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Ten Walls – Sparta & Blue Orphan

Ten Walls is back, and he’s brought his tuba with him. After the brutality of November’s ‘Chains And Shackles’, the title track on new EP ‘Sparta’ reprises the grandiose brass that made ‘Walking With Elephants’ such a classic.

B-side ‘Blue Orphan’ explores similarly epic territory, and you can expect to hear a fair amount of both this summer. Compelling stuff from Lithuania’s finest.

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Ten Walls – Chains And Shackles

Ten Walls has only gone and produced the scariest tune of the year. ‘Chains and Shackles’ is the full package of howls, glitches and jerky breakdowns that build on each other to produce a captivating banger. It’s 10 minutes of intense techno, showing off the mysterious artist’s ability to craft an atmosphere like few others.

The perceptive amongst you will have heard this spooky thumper in Ten Walls’ essential mix last month. If you haven’t had a listen yet and fancy having a seriously productive hour, get it on:

He has unexpectedly released this one on a free so grab yourself a copy while it lasts.

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Ten Walls – Nochnoy Dozor

This is quite something. Ten Walls’ new ‘Walking With Elephants’ EP is finally out and today we’re treated to the B-side from said release, ‘Nochnoy Dozor’. He’s carving out quite the barbaric sound. This new one plays host to a terrifying entrance and contains a beast of a beat. It don’t mess around.

Get a copy of the EP here, and have a recap of the title track whilst you’re at it:


Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants

Mystery man Ten Walls (is he really Mario Basanov in disguise?) is back with a brand new banger, and it’s out on his/her/their new label Boso.  

‘Walking With Elephants’ is distinctively Ten Walls, with the electro-tuba sound of ‘Gotham’, and the urgency of ‘Requiem’, both of which featured on many a ‘TOP TRACKS OF 2013’ list. The general feedback so far has been unbelievably positive, with some people claiming ‘Walking With Elephants’ is the track of 2014 already. Seems slightly churlish to proclaim that in March, and we’d maybe liked to have seen a bit more variety from Ten Walls’ previous releases, but, then again, why change a winning formula?

What is certainly clear is that this tune is gonna be massive. Given Ten Walls’ current standing on the deep house scene, this will be one that clubbers will undoubtedly be hearing a helluva lot over the spring and summer. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the next release from Boso too. 

Human Drizzle: The Playlist, May 2015

May’s playlist heralds the return of Ten Walls and the Chemical Brothers. If you’re not excited about either of these developments, there may not be much we can do for you – but try the remixes from Deetron and András Morning before giving up completely. They’re lovely.


Human Drizzle’s Top 10 Tracks of 2014

So here we are. With the curtain now well and truly down on 2014, it’s time to reflect on the year that was. A customary part of this process is the fairly arbitrary ranking of the year’s music into some form of list. After the usual rancorous debate, we have settled on our top 10 tracks – all of which can be found in our mouth-watering Best of 2014 playlist. As always, please share your thoughts on both via the usual channels – and here’s to an even better 2015.

1. Caribou – ‘Can’t Do Without You’ (Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix): 2014 proved to be an annus mirabilis for Caribou, with the release of widely-heralded new album ‘Our Love’. Its first single was given the dancefloor treatment by Italian duo Tale Of Us and their Life and Death counterpart, Mano Le Tough. The result was a mind-blowing techno trip that, like all good remixes, picked up the qualities of the original and gave them a lift in all the right places. Epic stuff.

2. Ten Walls – ‘Walking With Elephants’: We first heard ‘Walking With Elephants’ right at the start of the year and we were blown away. At the time, many a commentator was proclaiming it the track of 2014, even at that early stage. And here it is, missing out by a fraction on the Human Drizzle top spot. There is a beautiful sadness to Ten Walls’s work that is present here, floating behind the space-horn and crashing bass that has become his calling card. Ultimately, ‘Walking With Elephants’ just never gets boring, no matter how many times you hear it.

3. Mount Liberation Unlimited – ‘Clinton Space Funk’: Confession time. We failed to pick up on the brilliance of ‘Clinton Space Funk’ when it first appeared earlier in the year. Part of being an adult, though, is accepting when you’re wrong. We now know this track is a beauty and it deservedly sits in our top three. Championed by everyone who came across it, ‘Clinton Space Funk’ provided one of the many highlights of xxxy’s Human Drizzle Presents set at Plan B in December.

4. Jamie xx – ‘All Under One Roof Raving’: When VICE wrote their ​Guide to London in June, they eschewed the customary playlist of local artists in favour of simply posting Jamie xx’s Boiler Room set from that month, on the basis that it “pretty much sums London up right now.” This track closes that set and, whether or not the track was intended as ‘a Scottish Referendum anthem‘, it is a stunningly affecting homage to UK music from a man making some of the best of it in 2014.

