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Skream – Still Lemonade

Definitely one to be excited about. The journey that has taken Oliver Jones a.k.a. Skream through disco remixes and house rollers appears to have reached its destination with an album due out later this year on the mighty Crosstown Rebels. ‘Still Lemonade’ is the first single from the upcoming LP which sees Jones push himself into much darker territory.

The track shows Jones’s impressive versatility, building through emotive melodies and fidgety synths to a spine-tingling break down around the four minute mark. It’s a cracker which wouldn’t look out of place on a Kompakt compilation or at the peak of a mind-bending Dixon set. After flying through the genres in recent years, Skream seems to have settled in the realms of melodic techno. In the immortal words of the man himself, “this is the shit. It’s dark, it’s going off, it’s dancefloor as fuck.”


Skream – Let It Go

The evolution of Skream continues…

Out with the dubstep, out with the disco, in with pared-back house almost straying into electronica. He’s certainly versatile. ‘Let It Go’ is a soundcloud treat following on the heels of his new label launch. Of Unsound Mind kicked off with a three track EP by Motions, one half of Grown Folk:

It’s a good start.

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Skream — Rollercoaster feat. Sam Frank

Hey guys, you know Skream is into disco these days? Yes, says everyone, everywhere.

All we can say is, thank god he’s good at it:

‘Rollercoaster’, featuring longtime Skream collaborator Sam Frank, is a sumptuous example of the disco revival that’s coursing through dance music right now. It’s out October 28th but expect to hear it plenty before then.

Whilst we’re here, prolong that vibe with this Skreamix of inc.’s ‘5 Days’:

Did we mention Skream’s into disco now?

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Skream – Disco Mix & Boiler Room

Continuing our recent shuffle (and hip wiggle) towards the disco revival, here’s another mix from Disco Skream (not to be confused with Dubstep Skream):

Whilst we’re on the Croydon Curtis Mayfield, Drunk Skream also put in a big performance at this year’s Boiler Room vs Ray Ban sessions at SXSW. The official video put up by BR edits out the bit where he gives away the CD-Js to the audience, but it’s still a masterclass in pissed mixing. As he said, “I was clearly smashed.”

We can only hope he puts in a similarly jubilant performance at this year’s Worldwide festival, the Giles Peterson-curated bonanza at which our festival paths cross this year…

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Rudimental – Hell Could Freeze (Skream Remix)

Ain’t he getting soft on us now? Soon after turning Duke Dumont’s huge hit ‘Need U (100%)’ into a slinky DISCO number, Skream is back remixing Rudimental’s ‘Hell Could Freeze’. Full of groove, the funky side to the Croydon champ seems set to stick around for a while.

Duke Dumont – Need You (100%) (Skream Remix)

Ever since Skream dropped Dimitri From Paris’ brilliant edit of Prince’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ in the B2B set he did with Disclosure at Boiler Room’s event of last year, we knew it wouldn’t be his last dabble in D.I.S.C.O. He’s just remixed Duke Dumont’s Need You (100%) and although the original’s one of our favourite tunes released this year, this remix is excellent in its own right too. It’s the perfect pick me up for a Monday.

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Boiler Room, feat. Disclosure, Skream, TEED, Friendly Fires, Machinedrum

Last night saw the launch of Do Not Disturb, a series of events being run by Boiler Room and W Hotels. The launch event was streamed live on Boiler Room TV from W Hotels’ EWOW suite in Leicester Square, and it was a lot of fun. We caught up with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Friendly Fires and had a pillow fight with Skream and Disclosure, but we’ll have more on these in due course.

For the moment, the most pressing matter of the day is this:

Disclosure dropped a new edit of ‘Running’ during their set, and it’s really good. Such is the power of the interweb, the kind people at Aliasizm had ripped and uploaded the track BEFORE DISCLOSURE HAD EVEN FINISHED THEIR SET. Despite Disclosure’s best efforts to talk over the track to prevent what they describe as a “YouTube ting”, here it is. Enjoy.

UPDATE: On a similar note, here is the ripped video of Skream back to back with Disclosure. It’s a real hoot.

UPDATE #2: And here is the full video of Disclosure and Skream’s set (with the live chat removed, sadly):

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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, March 2015

It’s been a varied month on these pages, with easy-on-the-ear efforts from Terje and Goldroom, altogether more serious fare from James Sison and new-look Skream – and two sublime compositions from Jon Hopkins and HNNY. All in all, the perfect warm-up for our next party (tickets here).


Ben Pearce & Black Orange Juice – Predictable (Citizen Remix)

You’re back at work. Soz.

We have something that MIGHT just help. Skream premiered this summery little beauty on Friday and, as you’d expect from a combo of Ben Pearce, Black Orange Juice and Citizen, it’s a suave house jam.

Mourn not for the bank holiday, another is on the horizon.

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Mixes, mixes everywhere. If you’re keen for a longer listen, here are some of our recent faves. There’s a hefty amount here so take your pick:

The fantastic Gilles Peterson plays tribute to Nelson Mandela in a special one off mix.

Second in the series, another mix from Tensnake that is jam packed with house stompers:

Seasons greetings from one of our faves US producers, Lane 8 – apparently to be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea, this one:

When Pete Tong met Eats Everything in this b2b mix celebrating 20 years at the Warehouse Project:

HD alumnus Clancy gives off vibes-a-plenty in this recent mix he did for Earmilk:

Two excellent uploads from Mixmag recently – an 80s disco and funk-inspired selection from Medlar and a relentlessly fun-filled ‘In Session’ by Grum:

Urulu sets one up for Brooklyn-based label Let’s Play House:

Vondelpark release a collection of unreleased demos for your listening pleasure:

And lastly, this is a lot of fun – Skream’s recent Boiler Room at the Bussey Building (great tee).

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