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Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel – Hachinoko

Simian Mobile Disco have been doin’ it right for a creditable amount of time, and they ain’t stopping now:

As part of their Delicacies imprint, they’ve roped in Frankfurt’s Roman Flügel to help them craft this nine minutes of plinkety plonkety (in a good way) electronica. It slowly builds to a beefy end and is worth every second of a listen. ‘Hachinoko’ is the A-side of an EP that comes out 24th March, and it’s also the name of a Japanese delicacy made from the larvae of bees or wasps cooked in sugar and soy sauce #fact #lifelonglearning.

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Bwana – Flute Dreams

Toronto-born Bwana makes his debut on Aus Music with new EP, ‘Flute Dreams’.

The title track, which has been floating around for a while, is brilliant. Once you get passed the thumping backdrop, a multitude of layers help ‘Flute Dreams’ gather pace and slowly build to a climax, the intensity of which only lessens by the warm vocal stabs. This is all then enhanced to the max with the super remix from no other than Simian Mobile Disco. Both are boisterous, but not overly so. ‘Fizzle’ and ‘Aomame’ also get the thumbs up, their success resting on twisting synth patterns and hustling drums.

The Leeds-based producer’s gotta be happy with his debut to Aus Music, it’s punchy.


Huxley – Body Talk

Light up your life/Friday/bank holiday weekend with this from Huxley:

As part of the 2020Vision 20th anniversary compilation, ‘Content’ (which, by the way, is something you all need to watch out for – new stuff from Eats Everything, Maya Jane Coles, Simian Mobile Disco and Paul Woolford), Huxley has produced this deep house delight. WATCH for the piano coming in at 2:50, it’s a serious business.

Bonus tracks:

All this hits you 30th June on, you guessed it, 2020Vision.

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Green Man Festival 2014

You ever been to the Brecon Beacons? Take it from us, they are delightful, and only improved by the presence of Green Man festival.

Sitting prettily at the foot of the Black Mountains, Green Man combines a top notch indie line-up (Beirut, Neutral Milk Hotel and Mercury Rev headlining this year) with an underrated dance roster. This guy will be there:

Joined by this lot:

Oh, and Ben UFO, The Field and Luke Abbott. Not bad at all. Little known fact, Green Man is also the proud owner of the UK’s only 24hr festival license (Glastonbury excluded) and they are definitely making use of it this year.

Last thing, we’re also looking forward to vegging out (post-24 hour session in the ‘Far Our’ tent) with a few films. Particularly this one:

All in all, a charming looking weekend in Wales. Catch you there.

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