5. Jon Hopkins – ‘Abandon Window’ (Moderat Remix): Jon Hopkins had it right: “I honestly think this is one of the best remixes I’ve ever heard. Play it loud.” Built around a drop that never comes (and yet you don’t miss it), this is a piece of theatrical electronica for the ages. Given the year Jon Hopkins has had (his Essential Mix was a belter), it was tough only putting a remix in here but give this a listen and we dare you to tell us we’re wrong to include it.

6. Real Lies – ‘North Circular’: If you’ve been near a radio this year you’ve probably heard these lads’ breakout single, ‘North Circular’. With its lyrical treatment of London gyratory life and atmospheric backdrop, it’s been perfect listening for autumn/winter – and appeals to fans of guitars and electronica alike.

 7. Flight Facilities – ‘Two Bodies’: Flight Facilities’ debut album was four years in the making and since day one they’ve been garnering fans for their versatile, fun-filled, bouncy pop tunes. They’ve added real gravitas to their work here with the soothing, catchy and downright emo ‘Two Bodies’. The Aussie duo aren’t fooling around, and this one’s been on repeat since its September emergence.

8. Sailor and I – ‘Turn Around’ (Ame Remix): This tune first emerged in January as a rip from Mexico’s BPM Festival, and it took until June for the official version to emerge. It was worth the wait. The arrival of the synths after two minutes of sparse build-up is one of the finest moments of 2014 and the whole track is a wonderfully-measured piece of emotive dance music.

9. Lauer – ‘Stigma’: Lauer returned to Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space label in September with ‘Stigma’, the B-side to the driving force that is ‘Hands & Feet’. It’s a compelling listen with an underlying 80s feel, so good it was dropped by both Fort Romeau and our very own Hot Karl at Plan B for Human Drizzle Presents. Memorable.

10. Aquilo – ‘You There’: Lakeland duo Aquilo swept us off our feet in 2014. ‘You There’ is a change of pace from much of this list, but it’s a gorgeous record that deserves to be heard. With its gentle piano line and simple lyric, it is testament to the power of good songwriting, without the frills.

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Few Nolder – IF

Snippets of Few Nolder’s ‘IF’ have been kicking around for a while, but we’re finally treated to the whole shebang. Although the Lithuanian producer’s been making music since 2006, we were only recently introduced to his dark side of techno through the second release on Ten Wall’s BOSO label, that of the atmospheric ‘Chall’.

Together with Ten Walls, FN’s carving quite the reputation for hefty basslines, and ‘IF’ is no exception. The track however comes fully equipped with a catchy vocal, which will no doubt propel it into more accessible territory.

Released on Connaisseur Recordings on 27th August.

Future Disco Presents: All Day Dancing

As tasters go, this is a nice little morsel:

Looking back over 2014 thus far, Future Disco pull together seventy minutes of, dare we say it, Human Drizzle House. They’ve agreed with us on, amongst others, Ten Walls and Few Nolder, and we’re in lockstep with their other choices.

They’ve taken inspiration from outdoor parties the world over and anywhere that plays this set can expect us in the queue.

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Few Nolder – Chall

‘Chall’ by Few Nolder is the second release from Boso, the new(ish) label from Lithuanian producer and erstwhile bassonist Ten Walls. He set the label up with Needwant and Future Disco boss Sean Brosnan and, given that its first release was Ten Walls’s ubiquitous orchestral masterpiece ‘Walking with Elephants, expectations are high. Few Nolder (aka TW’s compatriot Linas Strockis) lives up to them, and ‘Chall’ is a delightfully moody piece of melodic techno. Long live Lithuania, basically.

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Sailor & I – Turn Around (Âme Remix)

Firstly a tune which is already enormous but will surely explode this summer. Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer of Ame have remixed Sailor & I ‘Turn Around’ and it’s absolutely stunning. We loved the Aril Brikha remix of Sailor & I’s ‘Tough Love‘ a couple of years back but we think this is superior. And this is despite the only version currently available to the man on the street being this rip from the BPM festival in Mexico. We think you can get the gist though.

Due for release ‘soon’ on the excellent Life and Death (who are really spoiling us at the moment after giving us the awesome ‘Requiem’ by Ten Walls at the end of last year.)

(You can now hear the full, un-ripped version on Human Drizzle here…)

The second Germanic selection we want to bring to your attention sees David August return in some style, after a breather away from these pages.

Normally associated with the Diynamic stable, we are under the impression that this one will be out on Innervisions this year. No great surprise there – it was featured on the Innervisions boss Dixon’s Essential Mix last year. Which gives us yet another opportunity to point you in the direction of this…

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