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Bicep & Hammer – ARACARI

Aus Music’s turning the grand old age of 10 soon and to celebrate they’re presenting a whopping 24-track, quadruple vinyl, triple CD release. 90% of the label artist who’ve released on Aus are going to contribute so you can expect tracks from heavyweights such as Midland, Pearson Sound, Breach and Nick Hoppner. There’ll also be a global tour to accompany the birthday, as well as curated stages at festivals and full length albums from Sei A and Youandewan.

To coincide with this and Aus Music’s 100th release, Boiler Room are hosting a five-part debut series over the next month or so, culminating in a very special Boiler Room x Aus100 takeover in London town, featuring Nick Hoppner, Marquis Hawkes, Will Saul and one special guest.

First up in the series this week Bicep and Hammer re-join forces to produce the moving and atmospheric gem that is ‘ARACARI’. Stay tuned for the rest of the bunch.

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Escape – Just Escape EP

The next release on Will Saul’s Aus Music is a real stand out. It comes in the form of the ‘Just Escape’ EP from Glaswegian producer Escape.

The title track does what it says on the tin. The dense bed of atmos on this is quite remarkable, with Daudi Matsiko’s yearnful vocals completing the package. It’s a surprisingly delicate offering from a predominantly harder-hitting label. The great news is that Jacques Greene and Justin Martin are on the line-up for remix duties, the latter bringing ‘Just Escape’ a lot closer to the dancefloor. Stay tuned for JG’s effort.

‘Just Escape’ is joined on the EP by ‘With You’, the synth-stabbing, toe-tapping number that proves there’s definitely more than one string to the Scotsman’s bow. Look forward to hearing more.

EP’s out on 16th February.


Bicep – NRG106

Bicep return to Will Saul’s AUS Music with the infectious banger that is ‘NRG106’. The tune joins ‘Circles’ on the EP of the same name and is sure to liven up your afternoon. Yours to buy from 26th May.


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Bicep – Nova

Something a little deeper for you now:

Bicep have done !K7 Records big man Will Saul an absolute solid here, putting together ‘Nova’ as an exclusive contribution to his upcoming DJ Kicks compilation. It’s a slow burner, some sparse house vocals providing the only respite from a throbbing bassline and persistent percussion. That makes it sound bad, which it’s not. Out June 16th.

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Close – Wallflower Ft. Fink (Huxley Remix)

New Huxley remix for you.

And it’s an absolute gem, even if the big guy says so himself. He’s got all dark and moody on us by reworking Close feat. Fink – ‘Wallflower‘. Close is Will Saul‘s pet project, and Wallflower sees him team up with Aus Music compadre Fink. It’s taken from Close’s second album, ‘Getting Closer’, a fairly well received release from June this year.

Whilst Aus Music and Simple Records, Will’s other label, both promote the underground house and techno talent in the UK, Close is a more commercially focussed music project, with support from a number of big names like ScubaTanner Ross and Fat Freddie’s Drop singer, Joe Dukie. The clear aim of Close was to create an album, not just a selection of tracks, and give it a level of sophistication that required repeat listens, so says Will.

Whilst the original, like much of the album, is carefully paced, tidy and lushly textured, Huxley has taken the mood down a notch or two, building on the atmosphere that’s already present, resulting in a crisp but heavy deep house remix. We think it fits equally well with the early stages of a club set as it does with the late night bus ride down the Walworth road, as you repeatedly question whether or not treating yourself to a cheese and chips from Golden Grill would make your mother proud.

And it’s not the only top remixing being done off the back of ‘Getting Closer’. The Dusky and Midland remixes of ‘My Way’ feat. Joe Dukie are both excellent. Despite being based on the same original release, both produces create contrasting sounds, whilst also stamping their own easily-identifiable presence on the track. A good few things to go on here then, especially if you like your music a touch deeper than most.

Komon – Poly Sum

Aus Music continues to be the label for cutting edge house in 2013. Will Saul and Fink (bizarrely, it’s the same Fink that HD were bawling our eyes out to when we had our hearts broken at 16 by the girl we met on holiday in Florence…), the co-founders of Aus Music, have worked with esteemed producers Bicep, Ejeca, Dusky and George FitzGerald for some time now.

On top of this, Aus Music is also the place to find two of our favourite tracks of this year – Leon Vynehall’s ‘Sister’ and Midland’s towering banger ‘Trace’. The latest release is from Bristol’s Kieren Lomax – Komon – with ‘Poly Sum’. The introduction hints at Laszlo Dancehall’s ‘Gave Up’, before fading away into a dark, echoey beat. It’s purposeful and sure to have an amazing effect when heard at the right levels in the middle of a set.

‘Poly Sum’ is available on July 15th as the flipside to ‘Walk the Walk’, so keep your eyes out for it. And whatever you do, keep a close eye on Aus Music as they keep churning out those engaging deep house releases.

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Close – Beam Me Up

Will Saul is soon to release his debut LP ‘Getting Closer’ under his Close alias on !K7 Records. ‘Beam Me Up’ is the lead single from this and features the vocals of Charlene Soraia (interestingly, she’s the gal who sang that cover of ‘Wherever You Will Go’ on the Twining’s ad). Scuba’s offered a helping hand on the production front and it proves to be the most mainstream sound to date for both him and the Aus Music head honcho. Thumping remix from George Fitzgerald too.

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Bicep & Ejeca – You (Piano Version)

Suffering from the excesses of St. Patrick’s Day? Let us pluck a hair from the dog that bit you and ease your pain. Ejeca’s giving away a free download of this piano-only version of ‘You’, the seminal hit he co-wrote with fellow Irishmen Bicep. Chirpier than the first offering, the brilliant piano melody on it’s a keeper. Remind yourselves of the mighty original too:

For the Bicep fans amongst you – keep your ears firmly to the ground for their ‘Stash’ EP which is out on April 15th. Akin to ‘You’, it’ll be released on Will Saul’s Aus Music.

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Kölsch – Papageno

There has been a deluge of unbelievably good tracks coming to our attention recently, and there doesn’t seem to be any let up in sight (cue two months of absolute guff on these pages…)

Dane/Danish-man/Denmarkian Kölsch has just popped his new EP for Kompakt out on the web for public consumption. The only thing we can say is that both of these tunes are out of this world.

We struggle at the best of times to find the concise phraseology that best defines the music we post. This is no exception. ‘Papageno’ ft Waa Industry is a bonkers electro-ey-house assault on the senses, before turning into a thing of rare, shimmering beauty.

The B-side ‘Cassiopeia’ is a much more straight-laced affair, with Kölsch drawing heavily from the brilliant ‘Der Alte’. Here though, we have the addition of strings, courtesy of Gregor Schwellenbach. We’d be worried about you if you didn’t get a warm feeling at 02:05 when the beat comes back in.

And we’ll just put this here for anyone who’s interested…

Totally magnificent. Available on 30th June thanks to Kompakt. And on this evidence, get out to see Kölsch asap.


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