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Lancelot – Mover

Australian producer Lancelot’s back with his ‘Mover’ EP, due out on Waze & Odyssey’s W&O Street Tracks on 6th July. The title track’s an atmospheric and reflective number, making way for jazzier sounds to come on the EP from ‘Everything On Its Way Down’ and ‘Closer’.

If you’re looking to schedule in some hustle this weekend, we’d recommend heading on down to The Nest on Saturday night. Lancelot’s playing some tunes with Lane 8, Dom Donnelly and Grainger. Tickets can be bought here.

Aaaand for the longer listen, Thump roped him in for their mix series about a month ago. Enjoy:


The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time – ‘Song Of Storms’ (Lancelot Bootleg)

Something for the gamers out there.

At the very end of the last century, arguably the greatest video games of all time arrived in the UK. That game was ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’, an unbelievably engrossing adventure RPG, that saw the protagonist Link try and stop the evil Ganondorf from procuring the sacred Triforce (and thus plunging the Kingdom of Hyrule into eternal darkness) by riding horses, firing arrows at stuff, completing puzzles, traveling through time, hitting puberty, using magic, being eaten by a giant fish, and playing some banging tunes on an Ocarina…

One of said tunes is the ‘Song of Storms’, (first taught to Link by Guru-Guru in the windmill located in Kakariko Village). Anjunadeep stalwart Lancelot is a big fan. So much so, he’s lovingly remixed the ‘Song of Storms’ into a tasty house track, complete with samples of Link’s combat sound effects. Rad.


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Lancelot – Givin’ It Up feat. Anthony & Cleopatra (Panda Remix)

You know who’s always copying us? Annie Mac.

In all likelihood after having seen the line-up for Friday’s Human Drizzle Presents, the esteemed Ms. Mac has chosen a Panda remix of Aussie producer Lancelot‘s ‘Anthony & Cleopatra‘ for her latest Free Monday Music. We can only assume this means she’ll be joining us down Dalston way this weekend. She might even be lucky enough to hear more of this teaser from the trio’s new label Bambusa Records, building on this tempting snippet:

Aaaaand, all this comes on the back of their fantastic EP out on Sounds of Sumo a couple of weeks back:

They’ve been busy boys and we’re hyped to have them spinning for us on Friday. Come listen.

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Lancelot – Givin’ It Up feat. Antony & Cleopatra

Yet more party tunes from Lancelot. The Sydney producer has stepped it up a gear for his next two-track EP, ‘Givin’ It Up’. This one’s the lead single and it’s an infectious slab of piano house that features the UK’s Anthony & Cleopatra – half of which comprises of CocknBullkid’s Anita Blay, if you remember her.

With remixes on the way from Marc Kinchen and Isaac Tichauer, this should be a big release for London’s Anjunadeep. Out January 20th.

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Lancelot – You’ll Never Be Mine EP

Lancelot is another budding producer from Down Under who is releasing his EP, ‘You’ll Never Be Mine’, at the cost of just a click of a button. Both tunes sample tracks from 80s act SOS Band and venture nicely into a little bit of Disco, and a little bit of house. Can anyone guess which HD fave has recently used the sample from this second track recently?

While you’re there, couple of remixes this boy’s done that require your attention:

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Matt Corby – Brother (Lancelot Remix)

Yesterday we mentioned how an excellent DJ set last weekend opened our ears to what is now one of our favourite tracks of the year. The same set yielded another, in the form of this absolute beauty of a remix from Lancelot. Matt Corby is an Australian singer songwriter and ‘Brother’, while very nice, is not exactly the kind of thing we would post on these pages. Which makes this rework by Corby’s compatriot Lancelot all the more remarkable. It’s a majestic piece of slow-burning house music and we suggest you take seven minutes out from the family rows, turkey leftovers and Christmas specials, and give it a spin.

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Isaac Tichauer – Higher Level (Bicep Remix)

Bicep are back bringing the heat with their new remix of Tichauer’s ‘Higher Level’. It appears on the Australian’s ‘Street Lessons’ remix EP which features a hefty line-up of Lancelot, Dorsia, Hackman and the Belfast duo all remixing the same tune.

With echoes of last year’s atmospheric banger ‘Just’, this one’s been on repeat since it was uploaded last week.

Out on vinyl on Loft Records now, released digitally 22nd April.


Du Tonc – Surging Memories (Remixes)

Lovely to see Du Tonc’s feel-good hit ‘Surging Memories’ resurface as the duo comprised of Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie are releasing a bunch of remixes for the track.

First up is a breezy and piano-laden rework from the Belgian producer Attar! Second in line is Kiwi. The recent signing to Duke Dumont’s Blasé Boys Club is everywhere at the moment*, and as with most of his tunes, there’s a gradual progression to this effort that’s sure to go down well.

You will be able to buy these come 23rd June, along with other efforts from Le Visiteur and Adapt Or Die. For the Londoners amongst you, you may want to put Friday 22nd August in the diary too. Du Tonc are playing a DJ set alongside Moonboots and Lancelot at The Nest, definitely one to consider.

*If you were for some reason not watching the footy on Saturday night – the South London producer hosted his first show on Rinse FM. Definitely worth a listen:


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Jones – Many Moons (Panda Remix)

You can’t knock their output, them Panda lads.

Whilst juggling first releases from their newly created label, Bambusa Records, and also lending a helping hand on the excellent new EP from Lancelot on Anjunadeep, they’ve squeezed in the time to tweak ‘Many Moons’ by London’s Jones into a rather charming remix.

If you foolishly missed out on their Human Drizzle Presents appearance, then fear not – they’re popping up at parties all over the place, including Bulgaria’s most popular music festival come ski resort, Horizon Festival – line-up looks excellent.

And here’s their February mix for your listening pleasure. Head over to their Soundcloud to grab the free download…

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Ultraista – Small Talk (Four Tet Rmx) – Justin Martin Rework

Couple of new ones to tide you over your Valentine’s day afternoons.

First up a remix of a remix. San Francisco’s and Dirty Bird’s Justin Martin has taken to Four Tet’s remix of Ultraista ‘Small Talk’. Justin announced on Twitter yesterday afternoon that he had a present for them, thanking them for loyal support and then it appeared, much to everyone’s relief. Check it and download for free.

Justin will be in the UK at the start of next month. Probably worth catching him if at all possible.

Then another remix from Isaac Tichauer who can do no wrong in our eyes, and has been on sublime form of late. Here we have a joint effort, working the B side of the recently released Lancelot track ‘Givin’ It Up’ with Nibc. It’s a mid-set, roller, with an old school beat and a simple piano loop. Top, top work once again. Out on Monday.

Isaac is one third of an impressive line up at The Nest in early April, joining Lane 8 and Hackman. Not one to miss.

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