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TĀLĀ & How To Dress Well – The One

Two versions of the same song, quite similar but also pretty good!

Which, in fairness, isn’t a bad effort when you realise they made them in 24 hours.

Having dropped one of them a few weeks back, the second of How to Dress Well and TĀLĀ’s Songs from Scratch collaboration has hit the web today. ‘The One’ is a pretty accurate reflection of the respective talents of the falsetto popster and Kingston producer, bringing you in with soaring vocals and a heavy bassline.

Head here if you want to see a behind the scenes vid (warning – it’s boring).

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TĀLĀ – Everybody’s Free

This tasty rendition of Quindon Tarver’s ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’ was nestled into TĀLĀ’s mixtape she released back in May, entitled ‘Other People’s Poetry’. Today the London producer has unveiled the tune ahead of the release of her ‘Alchemy’ EP, out on the ever-so-reliable Aesop label. Comes out November 17th, pre-order your copy here.

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