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Palmbomen II – Palmbomen II

“Somewhere between drugged and extremely hungover” is how Pitchfork describe Palmbomen II’s self-titled album, just released on Tim Sweeney’s podcast turned label Beats in Space Records. It’s pretty much spot on:

Palmbomen II is the second such alias of Holland-born producer Kai Hugo, this one said to embody the hermetical nature of the recording process, all done in his mother’s attic. All the tracks are named after bit-part X-Files characters too so you can imagine the vibe he was on. All that’s just bumpf though, the tunes are high quality low-fi electronica and well worth a listen.

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Close – Wallflower Ft. Fink (Huxley Remix)

New Huxley remix for you.

And it’s an absolute gem, even if the big guy says so himself. He’s got all dark and moody on us by reworking Close feat. Fink – ‘Wallflower‘. Close is Will Saul‘s pet project, and Wallflower sees him team up with Aus Music compadre Fink. It’s taken from Close’s second album, ‘Getting Closer’, a fairly well received release from June this year.

Whilst Aus Music and Simple Records, Will’s other label, both promote the underground house and techno talent in the UK, Close is a more commercially focussed music project, with support from a number of big names like ScubaTanner Ross and Fat Freddie’s Drop singer, Joe Dukie. The clear aim of Close was to create an album, not just a selection of tracks, and give it a level of sophistication that required repeat listens, so says Will.

Whilst the original, like much of the album, is carefully paced, tidy and lushly textured, Huxley has taken the mood down a notch or two, building on the atmosphere that’s already present, resulting in a crisp but heavy deep house remix. We think it fits equally well with the early stages of a club set as it does with the late night bus ride down the Walworth road, as you repeatedly question whether or not treating yourself to a cheese and chips from Golden Grill would make your mother proud.

And it’s not the only top remixing being done off the back of ‘Getting Closer’. The Dusky and Midland remixes of ‘My Way’ feat. Joe Dukie are both excellent. Despite being based on the same original release, both produces create contrasting sounds, whilst also stamping their own easily-identifiable presence on the track. A good few things to go on here then, especially if you like your music a touch deeper than most.

London Grammar – Hey Now

London Grammar should really have been our blog name, given our predilection for both aspects, but we wouldn’t have wanted to deprive this trio of their creative moniker. Plus, they’ve been going for loads longer so we imagine they bagsied it first.
We digress. Not much is known about the elusive threesome but they have an EP in the works and have recently chucked their first single out to the web wolves. It’s called ‘Hey Now’ and it’s an atmospheric, lo-fi piece of electronica given fresh legs by a beautiful female vocal. Pitchfork rightly draw comparisons with a recent Wild Beasts reworking of Jessie Ware’s ‘Night Light’; both are seasonal treats:
Mysteriously all other traces of them online, live sessions and the like, appear to have been taken down, so this is your lot for now. Definitely enough to whet the appetite…
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Purity Ring – Belispeak II feat Danny Brown

Danny Brown, Hip Hop’s wandering troubadour, has thrown us another curveball with this latest collaboration, teaming up with dark-synth duo, Purity Ring. ‘Belispeak II’ is billed as the sequel to ‘Belispeak’, from Purity Ring’s recent album ‘Shrines’, but is essentially the same (intense, banging) tune jazzed up with a rough n ready, high energy Danny Brown verse.

Like DB’s contribution to a song you wouldn’t expect? Then I suggest you try this from purveyors of breakbeat, Evil Nine:

More? Mike Skinner’s new project The D.O.T, need a verse…

Found that a little light-hearted? Danny did, so he teamed up with South London’s grime oddball, Darq E Freaker:

As if that wasn’t enough, Danny says he features on the new Avalanches record. From UK to US to Oz, from grime to pop to breaks, Danny Brown’ll be there…

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Main Attrakionz – Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci

When we waxed lyrical about the soulful strains of Main Attrakionz last year, little did we know (1) it’d take them until now to get a full debut album and (2) they’d still be leading the charge of a new breed of rappers, crewing with ASAP RockyDanny Brown and the like to push hip hop forward.

Their upcoming release, ‘Bossalinis & Fooliyones’ (released October 22nd by Young One Records) put us right on both counts. All signs are that it’ll be a step ahead of their numerous mixtapes, employing the skills of “hot” producers like Harry Fraud and Supreme Cuts to good effect. The lead tune from the album, ‘Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci’, now has a jazzy video to enjoy and get excited with:

Like all good cloud rap, this is high quality, substantive mood music. Bravo, MondreM.A.N and Squadda B, bravo.

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Jessie Ware – 110%

Jessie Ware’s rise has been meteoric, with her solo career going from strength to strength following her introduction to our eardrums via vocals on tracks by Joker and, most famously, SBTRKT. Her first efforts on her own, ‘Strangest Feeling’ and ‘Running’, are HD favourites – and her latest offering, ‘110%’, is the best of the lot. Produced by fellow artist-of-the-moment Julio Bashmore and borrowing the shuffling beat which gave Kelis’ ‘Millionaire’ much of its charm, ‘110%’ is a lovely bit of whimsical pop music that we hope to hear a lot more of this summer.

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James Blake – At Birth

Hey, remember James Blake? Glitchy producer who it turns out could hold a tune and play instruments and stuff? Well, he’s still hard at work following his smash-hit-doesn’t-even-cover-it eponymous debut album.

He released the ‘Enough Thunder’ EP in October to not universal acclaim (“it’s not ‘blubstep’, it’s mostly just blub”) but rumour has it he’s returning to his roots with a more beat-driven, bassy sound on new tracks. If the ones Human Drizzle have heard are anything to go by, he sounds like a man confused: caught between credibility of the FWD crowd and adulation from everyone else.

These records will be on the same release on December 11th, out on R&S Records who, incidentally, are the same label who put out his ‘CYMK’ and Klavierwerke’ EPs. We’ll leave you to make up your mind where he’s going and whether it’s a good thing. We’ll be finding out for ourselves at the Kentish Town Forum this evening.

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Hackman – Agree To Disagree

‘Agree To Disagree’ is the latest single from 22-year-old UK producer, Ben Hackman. The mood is in keeping with previous releases (which include a fetching remix of ‘Garden’, the original of which was featured on these pages) – namely, UK funky beats, heavy basslines, and sweet melodies.

His début album ‘As Above So Below’ is due out on PTN any minute now and, if this track is anything to go by, it will be compelling stuff.


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