form. ‘Creta Kano’ is the a-side of a two-track release on Breach’s Naked Naked Records.

The ‘alt version‘ is great too. Lorca is of course playing alongside Mr Beatnick as part of a Brighton-infused line-up for Human Drizzle Presents on Friday 26 February at Basing House.

This being an article about vinyl, we’re not restricted to talking about the latest releases. This is a good thing, because until this month we had never truly appreciated the amazing Galcher Lustwerk.

As smug as we are to be going to the Giegling night, we are gutted to be missing Galcher Lustwerk the very same evening at Dance Tunnel.

Other notable additions to Karl’s collection feature some modern classics picked up from local record stores or the money-draining Discogs. Damiano Von Eckhart’s Boiler Room brought ‘Wear It Out’ to our attention, from way back in 1979.

Then there’s the up-tempo funk of ‘Into You’ by JD Hall as remixed by Jonathan Morning, a 2005 release on Sunfire Records.

Following in a similar vein is the Masters At Work dub of St Etienne ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ from 1991. An excellent house remix of an already great tune.

To cap off our top records of the month, we’re going to finish with another all-time great: ‘Knight Of The Jaguar’, by DJ Rolando. It’s been a firm favourite since we saw Rødhåd use it to close his set at last summer’s Dekmantel Festival, and it received a re-release in the autumn of 2015.

We hope you agree this is a fitting way to end.

Hot Karl is supporting Lorca and Mr Beatnick at Basing House on Friday 26 February. More details here.


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Seb Wildblood – U

‘Bonsai Care’ is one of the dreamy cuts from Seb Wildblood’s forthcoming ‘U’ release, a six track cassette the Church co-founder is releasing on his own imprint, SW Recordings. For the more technically savvy amongst you fear not, it’ll be available digitally too.

You can also download another of the tracks from said release, ‘Crazy Eyes, Eric’, courtesy of XLR8R.

Great to see the lad’s showing no signs of slowing down on the production front having released his debut album ‘Foreign Parts’ last August, with a follow up ‘Submarine’ EP just four months later. All the while he and his partner in crime have been continuing to develop a wealth of solid artists on the Church roster with the likes of Ishmael, Laurence Guy and Chaos In The CBD already part of the fam. Good skills.

U‘ is out on 12th February.


Erosion Flow – Aiir

Our man in Denmark, Erosion Flow (aka Henrik Koefod), has kicked off his 2015 with a freebie via XLR8R. It’s worth a listen:

With a shuffling house beat and some synth melodies, ‘Aiir’ is a groovy, mid-set tune that’ll keep the crowds feeling fremragende!

ManMakeMusic did the honours and put out his debut EP last year, we reckon they keep the faith and give the lad another spin of the wheel.

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Pajaro Sunrise – Long Forgotten Flowers (Marc Piñol Remix)

Bit of Friday Disco for you, from Spaniard Marc Piñol. He’s done a lovely remix of Madristas Pajaro Sunrise ‘Long Forgotten Flowers’, turning the original into a hypnotic yet quietly funky mover.

Not a bad starting point as you gear up for the weekend over the course of the next few hours. And he’s giving it away, which is always nice.


wordlife – Small Talk (Doc Daneeka LGO Remix)

Plug into the shimmering delight that is Doc Daneeka’s LGO remix of wordlife’s ‘Smalltalk’.

Featured on wordlife’s recent ‘Breakthrough/Small Talk’ EP, XLR8R were giving this one away for free this week as part of their consistently-good free mp3 series. The high-hats and bumping beat give the tune a decent amount of urgency, but it’s the chopped up samples, soulful vocals and shimmering synths that, for us, will ensure this tune gets some serious spins this summer.


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Ranacat – The Real Milton Flow

London based Argentine producer Pablo Ranacat is not someone who has graced these pages before. That said, on the evidence of the perfectly controlled ‘The Real Milton Flow’ – taken from the ‘Love Is Superfood’ EP, out on Berlin’s Mobilee Records – he may be about to make up for lost time.

It’s hypnotic and atmospheric, gnawing at you until you can’t help but start shuffling away, no matter where you are. Perfect for when the sun’s just about finished its work for the day…which is handy, as you can catch Pablo launch his new label Sneaky Music during a day-long terrace session at the excellent Oval Space on July 21st. We’re booking now.

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Oneman, xxxy & Bondax mixes

Mixes, mixes, everywhere. Couple of longer ones here to keep you trucking this Friday.

First up is the one man you’d most want spinning the tunes at your house party, Oneman. His two hour mix for the Diplo & Friends show on Radio 1 and 1xtra is 50 songs worth of goodness, seamlessly weaving club house, R&B, grime and more as only he can do.  The (lengthy) tracklist can be found here.

Second up and repping Manchester is producer and selector xxxy. Taken from his recent set for Red Bull Music Academy at SonarSound in Tokyo last month, imagine it as the slightly reserved but intense cousin of the mix above. Listen here.

Finally, it’d be remiss if we didn’t also point you in the direction of an unashamedly fun new mix from Bondax for XLR8R. In advance of their first LP later this year, remind yourself why everyone bloody loves these two and download the mix here. If you needed more convincing, it includes this bundle of fun:

Those should keep you going.

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Bodhi – Deliquesce

The most recent artist to jump on the 90s house revival are Cardiff duo Bodhi – apart from having a great name (Bode-y? Bod-hee? Bod-hi?) we feel that ‘Deliquesce’ is a strong contender for most infectious dance tunes of the year thus far. Well into this one, we are:

This is going to be released on February 4th on Sinden’s Grizzly Records and is accompanied by ‘Culture’, which is already poking its head through the radio waves. It’s a travesty it’s not online yet.  The Welshmen first caught our attention with two excellent releases last year: the ‘SY’ EP they gave out on Push & Run and ‘Don’t You Know’, another chopped vocal, bass-heavy house track they gave away for free on XLR8R. Please, please check them out if you’ve not already.

For a softer touch, check out two interesting re-works. Up first, their remix of The XX’s ‘Angels’, and second, fellow Welshman Ifan Dafydd’s take on ‘Deliquesce’. Both are downplayed and pleasingly intimate.

Oh, and also:

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