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Shlohmo – Bo Peep (Do U Right) ft. Jeremih

Whilst we’re fairly ambivalent about the rights/wrongs/ETHICS of brand-sponsored hook-ups, they sure do produce some cracking tunes. This one between Shlohmo and Jeremih (courtesy of Adidas’s Songs From Scratch series) is no exception.

SURPRISE, they built a song from scratch together and ‘Bo Peep (Do U Right)’ is the end result:

Adidas’s marketing people must have got the idea from Shlohmo’s excellent remix of ‘Fuck You All The Time’ and both tunes capture the synergy between the Wedidit producer’s low-end, buzzy beats and Jeremih’s sweet but not saccharine vocal talents.

They’re both free to download. Well done to all involved.

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Shlohmo – Ghosts Pt. II (Groundislava Cool Mix)

Theydidit. Again.

In a bout of entirely welcome mutual back-patting, Groundislava, a founding member of anti-label collective Wedidit, has reworked his stable-mate Shlohmo’s ‘Ghosts pt. II’ into a surprisingly upbeat and optimistic piece of electronica.

GIL never strays too far from the clicky modus operandi of Wedidit though, thank goodness, and his recent album on Friends of Friends, ‘Feel Me’, is a tour de force of that ‘woozy, low-spec instrumental hip-hop’. We particularly like this Ryan Hemsworth cut and  ‘Cool Party’, an absolute banger that the eagle-eared amongst you will recognise from RH’s stomping FACT mix.

We didn’t do it, they did.

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Flume – Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran (Shlohmo Remix)

Shlohmo in amazing remix shocker!

Henry Laufer has done it again, twisting fellow beat-maker Flume’s ‘Sleepless’ into a crackling, meandering piece of beautiful low-fi. Our favourite antipodean label, Future Classic, have put this one out, adding to their impressive roster including Poolside, Joakim and Flight Facilities.

The original ain’t half bad either, with a fun video to boot:

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Shlohmo – Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

This is the kind of collaboration that really gets our juices flowing. On the buttons here is minimalist man of the moment Nicolas Jaar. The recipient of his wizardry? Another artist we’ve championed previously, the US producer Shlohmo (aka Henry Laufer).

Shlohmo released an EP entitled ‘Vacation’ in February this year to critical acclaim – and he’s now serving up a remix album of that EP, with the highlight for us being this track, ‘Rained The Whole Time’. The original is beautifully understated and contains a brilliant bluesy guitar riff, but Jaar breathes further life into the track and gives it yet another layer of abstract bombasity.

Even though the tune is extremely powerful, the music isn’t everything here and the dream team collaboration extends beyond the music makers. They’ve enlisted Video Marsh to produce this aptly fluid and introspective video. The brotherly film-makers Nic and Chris Bowen, who’s CV also includes work for Crystal Castles and Caribou, have given this tune the perfect visual experience.


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Shlohmo – wen uuu

Shlohmo (not to be confused with Shlomo – the British beatboxing artist often seen mugging around with Foreign Beggars) is a, you guessed it, young up-and-coming beatnik making waves over here and in the US. As with the rest of this rich generation of DJs, though, there’s some serious substance behind the hype.

His early remixes of Burial and Drake still sound hot fresh, setting the tone for his follow-up releases: a chillwave atmosphere with a few jagged edges to focus the mind. He has a new three-song EP, ‘Vacation’, out on 7th February on stateside imprint Friends of Friends with a limited edition 12″ to follow with remixes by Human Drizzle fave Nicolas Jaar. We’ve had the pre-released single, ‘wen uuu’ on repeat, a sprinkling of RnB vocals will always get us grooving…

You can also catch Shlohmo at the launch of a new monthly night by Earnest Endeavours at CAMP in Shoreditch, together with label-mate Salva. Worth braving the trendies for.

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Jacques Greene & Tinashe – Painted Faces

Here’s the latest addition in the Songs from Scratch series that Adidas and Yours Truly have been chairing. Last month’s result was a fuzzy and downbeat offering from Shlohmo and Jeremih, and this time we’re treated to an equally exciting collaboration. Made in just one day, Jacques Greene’s trusty slick production provides the backdrop allowing Tinashe’s vocals to shine. Haunting but catchy enough. Here’s a little insight on the production front in this ‘Making Of’ too, have a peak:

Friends of Friends – Show Me The Future

LA label Friends of Friends have consistently been on the money with their releases since way back when, and this is no different. Their second showcase compilation, ‘Show Me The Future’, is conceived as an exploration of the electronic artists they expect to make some (bleepy) noise in 2013. It’s that and more, doubling up as a great seasonal playlist chock-a-block with wintry electronica to hunker down with. Highlights for us are the kind-of-already-big Ryan Hemsworth’s effort and ‘Smooth West’ by NYC’s Octa Octa.

And, whilst we’re in this musical neighbourhood, here’s a taster for Shlohmo’s upcoming ‘Laid Out’ EP, out March 5th on the very same FoF x Wedidit:

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Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt – The Ego

New material from our Chilean friend Mr Jaar is always cause for excitement, and he’s produced another understated masterpiece here. Featuring the possibly-aliased, possibly-made-up Theatre Roosevelt on warped vocals (alongside samples from Obama speeches, apparently), this is a quirky little number. It also features the kind of irresistible chord progression, excellent rhythm section and eerie atmosphere that have been hallmarks of Jaar’s work to date.

His record label Clown & Sunset are giving it away for free (click download on the embed above) and, if it leaves you wanting more Jaar, then more is exactly what you shall have: both here and here.

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Ryan Hemsworth – Overthinking (Supreme Cuts Mix)

Upcoming Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth is part of Wedidit Collective, whose members also include master of understatement and Human Drizzle favourite, Shlohmo.

Hemsworth’s dreamy blend of hip hop beats and electronic soundscapes seem like a suitable way to ease into what is a gloriously sunny evening from where we’re sitting (central London, if you must know). It’s Ryan’s HD debut (we hear he’s made up about it) but it’s not the first time we’ve featured Supreme Cuts – who rework the lovely original into something which is altogether more frenetic but still joyfully fuzzy.

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