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Claude Speeed – Tiger Woods & LuckyMe podcast

LuckyMe have put together a playlist for your Friday!

Packed with all you need to get you through to the weekend, it’s a sonic journey. All served with a gentle Glaswegian lilt.

The first tune out the traps is ‘Tiger Woods’ by RBMA graduate and poly-musician Claude Speeed. Arriving at his upcoming ‘My Skeleton’ EP via American Men (a math rock band) and a couple of drone mixes, he’s settled on an eccentric, percussive sound that draws you in.

He’s declared composer Steve Reich an influence and you can certainly hear the atypical rhythms coming through. If this last sentence feels supplementary, it’s because it’s a vehicle to brag that we have tickets to see the man himself at the Proms later this year. So there.

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Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi (Hudson Mohawke RMX)

As part of the ongoing appetite-whetting for his forthcoming album, Hudson Mohawke has been spraying a few new tunes around:

He dropped four new fellas on Benji B’s Radio 1 show (listen here), including the above remix of Four Tet’s juddering ‘Parallel Jalebi’. As a festive treat this is now available a gratis from LuckyMe’s excellent Advent Calendar. It’s better than the cheap chocolate you got out of yours this morning.

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Claude Speeed – Prove You Exist

So, you know how we wuz luvin’ that Claude Speeed track about a month or so back? Well, there’s more. A whole album more.

To mark its release, he’s done a couple of things. First, he’s put out a trippy vid for the final track of the album, ‘Prove You Exist’. Described as the monumental crescendo of his debut album, it’s more soundscape than bangin’ house track, moving more towards the modern classical influences he regularly cites:

Along the same lines is the LuckyMe man’s FACT mix, a hypnotic 90 minutes of forward-looking electronica:

As one established music critic of some renown said, Claude’s output is “a symphony for festival down-time”.

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Yuksek Boiler Room & Brackles on Rinse

Couple of mixes from a couple of favourites here:

After their tempting offer for our Parisian readers last week, Boiler Room have now put up some of the mixes from the night, and we think Yuksek’s is the pick of the bunch.

Continuing our affair with the Rinse podcasts, we also bring you the latest from Brackles, who doesn’t disappoint with a garage-flavoured romp through the more urban end of dance music, if you’ll forgive the 1xtra vocab.

Both of ‘em are worth the extended listen.

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Jacques Greene – No Excuse (Fort Romeau Remix)

Fresh new delivery from Mr Mike Greene, aka Fort Romeau.

In remixing Jacques Greene‘s ‘No Excuse’ (yes, we were fairly excited about the prospect of this combo too) he’s served up just over six minutes of the kind of blissed-out, progressive house we’ve come to expect from HD’s favourite ex-member of La Roux.

If these two are on the team sheet, the result’s undoubtedly going to be the kind of music you can properly get lost in. Enjoy:

Released 30th May on the trusty LuckyMe Records, grab a copy here.

Jacques Greene – Phantom Vibrate EP

FINALLY. The new Jacques Greene EP, ‘Phantom Vibrate’ is out, on Glasgow’s finest, LuckyMe Records. The almost-Gospel like ‘Feel What’ was uploaded yesterday, joining track number one from the EP, ‘No Excuse’ – a heart on the sleeve slice of future RnB.

Both below, grab the EP here.


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Sky Ferreira – You´re Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)

LuckyMe’s Austrian knob-twiddler Cid Rim has turned his focus to everyone’s favourite grunge-pop star Sky Ferreira (well, it’s not going to be Taylor Momsen, is it?) in his reworking of her ‘You’re Not the One’:

It’s a sparkly affair held up by a hip hop beat, and it crackles along at a fair old pace. Something of a Viennese waltz, you might say!

We also hear talk of a remix of Jacques Greene’s pre-release from his upcoming EP, ‘No Excuses’ but can’t seem to dig it out. Gives us a good reason to post the original though, which is an appetite-whetter:


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Sampha – Can’t Get Close (Jacques Greene Edit)

11 days into the Lucky Me Advent Calendar, and today’s offering ain’t too shabby at all.

It’s Jacques Greene’s edit of Sampha’s ‘Can’t Get Close’, a track written for the South Londoner’s father who died when he was just nine years old. The original’s an emotive piece and Greene keeps the important vocal intact, but extends it out and adds a most welcome piano loop. Lovely.

And the original:

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S-Type – Rosario

Couple of LuckyMe gems here. Straight up diamonds, no rough involved. 

First up is another uplifting piece of video game electronica from Glasgow’s S-Type, ripped from labelmate Eclair Fifi’s Radio One show last week. ‘Rosiari’ hits the electronic shelves soon, all packaged up as LM017: 

Also getting an airing on the ‘In New DJs We Trust’ starlet’s show was the full-length version of HudMo’s remix of Jackson and his Computer Band’s ‘Vista’: 

Both are hi-vis, high fizz bursts of dance music, and they deserve a listen.

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Claude Speeed – Inside (Sonar 2013)

Quick post, long tune.

We’re always on the look-out for LuckyMe output, and that stretched as far as what could ungenerously be called the interval music at Red Bull Music Academy’s SonarDome stage (at Sonar Festival, duh) last week. Claude Speeed (who’s also a RBMA graduate) has put together 17 minutes of theatrical electronica. A symphony for festival down-time:

It’s almost, ALMOST, like we were there.

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