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Supreme Cuts – Envision

We’re fanboys of Chicago twosome Supreme Cuts here at HD, which makes us preeeetty excited about their new album. ‘Divine Ecstasy’ is out on Dovecote Records in October and they’ve taken it in a more euphoric, vocal and generally brilliant direction. Here’s the first cut from it, ‘Envision’, an urgent pop tune with Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh providing the words:

And here’s something from their back catalogue, just because it’s ace:

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Ryan Hemsworth – Overthinking (Supreme Cuts Mix)

Upcoming Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth is part of Wedidit Collective, whose members also include master of understatement and Human Drizzle favourite, Shlohmo.

Hemsworth’s dreamy blend of hip hop beats and electronic soundscapes seem like a suitable way to ease into what is a gloriously sunny evening from where we’re sitting (central London, if you must know). It’s Ryan’s HD debut (we hear he’s made up about it) but it’s not the first time we’ve featured Supreme Cuts – who rework the lovely original into something which is altogether more frenetic but still joyfully fuzzy.

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Supreme Cuts – Silkk

Clicky, buzzy and hazy. All words one could use for Chicago two-man Supreme Cuts’ latest offering, Silkk. Probably in that order. At a healthy 6.48 the song moves through the gears at a steady pace, blending clipped percussion with pleasant enough vocal samples. It’s a small thing but the way the samples come closer and closer to the foreground really got us going here.

Whilst you’re here, have a listen to their remix of Main Attrackionz’s Perfect Skies. As big hip hop fans, Supreme Cuts are picking and choosing their remixes very nicely. Expect more of the same soon. They could do worse than check out Human Drizzle every now and then for ideas…

Supreme Cuts’ début album, Whispers In The Dark, is soon to be out on Dovecote Records. We’re hoping for more of the same.

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Main Attrakionz – Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci

When we waxed lyrical about the soulful strains of Main Attrakionz last year, little did we know (1) it’d take them until now to get a full debut album and (2) they’d still be leading the charge of a new breed of rappers, crewing with ASAP RockyDanny Brown and the like to push hip hop forward.

Their upcoming release, ‘Bossalinis & Fooliyones’ (released October 22nd by Young One Records) put us right on both counts. All signs are that it’ll be a step ahead of their numerous mixtapes, employing the skills of “hot” producers like Harry Fraud and Supreme Cuts to good effect. The lead tune from the album, ‘Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci’, now has a jazzy video to enjoy and get excited with:

Like all good cloud rap, this is high quality, substantive mood music. Bravo, MondreM.A.N and Squadda B, bravo.

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Ryan Hemsworth – Fact mix 352

Something a little lengthier for you today, might even take you through to elevenses. We’ve been big fans of the rather hunky Ryan Hemsworth for a while, from his early Main Attrakionz production work through to his genuinely excellent recent EP, ‘Last Words’. Our fellow Hemsworth fanboys over at FACT have now let him spread his wings with their latest FACT mix and he hasn’t let them down:

It sounds to us like the next evolutionary stage after crooners like Frank Ocean and How to Dress Well, brilliantly blending slow-jams with noisy electronica and growly trap-rap. We expect big things from this guy, starting with a European tour please…

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Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Cyril Hahn knows what he’s doing. And that’s making some fine music, and giving it away. His remix of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’, and to call it a remix is doing it a disservice – it’s a beauty in its own right, has been doing the rounds recently and it deserves to reach as many ears as possible. Millions, possibly billions of ears:

He claims he’d been listening to, “a lot of new house music such as Fort RomeauDisclosure, Octo Octa, Kidnap Kid etc” when putting it together (great choices, if we say so ourselves…) and it comes through in the tune. Some serious “sensual codeine vibes”* underpinned by a bouncy, catchy drum beat.

If you’d like something a little longer, his ‘End of Summer mixtape’ is tip-top too, featuring HD faves such as Ryan HemsworthGiraffage and Jacques Green:

Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Cyril.

*Thanks to Et Musique Pour Tous for the quotes. And for generally being great.

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